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Guys, there is new Mythbusters! There have now been two whole episodes this season, and let me just say, 9x02 (or however we're numbering them now) is a ton of fun.

Mythbusters 9x01: Mission Impossible Mask

I thought I would love this episode a lot - it's got a fairly hilarious premise for the Jamie + Adam myth, and a fine Build Team myth, and I hadn't seen the Mythbusters in a while. But mostly I was just "meh." I mean, Adam and Jamie learning to act like each other was kind of cute, and I was happy to see the Mythbusters again, and Kari and Grant held big guns and stood on a merry-go-round. But there wasn't a lot of fun interaction, and the myths were fairly predictable, so mostly, meh. But on the other hand...

Mythbusters 9x02: Blue Ice

This was great, guys, it was totally the Mythbusters I was missing. It's like a perfect combination of old-school jury-rigging and new-Mythbusters "we have friends at NASA." Like, Jamie and Adam did small-scale experiments on a plexiglass breakaway cube, they did a set of tests to figure out what kind of magazine to use, and then when they got to their scale test their safety mechanisms made me go <3<3<3. Because basically Jamie tied a rope to a lever to turn off the gas, and Adam hooked three fans together to clear the air out. These guys! And then when they want to use a longer-lasting ignitition source, they use a $2.99 Duraflame log. Just, awwwww! I missed these guys!

And meanwhile, the build team is riveting together an airplane-approximation and travelling to NASA to do windspeed and termperature-appropriate tests to see what happens when an airplane toilet leaks. Seriously. And then Kari throws a giant chunk of ice that has a GPS unit in it out of a plane, and skydives after it, so they can test whether the ice can stay in one piece. I missed these guys too!

Also, Kari seemed to love skydiving so much, awwwwww.

Also, Adam: Jamie's known for how he handles his fans.

Adam: Shall we get to a safe place and go boom?

Adam: I think we need a new signal for us. Fire in the hole! Hopefully. Fire in the hole! Hopefully.
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