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When [ profile] thingswithwings and I were watching a recent Smallville vid, that I billed to her as "awesome but kind of weird because I don't recognize half the clips in it," I pointed to a scene where Lex and Clark were on either side of a stained glass door panel. "Look! Separated by stained glass!" "Ah-ha," said [ profile] thingswithwings, "on Smallville, slash is what happens when you take away the stained glass."* Then we agreed that this was a perfect description of the way the show works: just plain glass isn't enough. Then you can see what's on the other side!

(See, we're collecting Separated By Glass moments. These include, among others, the fabulous ice-wall in X2, and various people in hazmat suits, and things like that, but I also want to include Daniel in "Meridian." Because I think that Daniel/Death is really the SG1 OTP.** Daniel is separated from his death by glass! Daniel breaks through the glass trying to reach his desires! Daniel gazes longingly at ascension! He and ascension totally pass the broccoli test!)

Speaking of people who pass the broccoli test, we also watched a Once a Thief vid ("When I'm Up," by Lynn, Jill, and Kay, available here and determined that Vic and Mac have demonstrated on multiple occasions that they pass the broccoli test, but only when the broccoli is a gun. Or possibly a large knife, or a chainsaw.

Also, that vid made us want to go back and watch Once a Thief again, because seriously: trampoline fights. Chainsaw fencing. Stuck-on-top-of-a-just-married-car. Fighting with clowns. Moonwalking! Pop-up windows like we're in a VH1 music video! Two different endings to the series! Why Once a Thief is not in multi vids all the time for the hilarious visuals I don't know.

ALSO also, we were discussing what urban legends in Pegasus must be like. "Then he was passing by the gate, and three stones came through: tap, tap, tap" etc. And I said, okay, but the problem with an urban legends challenge is that there'll be a lot of stuff that's basically a direct translation of an urban legend into Pegasus. "Like," I said, "there's a serial killer in the backseat of the puddlejumper!" *pause* "It was John."

* This is also true of John Sheppard. For example, the stained glass door to the gym closing on John in "Hot Zone" -- Atlantis and the Ancients say "no, John, you can't have that, and you can't even see it." Just saying.

** Also, John/pain is totally the SGA OTP. And unlike other OTPs? This one is acknowledged by the camera and the writing all the time! (See [ profile] thingswithwings's proof in her vid here.)
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I am looking for fannish pairings of the following sort:

A: Something canonical
B: An item or idea that is only connected to A via fandom

Where the A+B = instant recognition of a story or moment or vid or argument or other fannish totally cool thing. Like so:

A: Rodney McKay
B: Dolphin (the reference being [ profile] cesperanza's "The Wheel, Atlantis, Wars, And So On")

A: Chaya
B: Jolene (the reference being [ profile] z_rayne's vid Jolene)

A: Lex Luthor
B: Paper Doll (via [ profile] astolat's story I can't remember the name of, with the ridiculous outfits and the taking over the universe and [ profile] mutecornett making fantabulous paper dolls!)

or, I dunno. Inappropriate elves! Shacks!

But things like Draco Malfoy - Veela wouldn't work, because they're both from the same source, even if the connection between them is fannish and not canonical. Make sense?
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Best. Stargate crossover. Ever. (Drabble.) Unsatisfactory Report.

Also, today [ profile] m_shell and I had fun and invented a recipe -- pomegranate-sauce salmon with onions and chard on mixed rice. It was quite good, although were I to do it again I'd either try harder to track down pomegranate molasses in Philadelphia (ha!) or I'd reduce the juice further -- it was really, really good but a bit too liquidy for me. I think I'd throw some of the pomegranate seeds in as soon as I was sauteing the onions, too, instead of waiting until I added the salmon. Still good. Mmmm. (For reference: in one pot, cook rice. In another pot, reduce pomegranate juice. In skillet, saute onions. Use pomegranate juice as de-sticker if necessary. Add salmon fillet and a good jot additional pomegranate juice and pomegranate seeds. Cook about 5 minutes/side. Add chard just before done. When serving, top with reduced pomegranate juice and additional seeds. Or pomegranate molases if you have it.) Which dinner menu made me think of Calico and Julad's Lustre, one of about three Harry/Draco stories I actually liked.

Last night, we watched some eps of Smallville that we'd missed in the original run -- I totally spotted wosshername who played Cassie in BtVS in about twelve seconds in "Shimmer," which is a really lame episode name. Also, hey, fat-eating mutants! I think I saw that once on the X-Files! (Smallville, the show you love to mock. Or at least giggle about.)
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Smallville: Phoenix )


Angel: Just Rewards )

And totally random: Skinner's on Tarzan, and CSM's been on Smallville. Time to do massive WB crossovers? You be the judge.
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Whadaya mean I can't access my friends page on Slash Night?

100% non-linear random thoughts!

Spoilerific for Smallville. )
Spoilery for Angel, too )
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I want to write, or at least joke about writing, the following crossover:

X/X/X Smallville XXX.

That would be X-Files/X-Men/Xena/Smallville/XXX.

I've never even seen XXX, but I'm not letting that stop me. And I'm gonna do it without AU-ing a single universe, see if I don't. tiny spoilers for Smallville's current season )
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Note for [ profile] ryca and others who are into Naked Clark:

Nekkid Clark
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Today's good news:

New story in Lanning Cook's Smallville Identical series. You know, the one with the whacked-out clone who takes over Lex's life? Yah, that one. The concept may sound like potential over-the-top melodrama angst-fest, but it's Lanning Cook. So it's well written. Which makes the concept interesting. So go check it out.

And at Buffy Night tonight, there will be homemade pizza and garlic bread and cookies. And possibly other things if we think of them. Finals week comfort food. You know you wanna come.

And Jon Carroll. Sometimes his columns are funny, sometimes political, and sometimes about cats. Today, Jon Carroll says many things I like about liberal paranoia, and about people who "give being a Commie pinko rat a bad name." Recently, he has said many fine things about flowers, and rogue nations, and grandchildren. You know you want to check him out too.


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