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2011-09-20 11:51 am

um, WHAT?

I haven't been paying much attention to the new tv schedule, and I had mostly dismissed Alphas as soon as I saw ... anything about it (fyi it started airing in July). But the detention center in the show is in upstate New York, so I keep seeing links about it. Which is how I came across this interview with Zak Penn in which he talks about the premise and characters of Alphas:

disability fail, half of the tv tropes pages on disability especially disability superpowers, mostly about the autism spectrum )
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2010-06-08 01:37 pm

some stuff about television, as if I'm in fandom or something

1. Okay you guys, I need HELP. Where is the Avatar: tLA fanfic? I have checked out the AO3, and the old yuletide archive, and some of the multifandom reccers I know, but I have found very little. There must be some post-series worldbuilding fic, right? Surely?

Unfortunately, all my routes to fanfic have taken me to cut for spoilers for the series )

2. I watched the Man from UNCLE episode that guest stars Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner the other day, and let me just say: n'awwww. It's a first season episode (The Project Strigas Affair), so it predates Star Trek and is in black and white and is totally about pulling a giant con and they barely encounter each other in the course of the episode but it still made me go "awww." (Especially because I am pro giant cons and Ilya undercover in awesome moustaches.) Anyway, if you're in a nostalgic mood (and are willing to put up with some really heavy-handed eastern European stereotypes) it's pretty amusing. William Shatner plays the innocent young chemical engineer turned exterminator! Leonard Nimoy smokes cigarettes with a holder and does expansive arm gestures!

3. I'm kind of weirded out by the fact that basically all the tv I'm looking forward to is on a summer-airing schedule --Mad Men, White Collar, Leverage, Psych as long as someone prescreens the episodes for embarrassment squick -- and that none of it includes spaceships. I mean, there are three whole cop/con comedy-dramas on that list, geez. Could I get just a little spaceship?

Anyway, if you've been watching a neat speculative fiction tv show, or are looking forward to a new one, I'd love a rec. Especially if it includes women and characters of color and queer people who also have cool powers/are on the spaceship/do neat things/aren't the backup, the love interest, or the funny neighbor. I'm told that I have to start watching Fringe, among other things.
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2010-05-10 11:31 pm
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Brought to you by an episode of Xena

I sometimes get all nostalgic when I watch old tv. Sometimes for the fandom as it was, sometimes for the things you could do on television then, sometimes for the hilarity of old special effects.

And sometimes for the aspect ratio.

Listen, there is nothing like 4:3 for turning every close-up, every intense conversation, every emotional moment, every attempt to get three people in the same shot while catching their facial expressions, into an opportunity to shout "make out!" at the screen. I mean, people still need to make out sometimes in 16:9, but it's not as constant -- the framing isn't as constrained.

I know old TV couldn't do anywhere near the same landscapes and scene-setting, couldn't have as much business in the background, and was way harder to put into a multivid with movies, but sometimes I regret all the lost makeouts.

Also: Did you know that you can get technical specs for shows on imdb? I find it kind of fascinating. Look! Intended aspect ratios versus aired aspect ratios! Film negative formats! Intriguing.
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2009-04-02 01:15 pm
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Scary childhood experiences

[ profile] thingswithwings and I were talking about early R&B songs about unhealthy relationships -- there are kind of a lot. And it reminded me of this Sesame Street routine, which freaked me the fuck out when I was, whatever, five. Which I will now share with you and you should totally watch:


And they even rewrote the song so that he doesn't seem to like it at all -- in the original, at least he's conflicted? But here he's like "aaah I am being chased by a giant muppet letter U."

I checked out some of the youtube comments, and discovered that other kids about my age found it completely horrifying: there are comments from people who say "I used to hide when this clip showed on Sesame Street" and "this gave me the creeps" and "I always thought the U was trying to choke him!"

