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The good:
I spent Friday night decompressing from fail in what turns out to be a really great way: [personal profile] livrelibre came over, we had alcohol and dinner and talked vehemently about intersectionality and anti-oppression work and all the recent fails, and then we stopped talking about them and played Lego Star Wars. Here is the thing about Lego Star Wars: it doesn't matter if you get killed, because you just reconstitute out of legos, and the basic goal of nearly every level is to smash, lightsaber, shoot, or slap basically all of the set decoration. We spent two hours going "oh, man, I'm going to get those fences! take THAT, fences! and the planter over there! and then I'm going to punch down this wall." It was very soothing in a simulated-destruction kind of way. I destroyed many decorative sconces.

And then Saturday I suddenly decided that I wanted a bison burger (idek), so [personal profile] livrelibre and I went out and talked about anti-oppression and meta and porn and tv and computers in public spaces, instead. (The conversation about computers was partly prompted by hearing other people arguing heatedly about macs versus pcs and going, huh, we could try having an intense conversation about other kinds of fandoms for a change. We didn't manage to be very vehement, though.)

And I decided to try going to the Sunday farmer's market instead of the Saturday one -- the Saturday one is (almost) year-round and is bigger, so some farmers can't get stalls there. And it was awesome, I want to go to the Sunday market every week. I think that the Sunday market shopping population is maybe 10% of the Saturday one, which meant that I didn't have to tuck my cane away because people walked into it, and I didn't have to push to get to the front of stalls, and I could buy prepared food without standing in hideous lines. And I discovered several new farmers, including people who do locally produced raw soft cheese. I saw a new cheese stall and went over to check it out, and then was so startled that before I even said hello I said "... it's soft!" I think the cheesemaker thought it was a complaint, because she explained that it was only semi-soft in other weather. And it was tasty, and I brought it home, and I am so excited about it because I'd thought we only had cheddar-like and gouda-like and blue cheese here. Plus I bought sugar snap peas (and then ate all of them with lunch) and black cap wild raspberries and many cherries for [personal profile] thingswithwings to turn into tarts when she gets back to the US, and warm-from-the-oven sourdough multigrain bread, and sprouted lentils and chickpeas, and shelling peas. There are noms in my future.

Less good:
I didn't get to some graphics stuff that I meant to do this weekend.

Let me just say, cab drivers, I am sometimes willing to spend $5 to get a lift home from the farmer's market when my feet hurt and it's hot out and I'm concerned about the cheese. But I am not willing to spend $5 and have to endure a conversation with you about why I'm wearing a brace, what the brace is for, how long I have to wear it, does it have anything to do with the cane, gosh pity pity, tell me more details. No. Just: no. I tried terse and uninformative, then I tried I-don't-want-to-talk-about-it, and the cab driver was still like "oh, but come on, it's got to be a great story." Fuck off, dude.

For reasons I don't understand, I watched Babylon 5 today instead of the Doctor Who season finale. *shrugs*
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1. [personal profile] thingswithwings wrote a how-we-vidded-yuletide retrospective post that is ... pretty much exactly what the vid project was like, but shorter.

2. I want a new term for a particular kind of pairing-fic. See, there's best friends!fic (Blair/Jim, Starsky/Hutch, Gus/Shawn) and there's what I think of as enemies!fic (Harry Potter/any Voldemort supporter, Mulder/Krycek, Johnny Smith/Stillson, John/Kolya) and then there's this other thing, this sort of sniping-but-on-the-same-side thing. And sometimes people call it enemies!fic, and I'm always a bit "huh?" because these guys aren't enemies. They're just not best friends! If one of them hasn't killed the other's mentor, if one of them isn't trying to bring about the apocalypse, if one of them isn't busy creating an evil clone army, it's just not the same! It's "sometimes we bicker" fic! And yet people keep telling me that it's the opposite of the bff fic, that if you don't write best friends this is the other option, and I am continually weirded.

Some example pairings that I thought of just now:
- Psych, Shawn/Lassiter. Listen, they are both on the same side, neither of them has killed the other's father, they just kind of dislike each other. They both want to arrest guys! They sometimes work together! But not as much as Shawn and Gus.

- The Dead Zone, Johnny/Walt. They are kinda suspicious of each other, okay, and Walt sometimes thinks Johnny's a big weirdo, and they are both in love with the same woman, but ... not enemies. Not BFFs, either.

- Eureka, Jack Carter/Nathan Stark. They are both in love with the same woman (sigh) and they don't like each other but they, you know, save the world together a lot.

