Jun. 25th, 2007 04:48 pm
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Dude, you know how sometimes you find that barista who keeps going out of his/her way to be helpful? And is maybe flirting with you? Yeah, I've found me one of those.

A month ago I went to the CTB, and asked them if they could do something that was like their blended mocha thing, except without the chocolate or the ice cream. Basically an iced soy latte thrown in the blender, I said; crushed ice, but not sweet. This is especially important if you use soy, because many baristas forget that "standard" soymilk is actually already sweetened and flavored -- if you pour the standard amount of sugar syrup into a soy drink, it comes out disgustingly sweet.

The woman at the register said she had no idea, she didn't get what I was talking about, blahblah. And so I got an iced latte.

The actual barista, who made my drink, leaned over to me and said "talk to me next time, we can make something work for you."

And I went in again today, and she was at the register, so I said "hey, we talked about a blended latte that's basically just a ... latte?" And she said "oh, of course!" and went off and experimented, and came back with this huge blended latte. As tall as a milkshake glass. And then she leaned over and said really quietly "listen, don't count on getting this price if you ask for this again, but if I'm here this is what it'll cost you" and charged me the standard price for a medium latte. Not even with the extra sixty cents for soymilk. And this? This was seriously not a medium latte.

I'm not sure if she's just a healthy eater, and I won her over when I tried to explain to the previous cash register person why I didn't want twenty ounces of ice cream in a coffee drink, or if this was flirting, or what. And I don't care! If the barista not only likes me, but remembers me a month later -- awesome!


But! I'm going to be in the Bay Area for six days before I head out to the middle of nowhere. I will go to REI and buy new lemon-eucalyptus bug spray, and I will go to Trader Joe's and buy two packs of luna bars, and I will eat a lot of fruit and vegetables. Also, I will suddenly hyperventilate and be sure I'm forgetting something important. I know how this works.

I'm going to be busy a lot, but I can probably hang out with folks a little -- maybe dinner or some such. I'll be spending as much time as possible with [ profile] m_shell, and I'll be watching the Doctor Who finale on Saturday no matter what else I do, because HELLO. DOCTOR WHO FINALE. OMG.

I'm really glad that I'm going to make it to California before leaving; I've missed [ profile] m_shell and my family and I won't make it back there after I fly back from the middle of nowhere. And I haven't seem them in ages. And I miss them, in case that's not, you know, clear. I will see [ profile] m_shell's new apartment! And I will hang out with my sister! And other awesome things! *sniffles at being on the wrong coast most of the time*

But I'll miss one thing about Ithaca. I'll totally miss watching DW with [ profile] graycastle; on average, we spend three hours after each episode alternating between "omg!" and "awesome!" (well, except for Daleks in Manhattan) and "so, here's how I think the theme of this season is going to play out" and "let's examine Some Particular Element of the episode in detail" and "could we draw a parallel here to Some Old Episode?" and whatever-all. We're such fannish dorks! But we're dorks that actually -- no one will believe this -- called the theme of the season after the first episode even though neither of us had seen any spoilers. God. I wish I'd made that lj post! But then it was finals, and I made this outline of our ideas in order to keep track of them all, and never fleshed it out and posted it. And now no one but [ profile] graycastle will ever believe it! Woe. Anyway, that's why I'll miss watching DW with her, because who else will spin bullshit theory with me for three hours with occasional breaks for "omg and that scene was so awesome?" Um, I might be just a little obsessed with the show right now. MAYBE A LITTLE.
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