In conclusion, this is at least as freaky now as it was when I was five. Who could possibly have thought this was a good idea?
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2009-01-29 01:50 pm

Two great tastes

So, a while ago I went over to [ profile] thingswithwings's place. When we have dinner, we usually watch tv, but we couldn't decide what we wanted to watch. I was in a Sentinel mood, because of [ profile] toft_froggy's joy about it, and [ profile] thingswithwings has been trying to convince me to watch the new BSG for years. And so we had the following conversation:

eruthros: Hey, can I maybe convince you to watch a couple episodes of The Sentinel? It's awesomely bad!
tww: Oh, I don't know if I can watch much of that. What about finishing the BSG miniseries?
eruthros: But it's so depressing.
tww: Hey, I'll trade you an episode of The Sentinel for an episode of BSG!
eruthros: *falls down laughing*
tww: I'll even trade you one for one.
eruthros: omg, if you TOLD the BSG producers that you were swapping their show on an hour for hour basis with The Sentinel!
both: hysterical laughter for a while

But then we watched TS and BSG in alternation and ... actually ... this was a really good idea. Because everything that's missing from The Sentinel, I get from BSG; and everything that's missing from BSG, I get from The Sentinel. In the one, it's gritty and tense and the problems are well conceived -- and in the other, Jim says he needs to housebreak Blair and and Blair says "the ebola virus is BAD NEWS, man."* It really is everything I need in a TV show! Too bad it's two tv shows. But seriously, we've done three of these exchanges and it works beautifully. Highly recommended!

*It occurs to me that, if this were a wine pairing, it would be kind of like that guy who tries to figure out what wine to pair with cheetos.
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2009-01-26 08:39 am

Subject redacted

I'm going to give the context at the end of the post; wait for it.

[ profile] thingswithwings and I were watching different tv for the yuletide vid. I watched Jeremiah because I'm a B5 fan and thus pretty good at figuring out tropes in jms source, but I was having trouble finding anything we could use -- I sent a lot of hopeful email about plot developments that surely, any day now, would lead to hugging. And then! Success! About halfway through, I sent her this email:

Also, I have attached a touching scene, from when Jeremiah is captured by one of the remnants of the US government, who are like "we will take back this country from anarchy by violence! and killing people with the virus as a scare tactic!" And Devon knows how the virus works, so the evil President and General torture Jeremiah so's Devon will give in, and then Devon is like "I can't hold out! I've lost everything else!" and Jeremiah is all "we can save the world just by saying no." Also he is topless. Then they cuddle.

Here's a little clip from that scene. Watch it first.

watched it? click here, unless you're planning to watch Jeremiah later, in which case this is a huge spoiler )
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2008-11-23 09:17 pm

Random lists!

Things that are awesome:

1) Episode 1x04 of Jeremiah, in which Luke Perry plays Jeremiah and JASON PRIESTLY plays an evil warlord who captures Jeremiah and Kurdy and wants to convert them. Thus, Jason Priestly and Luke Perry have intense conversations at each other while wearing flak jackets. As I said to [ profile] thingswithwings, it's like Beverly Hills Post-Apocalyptico over here. (I don't much like Jeremiah so far, actually, because I hate daddy issues, but that was hilarious. I'm conflicted about the show, because I like the concept, and I like some of the characters, but the letters to daddy? Geez.)

Side note: Today's episode of Jeremiah features a really scruffy Ladon Radim. Oh Vancouver!

2) Revisiting these parts of past seasons of SGA. [ profile] m_shell's joy as she goes through the seasons is reminding me of how much I enjoy the John Sheppard Is Really Gay show.

3) Zombie gingerbread men cookie cutters. Srsly.
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2008-03-18 07:11 pm

Random fannish things!

When [ profile] thingswithwings and I were watching a recent Smallville vid, that I billed to her as "awesome but kind of weird because I don't recognize half the clips in it," I pointed to a scene where Lex and Clark were on either side of a stained glass door panel. "Look! Separated by stained glass!" "Ah-ha," said [ profile] thingswithwings, "on Smallville, slash is what happens when you take away the stained glass."* Then we agreed that this was a perfect description of the way the show works: just plain glass isn't enough. Then you can see what's on the other side!

(See, we're collecting Separated By Glass moments. These include, among others, the fabulous ice-wall in X2, and various people in hazmat suits, and things like that, but I also want to include Daniel in "Meridian." Because I think that Daniel/Death is really the SG1 OTP.** Daniel is separated from his death by glass! Daniel breaks through the glass trying to reach his desires! Daniel gazes longingly at ascension! He and ascension totally pass the broccoli test!)

Speaking of people who pass the broccoli test, we also watched a Once a Thief vid ("When I'm Up," by Lynn, Jill, and Kay, available here and determined that Vic and Mac have demonstrated on multiple occasions that they pass the broccoli test, but only when the broccoli is a gun. Or possibly a large knife, or a chainsaw.

