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Blahblah spoilers behind the cut blah.

Um... we're not going to do a "woe, we have no Daniel" moment? We walk in from a mission all happy and yay even though one of the team is missing? And Vala's all perky? I mean, even if it's been weeks, that's totally ridic!

Dear Sam: Please describe your machines to the friendly villagers in a not-so-scary way.

I love Reynolds saying, when the village disappeared, "we have the craziest job in the world." Because, yeah. They do.

*hearts* Teal'c. He can take out whole groups of Orii fighters because he kicks of the ass.

Also, I enjoyed the Cam and Sam scenes. With Sam all fatalistic (realistic?) and Cam not willing to let go. And Sam got to be really hurt, and unconscious, and things. And she remembered Cassie! Even if neither of them thought of the fact that Cam couldn't create a distraction if the C4 was in another universe, and maybe, hey, that's why they couldn't reach the other members of the team on the radio.

And I was really happy when finally, finally Cam said "already lost ... Jackson" with that little stumble. Yes. Because you have. This isn't the whole team. And we could maybe mention it more than in one little comment.

And I was happy when Tomin finally realized that the priors were twisting the book. And when he helped Vala escape.

And Vala hugging Teal'c was fabulous. I almost wish the episode had ended there, with Vala straddling Teal'c and using his radio. (Though then I suppose we'd be worried about Carter, except we wouldn't be, for Doylist reasons, so! I say end the episode with the fabulous hug in front of the whole village whee!)

Things I want:
1) A Teal'c who is not essentially a character doing mime. I mean. Has anyone ever seen the old Burt Lancaster movie The Crimson Pirate? Because I think Teal'c is slowly becoming Burt Lancaster's mute athletic sidekick.

2) Macaroons. Hmmm. I have dried coconut.

3) An acknowledgment that Daniel isn't here and that the team isn't complete. I mean. Shouldn't there have been a line like "okay, Landry, we totally should save that village, but can someone else search for Daniel while we're gone?"

4) Hammond back. I hate Landry. I wanted to give him time to grow on me. He's had time. I still think he's an idiot -- he took Vala's word about the science being ready. Pah.

5) Tomin to not die.

6) Vala interaction with everyone! Vala and Sam! Vala and Teal'c!

7) More opportunities for Ben Browder to play Cam as stressed, as making shit up as he goes along, as pissed, or, in fact, as having emotions and character and things.

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