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These are the rules of the universe (supplemental; to be filed after "string theory" but before "United States Highway Code"):

1. Do not go to the post office the day after a postage price increase and except to leave quickly, for lo, the automatic stamp machines will sell only the old value of stamps, and be out of two cent increasers, and the line shall be out the door.

2. Do not, upon leaving the post office, go to Trader Joe's around the hour of five and expect to do a quick shopping trip, for the store shall be full of manic post-work shoppers, and the debit machines shall be broken, and the lines shall be twenty people long, and some individuals will make it to the front of the line without hearing the once-a-minute announcements, and throw tantrums about being unable to use their debit cards, and it shall be tedious.

2a. Do not go to Trader Joe's when you are hungry, even if you are only hungry because the hour-and-a-half-long post office wait mucked up your schedule, for you shall find yourself spending $118 on groceries and going "oooh! tangerine juice!" and being tempted by such foul things as frozen naan.

3. If you ever disobey rule 2a, do not then attempt to walk home with $118 worth of groceries, for they will be Heavy and Burdensome, and cause a three blocks' walk to be grueling like unto a hike in the Yosemite backcountry.

Yea, these are the rules of the universe.

And I broke each and every one of them today! Really, when I walked into the post office and discovered a line of forty cranky people, I should have immediately given up on Monday and gone home to bed. But no, I stuck it out, and I waited in the line, and I tried not to be irritated at the assholish post office guy (and if you know me, you know I don't describe just any old crap customer service experience that way) (actually, can I mention, btw, that said dude had no priority mail stamps at the new rate and got huffy at me for daring to request them? and tried to tell me that it was my problem and it couldn't be done?). And then I finally got my package off, and I was Cranky because I would have just purchased the damn stamps from the machine, had the machine been taking anything other than coins and providing anything more complicated than thirty-seven cent stamps. Blargh.


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