Also, that vid made us want to go back and watch Once a Thief again, because seriously: trampoline fights. Chainsaw fencing. Stuck-on-top-of-a-just-married-car. Fighting with clowns. Moonwalking! Pop-up windows like we're in a VH1 music video! Two different endings to the series! Why Once a Thief is not in multi vids all the time for the hilarious visuals I don't know.

ALSO also, we were discussing what urban legends in Pegasus must be like. "Then he was passing by the gate, and three stones came through: tap, tap, tap" etc. And I said, okay, but the problem with an urban legends challenge is that there'll be a lot of stuff that's basically a direct translation of an urban legend into Pegasus. "Like," I said, "there's a serial killer in the backseat of the puddlejumper!" *pause* "It was John."

* This is also true of John Sheppard. For example, the stained glass door to the gym closing on John in "Hot Zone" -- Atlantis and the Ancients say "no, John, you can't have that, and you can't even see it." Just saying.

** Also, John/pain is totally the SGA OTP. And unlike other OTPs? This one is acknowledged by the camera and the writing all the time! (See [ profile] thingswithwings's proof in her vid here.)
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2007-11-24 06:48 pm
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As with all thanksgivings, I learned some important lessons:

1. Never make pumpkin pie from the recipe on the back of the can of organic pumpkin, ESPECIALLY if you're planning to replace the dairy-milk with almond-milk. [ profile] graycastle and I had to make a second pumpkin pie, because the first one a) lied about the size of pan it would fill and we had to double the recipe at the last minute b) under-sugared and c) really, really, REALLY under-spiced, which I mostly fixed, but.

2. The most awesome mashed potatoes in the world are made by using some of your extra-left-over heavy cream instead of milk. (No, seriously: yukon gold potatoes, cut up, boiled with skins in salt water. Take out. Add butter and heavy cream. Mash with a fork. Nom nom nom.)

2a. I will now be keeping a small container of heavy cream in the fridge. See, I use essentially no real dairy, and don't drink it, so even the smallest container of milk will go bad before I bake with it. But heavy cream comes in really small containers, and I can bake with it, make mashed potatoes, whip it as cream, or offer it to people for ... really, really rich coffee or tea. (I usually have to do that "um, your choices are almond or soy milk" thing.)

3. Green Star Co-op doesn't carry chicken or turkey breasts, even during the holidays. Geez, Green Star -- you carry beef. Is chicken too much to ask?

4. There is only one complete Mathnet series available on youtube. This distresses me. What if I suddenly want to watch the episode with the missing baseball and the air-lifted house? I ask you.

5. Even though I think, every time, that Mollie Katzen must be joking when she tells me to grease the spring-form pan and then line the bottom with parchment paper (before putting the pan together, which makes the assembly of the pan a total pain) when making apple-pear crostada for breakfast? Every time, I do it any way. What if it's a crucial step? And I'm just too silly to recognize that?

6. I feel kinda doofy being thankful for things several days late (I'm a procrastinator! what?), but I am still really happy that I have this magical rss feed of y'all.
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2007-03-12 01:39 pm

a random Monday list

Best headlines of the day:

"Pomos wary of superfund."
My first take: postmodernists don't like superfund sites? Who huh wha ... Oh, oh! Pomo Indians. Right!"

"Study: Don't get divorced or fired."
Apparently they're bad for your mood, according to the subhead. Really? Whoda thunk?

"Developer condemns city." (In the Philadelphia Inquirer.)
Me: "the whole thing? Oh, wait. They mean city hall." Lo, I am slow on the first DST weekday.

Life goals:

One day, when I produce a TV show (I don't know how I'd get there from here, but that's irrelevant), I will commission an amnesia episode. You know, like the famous amnesia clip shows of yore (due South, I am so looking at you). Except that all the stories we frame as big, important stories... will be clips we've never seen before. It will be fabulous! It'll be the anti-clip show, with "flashbacks." You know you want to subvert the clip show, too! None of the "he was dreaming!" "he had amnesia!" "he was on trial!" "but it's not really a clip show, because we dubbed in new dialogue!" crap.


This is quite possibly the most hilarious quote regarding DADT ever. Regarding, of course, Matt Sanchez, the Marine Corps Times informs us that officials are "unable to confirm whether Sanchez had enlisted prior to the end of his film career or if Reserve Marines were prohibited from doing porn when not in a drilling status." These are important questions, yo! If you're a Reserve Marine, and you're not drilling, and you're in some gay porn: does that violate DADT?

