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1. I hurt two fingers doing PT this morning -- the nominally-strong fingers I use to provide resistance for my isometric strengthening exercises. Yes, seriously.

2. I can't for the life of me find Torchwood promo pictures from seasons one and two, pre-Children of Earth. My google-fu has failed, hard. Where the hell are they? Help plz fandom!

3. I am looking forward to yuletide lots and lots, but I can't figure out what I want to ask for! Last year I had this huge giant list of fandoms that I wished were yuletide fandoms (sometimes just because I wished they could go in the vid), and it was hard to narrow it down further, and it is only worse this year, as I have now realized a) that Pogo isn't a yuletide fandom and b) that I totally ship Pogo Possom and Porky Pine. Porky takes Pogo a flower every Christmas morning! He's only pretending to be a cynic! My heart is touched.

Also I want there to be more Bruce/Johnny Dead Zone fic, so there's that. And perhaps I want Steerswoman series Bel-fic, in which she is awesome and amazing. And perhaps I will ask again for Better Than Chocolate transfic (Judy/Frances!), though I am always concerned about whether it would be done well.

Other things that are not yuletide fandoms but should be:
a) Le Petit Prince. Listen, it would be just adorable. Or totally wrong and awesome.

b) Mony Python OR Monty Python RPF! How is this missing?

c) A whole suite of childhood-ruining fandoms, including The Smurfs, My Little Pony, Wallace and Gromit, Asterix, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (which, okay, is technically a yuletide fandom, but only one story from like 2003, and it's Shredder gen, when obviously there should be some turtle OT4 going on)

d) I assumed that yuletide would be on top of everything Callum Keith Rennie and Don McKellar and Molly Parker and Sandra Oh were ever in! But I was wrong -- we wanted to put a bunch of Canadom scenes in the yuletide vid, and kept being tripped up when we realized that they weren't, in fact, yuletide fandoms. Like, Last Night and Da Vinci's Inquest, where are you? (Twitch City and Men With Brooms and Wilby Wonderful are yuletide fandoms, at least.)

e) And while we're on the subject of actors that I thought fandom would be totally on top of, Don Juan de Marco and Edward Scissorhands and Cry-Baby aren't yuletide fandoms, either.

f) Mathnet. You know you want it.

g) West Side Story! Moulin Rouge! Probably other musicals as WELL.

h) The Maltese Falcon!

i) The Motorcycle Diaries, which is a beautiful film, and is basically a road-trip movie in which the coming of age is also a political awakening and a cementing of how two friends love each other and also it's really pretty.

j) Speaking of road trip movies: Thelma and Louise! How is this not a yuletide fandom!

k) Charlie's Angels! Another femmeslash classic!

l) The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air! I don't know what people would write, but come on, it'd be awesome.

What do you guys want for yuletide? I ask because I'm curious, though it will inevitably lead to more things to add to my list of possibilities this year.

4. I maaaaaybe have spent a little too much time looking at the list of yuletide fandoms in the last, oh, year or so.
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