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Today is Post All The Things I Have Been Composing In Tabs day!

I need new knitting TV. The thing is, a lot of tv I'm watching or re-watching with people, so I can't put on five episodes in a row while I finish up that scarf. (At the moment, this rules out X-Files, Farscape, Xena, and probably Fringe.) I like my knitting TV to be have interesting characters and plots but also be pleasantly trope-y, so that I can just glance up every few seconds to go "right, they're doing the interrogation scene, check." If it's amazing and groundbreaking and I have to have all my attention focused on it, it's not good for knitting.

For a while I was watching Criminal Minds, first because I loved Morgan and Garcia, and later because I loved Morgan and Garcia and was staring in a sort of train-wreck kind of fascination at the sudden fail of the show, but I think that I have now hit the limit of my train-wreck fascination, so now I need something new. Other good knitting TV has included Numb3rs, the Dead Zone, Leverage, SG1, Mythbusters, the Sarah Jane Adventures, V, Starsky and Hutch, various rewatches of things, and other things I've forgotten now. Things that are generally not good tv for me include most sitcoms (I sitcom-embarrassment-squick easily), crime dramas that are really into victim-cam or into only-weirdos-commit-crimes, and fantasy that does our-(heterosexual)-relationship-is-destined.

In which I live-IM and clip to document the end of my train-wreck fascination with Criminal Minds and distract from the main point of this post but seriously you guys this actually happened on the show I cannot even deal:

eruthros: ... so I'm just about to start watching this episode of Criminal Minds
eruthros: it's called Corazon
eruthros: it's set in Miami

bitter_crimson: *tilts head*

eruthros: the first thirty seconds have involved somebody's hands cut off with a machete, and a cat's head ditto, and Reid has already said "Santeria" and "Cuba"
eruthros: votes on "omg creepy voodoo sacrifices!!!" ?

bitter_crimson: ...wowwww
bitter_crimson: I'm guessing it will happen

eruthros: me too
eruthros: oh man

bitter_crimson: oh show, why so awful now

eruthros: also they were just like, "so is the unsub sacrificing people to Eleggua?"
eruthros: and Reid was all, "none of these religions openly call for human sacrifice"
eruthros: SERIOUSLY
eruthros: OPENLY
eruthros: THANKS REID

bitter_crimson: haha
bitter_crimson: <3
bitter_crimson: I cannot answer that question for you
bitter_crimson: heh

eruthros: oh actually I lied
eruthros: the first thirty seconds of the show
eruthros: involved Reid having a kinda spooky supernaturalesque headache
eruthros: OH and also the unsub is turning crosses upside-down and shit

bitter_crimson: lol seriously, is Reid having ~psychic visions~??

eruthros: and the murders are in a Latino neighborhood obv
eruthros: I DON'T KNOW
eruthros: he's wearing big black glasses and whatever

bitter_crimson: maybe he's just transforming into Lady Gaga

eruthros: ... that would be awesome
eruthros: just think about lady gaga on a crime show

bitter_crimson: it would be epic
bitter_crimson: she would show up to crime scenes wrapped in her crime tape outfit from Telephone
bitter_crimson: haha

eruthros: that would be great

bitter_crimson: I think I shall acquire some fooood

eruthros: um
eruthros: wait
eruthros: Reid actually is having a vision now
eruthros: as near as I can tell

bitter_crimson: lol wut srsly

eruthros: yeah, hang on, let me clip it for you
eruthros: it is amazing
eruthros: (ly bad)

bitter_crimson: ha

eruthros: I'll upload it while you get food :)

eruthros: "so what makes Palo darker than other religions?" one of the good guys asks seriously
eruthros: Morgan and Reid just walked into a community center to find a bunch of black Cubans sacrificing birds and singing/dancing (and it's the same building Reid saw in his vision earlier)
eruthros: ... I think this is probably the last straw for me

And I did in fact upload Reid's possibly-vision-thing for [personal profile] chagrined, so if you, too, want to boggle, here it is. It contains violence against humans, violence against animals, and racist tropes. There's a description of the clip below the video.

There's no dialogue in the clip. Reid leans back from reading a book, looks up at the ceiling, and sees the symbol that was painted on the floor at an earlier murder site. Then there are a series of images: a skinned goat's head, a dove flapping its wings, alcohol being drunk + a cigar being smoked, an old white house. Reid startles and sits up, and then the shot transitions to a non-visiony murder scene, where that symbol is on the floor, and a dove has just been beheaded. The whole thing is set to drums + chanting.
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