Man, DADT: how are you so completely ridiculous? GOD.

But, on the other hand, think how useful this information might be to people who write in SGA.

Aside )


And one last link for those of you who, like me, are bitter about this whole stupid thing where Daylight Savings starts earlier and ends later: a University of California study, based on the Australian case, that argues that pushing DST back into winter actually increases energy use. Rather than putting daylight hours when we use them, it puts dark hours when we wake up -- so we get up, turn on the heater, the lights all over the house, and so on. And this turns morning into a peak-load time, increasing the prices of electricity in the morning. Yeah, a nice "free" way to conserve energy? Bite me, Congress.
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2007-03-11 06:30 pm
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Things Not To Do

Things that you should totally not spend your Sunday doing: a guy on youtube has posted the entirety of QI series C (3).

Well, at least, you shouldn't ALSO spend your Sunday doing that, since I've already done it. Not all twelve episodes or anything, but I've watched a good bit of QI today, and been astonished when none of the contestants knew what a taffy pull or a Myoclonic jerk is. People! That's not hard! That's not like when Stephen Fry asks "what was the capital of England for five days in thirteen-something?"


Also, you should definitely not spend several hours poking around the Threadless stock lists, just because their t-shirts are almost all on sale for $10, through tomorrow. Even though Threadless is fabulous cool, and even though the women's tees are printed on American Apparel shirts and thus ridiculously cheap at $10. Seriously: don't spend several hours at it, and get distracted by all the designs you haven't scored recently, and wonder why people keep posting things with violent robots, or oddly sketchy alien-like creatures. Instead, think about how much you want Real Men Drink Tea to be printed, because then you can have a t-shirt with a pirate! Drinking tea!
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2007-02-24 04:04 pm

Are there songs about dorks?

So [ profile] m_shell and I are talking about the new x-ray airport scanner thing, and how it's creepy for more reasons than that it can see through your clothes. After all, we can only take the word of the company about how it works, we agree.

I draw an analogy to computer voting machines: it's a big, sleek box with a bunch of stuff inside, a who-knows-what-it-does machine. Creepy opaqueness.

[ profile] m_shell says, oh, yes, exactly! I don't trust things that won't show me where their brains are. Like Tom Riddle's diary.

I say, right, exactly, that's precisely what I mean.

Oh my god, we are such dorks.


In other dorkish news, I have discovered QI and want to know why none of y'all told me about this years ago. It's like Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, except on television and featuring people like John Sessions (whose facial structure has changed incredibly in the last ten years) and Hugh Laurie and whoever all else. Talking about whether you would want a hug from a giant anteater, and what Caravaggio's real name was, and all that, and hosted by Stephen Fry who does voices and makes silly faces. AWESOME.


Oh! And. I collect songs that reference famous philosophers and academics, because why not?

My favorite recent addiction is the Prince Myshkin's Doctor Laura Polka, which references about everybody. There's a Freud and Jung and Lacan verse, for example. But the real reason I care is that they mention Walter Benjamin. And the "aura." As in:
Libertines and disco queens were mean to Doctor Laura
So she called up Walter Benjamin, who said to her: "Senora,
When they put you on that TV screen you signed away your aura,
You won't bore us anymore because you're going off the air."
And of course there's Mike Ladd's hip-hop/new jazz Field Work (The Ethnographer's Daughter) which is very non-linear, but also probably the only song to reference Malinowski and Michel Leiris. Also available free on the 'net, somewhere.

And, of course, continuing the academic daughter mode, Regina Spektor's Pavlov's Daughter. You know:
Pavlov's daughter woke up in the morning
Heard the bell ring
And something deep inside of her made her want to salivate
So she lay there drooling on her pillow
Other songs include:
The Weakerthan's "Our Retired Explorer (Dines With Michel Foucault In Paris, 1961)" which mentions Derrida but not Foucault (because we're talking to Foucault)
Misery Index's "My Untold Apocalypse" (Foucault is laughing / this tragedy that you created so young / yet rotting)
Googol Bordello's "Start Wearing Purple (So yeah, I know it all / from Diogenes to Foucault / from Lozgechkin to Paspartu)
Belle and Sebastian's "Marx and Engels" (If it couldn't see / that the girl just wants to be / left alone with Marx and Engels for a while)
John Lennon's ridiculous "Serve Yourself" (Well, you may believe in Jesus, and you may believe in Marx / And you may believe in Marks and Spencer's and you may believe in bloody Woolworths)
Neil Diamond's ridiculous "Done Too Soon," which is basically a list of famous people. Karl Marx! Poe! Rousseau! Buster Keaton! etc.

