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What I should have done today: reading.

What I did do today: watched Doctor Who. Shared vids. Ate out-of-season strawberries. And, with [ profile] graycastle, developed a plot for an imaginary, never-to-be-written 400k story that would totally explain John Sheppard and also? Would give him two sisters ten years younger than he is, and a dad who's an itinerant tuba player in San Francisco, and a rent-controlled apartment in the Castro, and gay next-door neighbors named George and Davinia. Who John was always baking cookies with and things, and then he'd stayed up late to give them to his dad, but his dad didn't get home until four am, because: itinerant tuba player. And he would do his sister's hair in pigtails, and walk them to school, and tie his youngest sister's punky brewster shoes, and he totally didn't have friends his own age: just the leopard-print wearing Davinia next door, and his little sisters. And Davinia would come over and spike his hair up for him and be like a mom, and he called her Aunt Davinia, and now he's totally blind to Teh Gay unless it's Teh Totally Obvious Gay Wearing Leopard Print and Assless Chaps. ALSO, it was set in the mid 80s, AND fit all of the great fannish cliches in one story: we did time-travel! we did Rodney-as-John's teacher! we did John-thinks-Rodney's-stalking-him! we did narrow escapes! we did Ronon-in-the-leather-goods store! we considered amnesia!

Then, just as a coup de grace, we decided that Rodney's parents were both THERAPISTS, and that this totally explains Rodney. And they fought all the time, because dad was a Lacanian, and mom was a Jungian goddess-worshipper, and Rodney's verbal diarrhea is because they would sit him down and ask him to explain his feelings for hours, and his only defense was to talk about petty stuff. And they'd argue about his piano lessons, and what they were supposed to accomplish for his personal growth, and Rodney was all "I just like piano, dad!" Also, this is probably funny to, like, three people in the whole wide world.

In any case: this means that I still have to do all my reading by four pm tomorrow. WHATever. Davinia and the itinerant tuba player are way more fun.
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