- The X-Files, Mulder/Skinner. They're on the same side -- well, most of the time, depending on what side Chris Carter thought Skinner was on today -- but they disagree sometimes. Mostly they do Stern Authority Figure/Snarky Subordinate. Like, in fic, when Skinner spanked Mulder, it was for How Dare You Break Into That Military Base Without Telling Me, I Worry About You reasons, not Damn You, Stop Trying to Take Over the World With Evil Robots reasons.

So what should I call this? Clearly "guys who kind of don't like each other and are a little bit snarky but neither of them killed the other one's father fic" is a little long. [personal profile] thingswithwings suggests "cantankerous acquaintance fic," which certainly gets at the part where these aren't guys who are BFFs and aren't srs enemies.

Like, is it just my fannish history? Is it just that I read Mulder/Krycek and Harry/Snape (when Snape was supposed to be evil)? I feel like these aren't the same things as what I'm used to calling enemies!fic. I want more archnemeses in my enemies!fic.

3. I am sad to say that Super Mario Galaxy has been rejected from yuletide -- the Mario universe was added to the list of ineligible franchises after nominations were over. I am full of woe, for I wanted to ask for cool genre-bending fic (Freudian meditations on Cosmic Mario! kinky Star Bunny fic!), and also because it means I wasted a nomination -- I went and looked up the fandom before I nominated, and was pretty sure that it would count as small enough on its own, and Mario wasn't on the franchise list. I could have nominated The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air instead! Or Uzak (Distant), where there should have been HUGS. I know that betrays the premise of the movie, but after I watched it, I wanted hugs. Or Carol Emshwiller's Carmen Dog, which was my favorite book when I was in junior high. (Finding out that Le Guin loved it, in that article, made me all starry-eyed. Ursula K Le Guin! Carol Emshwiller! Together! It was like, baby!eruthros does RPF.) So now I am a little sad.

4. I watched White Collar the other day; here is some spoilery talk about it )
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I was googling for images for something else last night when I came upon the following information: MYTHBUSTERS IS GOING TO TEST THE GORN CANNON FROM STAR TREK TOS. It totally deserves the allcaps, because this is going to be awesome. A) Kirk makes his own gunpowder and fires diamonds and b) Grant bought himself a Star Trek shirt. Yes. The build team is going to test it, and so Grant bought a TOS science-officer shirt and some Vulcan ear extension things and a communicator and a tribble and a yellow shirt for Tory and a red shirt for Buster. And then he took pictures of it all! For reals!

SO, as a consequence, I made an icon, because what can you do when faced with that much concentrated awesome?

And, while I'm posting icons, I thought I'd include some random ones I made in the last few days or found in my icon-making folder. Three more Mythbusters, three Dead Zone, two Sentinel, three of Martha Jones being awesome, one SG-1, one Batman comics, and a whole bunch of video game icons )
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As part of my endless set of errands today (recapped best as: "run around a lot, take several buses") I went up to the mall to return the Lands' End boots that have been sitting in my apartment for a month, 'cause it had taken three tries to get the right size.

And I was doing pretty well, you know? I went into the mall laden down, cut through swathes of heavily-laden shoppers, returned the Lands' End stuff, had twenty minutes before my bus so took a brief break to look at the bunnies (there's a pet store in the mall, see). And then... coming out of the pet store, I saw this. For five dollars. And yes, that is what it looks like: the cover's all Sherlock Holmes with tentacles! And so, of course, you play Sherlock Holmes. And you need to stop the secret society that is trying to raise Cthulhu.

And it is like: oh my god, they took my favorite trope in the whole wide world and made a computer game! Seriously, guys, my huge weakness is Weird Lovecraft Crossovers, of which Sherlock Holmes Does Lovecraft is pretty much number one. So I was all "no, you're not shopping!" and then... well, friends, I bought it.

I'll let you know how it goes.
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Courtesy of the National Weather Service, which lists such weather for the week as "chance flurries" "mostly cloudy" and "wintry mix," among other standard English phrases, but for tonight lists...


Sadly, it contains two Zs, and thus cannot actually be used as a perfect solution for icky letters and no vowels. Woe.
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1. John John Not-John. This is the fannish equivalent of duck duck goose; the fan who is "it" goes around the outside of the circle, tapping heads and naming Jacks and Johns. John Sheppard, John Crichton, John Smith, DANIEL! This would be most amusing when somebody realized they could go around half the circle on Captain Jacks: Captain Jack (Sparrow), Captain Jack (Harkness), Captain Jack (Harkness, II), Captain Jack (O'Neill, pre-series, presumably), Captain Jack (Aubrey), Captain Jack (B5, season four), Captain Jack (the monkey), RODNEY!