Anyway, if any of y'all can think of some fabulous songs referencing Lukacs or Judith Butler or obscure literary theorists or whatever, I would happily take their names, because I want a huge playlist. And because I am a dork.


Oh, and, just for fun, wordorigins on the word "dork." This may be a folk etymology, but it's still great.
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2006-09-30 12:34 am

Random! at the Disco!

Things that continue to astonish me: MacGyver and Seinfeld were on TV at the same time. Overlapped for years, even. And the last MacGyver movie was after the X-Files' first season. I'm surprised by this every time I see the dates, because I think of MacGyver as such an 80s show. (I mean, the mullet! And people saying "man" all the time! And the synthesizer theme song! And the commies! And the outfits! What do you mean it was in its seventh season in 1992?)

This observation brought to you by an episode from the sixth season of MacGyver, featuring phrases like "crack doesn't care about the law!" and "so I called a few street sources and put out a big carrot" and "hey man, that's an uzi!" "now it's a wrench."

([ profile] fiatlouis and I discovered today that we both wanted to be MacGyver when we grew up. Unfortunately, neither of us can turn an uzi into a wrench. But we think we probably turned out okay even though we never learned how to make bombs from bamboo.)


Also, I continue to get pissier and pissier about lj. "Hey, paid users, you won't have to see ads, just sponsorship information!" I call bullshit.

Also, my reaction to "sponsored features" is exactly the opposite of what they want; my immediate response to the first sponsored community, for a movie, that I saw on the lj homepage ("but it's not an ad honest!") was to say "well, crap, and I'd kinda wanted to see that, and now I'm not gonna." Yep, I'm that kind of San Francisco Bay Arean: I do practically need a list of companies to avoid (when Philip Morris buys organic food labels, it gets really confusing) and I have no problem adding to it. This isn't that kind of reasoned choice, though -- not on the "avoiding tobacco companies" scale -- it's just a knee-jerk reaction to an ad in a space where I shouldn't be seeing ads.


Poll! Also at the Disco! Okay, maybe not. See, I continue to hear hilarious things on campus. (Including not one but two additional, separate occasions on which Latte Boy tried to flirt with the two girls from the last post and stuck his foot in his mouth.) And I think they're funny. But if I post them every couple days, y'all might get sick of them. So! Poll.

[Poll #833611]
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2005-09-22 10:40 pm

(no subject)

So for reasons that were really no reasons at all, I was looking for this Star Trek: Voy/Seaquest crossover with a Harry Kim/Lucas Wolenczak pairing (no, really). I originally read it five or six years ago on the Belynda's Slash Archive/Complete Kingdom of Slash, back before the CKoS underwent revamping and ended up a weird interface and none of the original stories reuploaded (which is now an irrelevant complaint, as CKoS is kaput). Looking for the current location of something that random is ... not easy.

But! I found it! It is here, at Emerald Night, Cinder's current location. I waybacked CKoS, tracked down the original story, found the author's name (though not the text of the story, which oddly was not waybacked), googled that, found rec lists with her then-webpage, waybacked that (no luck; it was a dencity webpage, which means wayback has nothing), gambled that her current webpage have the same keywords as the dencity webpage, googled for that, and ta-da! (That is much more linear that original, which contained a number of sidetracks that petered out in the same sets of bad links.) All this, just to prove my memory right: it's actually a triple-crossover, since Lucas has a sekrit past with Adam Pierson. (Also, it is about as ridiculous as I remember. ETA: Also, apparently, there are WIP sequels to it in which Q turns Harry and Lucas into bunnies. Um. Also, the same author has a Sentinel/SG-1 story in which Daniel is referred to as a curly-haired anthropologist, which... no.)

Also, why is Seaquest not out on DVD? The first season was fun, even if it was basically underwater TNG.
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2005-09-19 07:16 pm

(no subject)

After reading all the comments on this post by [ profile] rachelmanija, I've been thinking about cult tv that I watched as a kid. I saw a lot of these in reruns or syndication, obviously, since some of them were canceled before I was born.

Things I watched as a kid that I can't stand now:
Knight Rider. I saw ten minutes of a recent rerun. Good god is that some bad tv. On the other hand, the car is cool.

