Jul. 22nd, 2005

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This is quite possibly the worst review I've ever seen a movie get in a real newspaper. (Inasmuch as a Hearst newspaper is a real newspaper, but that's a whole nother discussion.) I mean, there's stuff in that review that I would be surprised to see in blogs. Like:
Seamlessly and rather cleverly, without telling anybody, Gus Van Sant has transitioned out of important filmmaking and has taken up a new career in torture. He's developing a knack. With "Gerry" (2003), about two guys who get lost in the desert, Van Sant seemed to go as far as anyone could in making a completely inert movie. But with "Last Days," about the events leading up to a grunge rocker's suicide, he surpasses himself, making a picture that's in trouble from its first minutes.
That's how it starts. That's the first paragraph. Where can you go from there? I mean, the review's pretty much over, right? Nope. After all, Mick LaSalle's got a word count to meet, so you get lines like "I can imagine that if people were to watch that scene while stoned, they might crack a smile." Yeeeeesh.


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