2. Fannish Apples to Apples. [personal profile] thingswithwings and I are so doing this someday. Because: how awesome would apples to apples be, as a game, if we made our own fannish cards? Referencing, like, penguins! and aliens made them do it! And with little blurbs down at the bottom! It would be awesome, is what it would be. Imagine turning up, say, "aged" and getting "John Sheppard" "Methos" "We're Not Gay We Just Love Each Other" and whateverall.

Sadly, the game only works if some of the cards are B-list. In the original, this is accomplished with cards like Adam Sandler; in our version, it would be B-list tropes, which I can't think of right now. But it would be those. Also B-list characters.
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Also, random stuff:

My typo of the day: "the 'cod-less' fantasy." It's like Anya's world without shrimp, I guess.

Sort-of-vid rec: A Kiss Is Just a Kiss. It's ... hmm, not really got the fannish vidding aesthetic, but is a vid nonetheless. Also, it begins with a warning: "This video contains MEN kissing MEN. If you find MEN kissing MEN offensive, please watch this video over and over until you become accustomed to it. Thank you." Yes: it's boys snuggling and dancing together and kissing. I can ID an embarrassing number of the sources. (Me: "awww, isn't that the scene at the end of Latter Days? Oh, and that's the picnic kiss in Maurice!")

So one of my friends sent a youtube link to me yesterday. And I was distressed, because I'd thought it was the best thing EVER and that I'd sent it to EVERYONE. But apparently I hadn't. So! College Saga. It's ... like Final Fantasy. But on a college campus. Oh my god. It has the music. It has the people walking back and forth in determined patterns. It has inventory disappearing after the heroes hold it up. It has chocobos. It has silly fights. It has a plot that makes me go "huh?" So it is basically identical to FF7, except, you know, on some college campus somewhere and with live actors and evil TI-83s.
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I have a lot of work left to do, but that I can take this opportunity to reward myself with a pumpkin bar from Collegetown Bagels and a leisurely lie-about for forty-five minutes to watch Torchwood. With hot coffee! All stretched out on the sofa! And no more flash cards!

Torchwood 1x08 spoilerific )

Also, randomly but in the spirit of the Wii release, I share this early Zelda commercial on youtube. Live action. With the dancing. And the funny outfits. And plastic villains. Yeah.
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1. Mozilla Thunderbird. Really, really simple and not a memory hog and works with Kerberos. Also, David Hewlett now says "wicked! this is all porn!" when I get new messages. Sweeeet.

2. Message tracking or notifications on lj. I was refreshing the post again, to read new comments (as one frequently does with lj-news posts, even when they are on [ profile] paidmembers instead of news qua news) and then I realized -- hey! I can now just get message notifications instead! Sweeeet.

3. mp3s of music in foreign languages

4. This adventure game-style walkthrough of an Ikea store. (No, it's more hilarious than it sounds...)

5. This recipe for fruit crisp, which is more or less how we made two peach crisps in the last week. (Except we used amaretto on the sliced peaches, and some nutmeg in the crisp part, and more cinnamon than called for, and also some almonds. And we think bananas have no place in a crisp. But it's basically the recipe we used.) This will shortly make me happy, as I can have more peach crisp after dinner. Mmmmm.
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Dude. At thesurrealist, there's a script-generated text-based dungeon game based on your userinfo. (I'd call it interactive fiction, but it lacks narrative.) Thusly, from the eruthros dungeon: "You are walking through a candlelit fountain room. Rich tapestries illustrate the homosexual agenda." "In the distance, you hear the sound of cheese." "You find yourself in a pentagonal armoury. Across one wall is a faded fresco of duct tape." Best livejournal tool of the day!

Sadly, it reminds me that I've still never finished Curses, an influential IF game from the early 90s in which you time-travel and attempt to break curses in an attempt to find a street map of Paris. I note that it frequently receives points from reviewers for logical puzzles, to which I say "oh, sure, if you've read T.S. Eliot's 'The Hollow Men.'" Eeesh. I was eleven. Also? In 1993, no google or wikipedia to go around hunting up names and references in, which makes it rather more difficult to work out puzzles featuring Callimachus and Appollonius. (No joke, they really do appear.)


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