Automan. I mean, it's got some fun stuff going on, but in retrospect Automan is an ass. And where are the girls? On the other hand, the car is cool.

Things I watched as a kid that I wish were out on DVD, if only for renting:
The Fantastic Journey. Okay, see, this was like 1977, and all these people from various times got stuck in the Bermuda Triangle and had to travel from zone to zone trying to get home. And Roddy McDowall plays a bored evil 1960s scientist, and there's a sorta proto-Troi half-Atlantean half-extraterrestrial telepathic princess, and there's a Doctor from the Future who is also, natch, telepathic, and cures people with a magical tuning fork. And there are all the Standard Sci-Fi Favorites: the city of children, and the city run by women, and so on. Wheee! I remember it as being kitsch and fun and ridiculous, rather than groan-worthy. Also I wrote drawerfic for it at the age of eight.

Probe. I've talked about Probe before. It rocked, and I'm really happy that I have it on tape now. And I showed it to other people, and they liked it too, so it's obviously not just my nostalgia talking.

The Phoenix. Giggle-worthy. Wosshisname who played Absalom on X-Files played an alien with a Quest who unfortunately had a touch of amnesia. Also he was being hunted by ... some government organization. Also he got his powers from the sun. Also he made motorcycles jump police roadblocks. Whee!

Galactica: 1980. So bad. So, so bad. Bad to the gazillionth power. So ridiculous. With the time-travel and the villain trying to make the Nazis win WWII and flying motorcycles and invisble vipers and the excessively soft-focus child-genius. So bad it deserves to be immortalized on DVD and laughed at in perpetuity. It has one mildly redeemable episode: a flashback with Starbuck, who crash-landed on a planet and made friends with a Cylon.

Things I'm astonished are out on DVD:
Buck Rogers. Okay, I watched it. Even unto its second season, yea, when a character who had feathers for hair showed up. The lead actress changed hair color halfway through the show -- no big, except that it was partway through filming an episode. She's blond! She's brunette! She's blond again! Villains spontaneously come back to life! I wouldn't mind seeing bits of it again, even, if I were feeling in need of a laugh. But I had no idea that it had enough of a fan base to end up on DVD. (Plus Battlestar Galactica was way better.)

Planet of the Apes. Again, I watched it. And Roddy McDowall delivered an excellent performance. Really, though, it was h/c fic without enough of the c. I mean, Character A is kidnapped! The apes plan non-FDA approved scientific experimentation! With evil drugs! Characters B and C must save him! Next Friday, Character B will be kidnapped! And tortured to reveal the Human Conspiracy! Woe! I'm not saying it was worse than the other sf/f tv I watched (see above re: Knight Rider), but why does it get a full release on DVD when some of my favorites don't?

And of course I watched the usual suspects: Quantum Leap, the reason I kept expecting every episode of Sliders to end "oh, boy." Red Dwarf. Battlestar Galactica. The Prisoner, the show so baffling it prompted a Straight Dope answer (which is, btw, completely spoilerific, if you can spoil the end of The Prisoner). Star Trek: TOS.

I saw at least a few episodes of: The Bionic Woman -- which apparently doesn't have enough of a cult following to be out on DVD. I didn't care for it much, but I thought other people did. Lost in Space (obviously in syndication). The Incredible Hulk -- eh.

I actually never saw: the 1987 Beauty and the Beast, which I wish was out on DVD -- people tell me it was great fun.

You know, with a background that included both PotA and Battlestar Galactica, a girl could be forgiven for writing total melodrama.
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2005-03-14 12:16 pm

(no subject)

Also? The only reason I'm sad I don't have cable? Is Stargate: Atlantis. Because it looks like Stargate, but funnier! And all these authors that I find really interesting and fun to read are playing in it at once! On [ profile] sga_flashfic! And I know only what I have absorbed through fannish osmosis! (Rodney McKay: researches stuff. Zelenka: in Rodney's lab. Major something-or-other Shepppard: Ancients gene, makes machines go. Elizabeth Weir: In Charge. Teyla: superpowers. Like that.) It makes me Sad.

I would never, ever try to find it in downloadable form, because that would be Wrong, and even if I did, it wouldn't do any good because my laptop? Still broken.

Wah. I could care less about Lost (not my type of show), but I wish I could see SGA.
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2005-03-09 12:25 pm

The L-Word

[ profile] m_shell and I have been doing the tv-from-Netflix thing (fun! far, far cheaper than getting HBO and Showtime!) and recently received the first disk of The L-Word.

