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1. Yeah, so as that cut text would seem to indicate? I kind of had a vibrator explode yesterday. It was a moderately cheap Good Vibes one, not all fancy-schmancy elegant LELO curves or whatever, but a) it was still effective and I liked it and b) I still didn't expect it to explode.

Fortunately it exploded about ten seconds before it might've done serious damage; I pulled it out of the drawer, absent-mindedly twisted the cap to test the batteries, and it made a horrific grinding noise and zapped my hand with an electric shock. I turned it off again pretty much instantly, but half a second later (and before I'd put it down) the back cap shot off the body of it and into the middle of my palm, followed by some metal bits and melted plastic. And they burnt my palm something awful, which is pretty impressive considering that the thing had been on for all of three seconds at that point. I had to pull the melted plastic stuff off my hand under running water, ugh. I assume a spring or the whirly vibrator thing went horribly wrong, because I can't imagine that there was a structurally fatal buildup of any kind of real explosive pressure.

And then it smoked a bit, and was really hot to the touch, and made my room smell like burning plastic and rubber, so I had to put it and the removed battery in the sink where they couldn't set anything on fire (just in case). And I threw it away this morning with a slightly mournful tear (listen that vibrator was like eight years old, we have had some good times together) and also with a separate plastic bag around it and straight into the trash can outside, because it still smelled like awful burning rubber.

I would miss it more, but the sudden zzzzzap-THWAM of the base into my hand instantly made me ready to give it up.

2. As a consequence of (1), I had a migraine all fucking day, because it's too cold outside to open the windows, and burning rubber is basically a guaranteed migraine triggers. Thanks, vibrator.

3. As a consequence of (2), I have been nauseated all day, and have eaten only peppermint tea, black tea (oh caffeeeine why didn't you help), bread, slightly against-the-rules OTC painkillers (shh don't tell my doctor), and some carrots and cooked squash. And sat around on the couch breathing and making faces and trying very hard to take enough naps to make the migraine go away. Bleh.

4. But my migraine is now mysteriously gone! Perhaps the burnt rubber in the air has finally gone away. So now I am enjoying the internet, late though it is, because that was obviously a story that had to be shared, and knitting some of this cowl I'm making for myself. (Burgundy alpaca! Yum.)

5. ... And to think I thought "gosh, I don't have a good icon for this post."
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