Oct. 20th, 2010


Oct. 20th, 2010 07:14 pm
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Some dudes have been doing construction outside our apartment, replacing the gas line -- it was supposed to last a week or so, and we're on week five now. (It was also supposed to never close off the sidewalk, which it's done, or block access to driveways, which it's done, or close more than a block at a time, which it's done. As you can probably guess, local sentiment has become quite resentful.) It has largely been a mysterious process involving machines that look like giant whartenberg wheels, and a large metal box installed half into the ground, and occasionally a dude standing in a hole while machines dump dirt on him.

But today was a particularly exciting day for the construction project, because they've been doing something all day that made a sound exactly like the Old Who Tomb of the Cybermen background noise. A sort of hum thing. I kept looking up and going "... okay, who's watching Doctor Who?"

AND then just now [personal profile] thingswithwings was standing in the other room, and I looked up and saw a sudden flashing light behind her, and I was like "geez, is that a headlight or what?" and then I realized that it was a giant gas flare fire. Yes. I opened the door to look out, and there were a bunch of construction workers standing around the gas fire looking unconcerned, so I guess it's no big deal. But. There's a pipe sticking out of the metal box and there's a ten foot flame coming out of the top end.

I guess it might be on purpose, to burn off the gas in the old pipe or something, but it's still very startling. And smelly. And right outside our front porch. And if they planned to set things on fire, they could've mentioned it.

T'wings suggests that we go outside and toast some marshmallows.


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