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On a totally different note, I looked at a million different fanarts and sources that didn't end up in the vid. I had all these themes - like "amazing crafts" and like "posts by people with mental illness" and etc - that didn't make it in. So I'm going to link to some here:

Crafts and physical products:
Mostly these didn't make it because they're of text, so they need too much time – you can't parse the photo and the text fast enough – and because I ended up doing tattoos instead. Assume for the purposes of these descriptions that I'm bad at telling embroidery and cross stitching apart.

SO MUCH good fanart, omg.
Other tattoos:
Other protest signs:
These mostly didn't make it in because I ended up with just a set of "Carrie Fisher sent me."

I'm not linking to them here, because it's a ton of work, but I do actually have many news articles and blog posts by people with mental illness talking about Carrie Fisher. If you want those for any reason, just let me know.

And last of all, in case you ever need this in your life, Carrie Fisher giving a middle finger to the world (mp4). (Actually she's flipping off Jane Lynch for making like four weight jokes in a row. So I'm with Carrie.)

Or maybe you'll need ten icons of Carrie flipping people off? (Zip file here.) Just in case.
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