And. I mean, we've only watched the pilot so far but. Ugh. This has been getting rave reviews and called controversial and tons of people say they like it, but it's basically a soap opera with more sex. And lesbians.

And most of the sex we see isn't even queer! I mean, the pilot introduces us to (la la spoilers ahead la) a lesbian couple suffering bed death (that's not a stereotype or anything, nope) and a het couple with a really nice guy who have sex a couple times but then the girl is STOLEN AWAY by an EXOTIC LESBIAN. With an accent, yet. Just before her boyfriend proposes. Oh, and one can't forget Shane, the evil heart-breaking lesbian. Oh, or the way the LBD couple who want a kid try to trick a guy into making one of 'em pregnant even though neither one of 'em likes boys. Hey, that's some hot sex. Or not. A threesome with total ick. End result: more sex with boys in the pilot that sex with girls. What's up with that?

Notice that none of the lesbians who get to have sex is... a good person? (Actually, I didn't like any of 'em except one half of the couple and the straight guy, who was uber-nice, but somehow I don't think they're going to hook up. I mean, far be it from me to rule out ridiculous plot points in soaps, but that seems a bit too far.)

So, it's basically Sex and the City, except with lesbians. They sit around a table in a coffee shop and gossip a lot about who's having sex with whom. And about how you have to trim your pubic hair to have self-confidence. (As we all know, one cannot be self-confident without bodily modification.) Fun.

Actually, my personal favorite comment on it comes from this Netflix review. This fellow gave it five stars and said: "For all their brilliance, accomplishments, and fantastic careers, the characters on the show, when they aren't actually having sex, have nothing on their minds but lesbianism, the women they lust after, and their lesbian friends. Just as in real life, these lesbians run the gamut from very attractive to drop-dead gorgeous. Even the most masculinized of them are non-threatening, appealingly pouty tomboys. None of them are man-haters. If you want to see beautiful women kissing, flirting with, fantasizing about, and having sex with women (all tastefully done of course), this is the show for you."

It's like... lesbians are such a Weird Thing that surely all they do is Lesbianish. They don't ever, like, talk about politics, or about makeup (except how to use it to pick up girls), or about the World Series.

End grumpy Feminist-Queer Moment.
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2003-03-03 11:08 am

Random thoughts from the weekend

Personally, I'm sick of all this carving-of-mystic-sigils on people. Okay, I get that blood is all symbolic, and it's a sign that the ritual in question is evil and blah blah blah, plus it's an excuse to take Spike's shirt off (he's becoming like William Shatner in TOS; any excuse for toplessness happily capitalized on by writers). But it's all -- well, bloody. It's been overdone, and while I think Spike hurts pretty, I'm over it.

I think it would be much more fun to do your standard Mystic Sigils in chocolate body paint. Or even honey (which has the added benefit of being more liquid, thus allowing you to include the standard convention of "stay perfectly still"). Or watercolors or something. A nice Seurat-style set of Mystic Sigils would be tons of fun.
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2003-01-23 04:33 pm
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I adore the dS2 soundtrack. Except for "Nobody's Girl," which makes me bless computer CD players with handy "never ever play this track again" features. Strangely, though, I seem to have misplaced the dS1 soundtrack. Hey, did I maybe loan it to any of y'all?

I hadn't looked for it for a while, because I was dSed-out, but recently I addicted [ profile] m_shell, who's watching from the beginning and thinks Ray Vecchio is fabulous. She's always saying "no, look, he pretends to be such a bad ass, but for Fraser he's a marshmallow inside." Suddenly, I'm in the dS mood again. Chase scenes to Sarah McLachlan! Conversations in the closet! And with dead people! A TV show with magical realism! (At least in seasons 1+2; I don't think I'd call the anti-physicsness of season 3+4 magical realism exactly. Not that I'm badmouthing RayK. He's fab.) I couldn't wait until we got to VS to see the reactions of m_shell and my other housemate. And also because I suddenly realized I hadn't seen VS in ages.

Funnily enough, m_shell isn't sure she wants to keep watching after the second season, because I warned her than RayV is going away. I'm all "no, RayK is okay. Really." I hope t'god we don't recreate the Ray Wars in my own house. That would just be going too far.
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2002-11-27 02:03 am

More Tuesday Night TV

Buffy. I didn't want to slap anyone nearly as much.

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