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So I was having one of those conversations you have with fannish friends. You know. [ profile] thingswithwings was telling me a story idea, and she said, god, what am I even doing, somebody's gonna stage an intervention any day now. And I, of course, pointed out that this was Stargate: Atlantis, and that you probably couldn't get an intervention for anything less than "the story in which Rodney and John sit in the office all day without talking to each other and just do paperwork," and perhaps not even then.

So, guys, what does it take to get an intervention in SGA? How far do you have to go?

Like, imagine your fannish friend who's been with you for the last three fandoms. You even bailed out of the X-Files at the same time! It has been so wonderful and lovely. But now she's gone a little bit off the rails in this wild and crazy SGA fandom.

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Viruses fall, and all the women who are not Scully die. (I do not think there was ever an explanation as to why she didn't die, except that she is Scully. Although, considering that it's her and 3 billion men on the planet, at least 2.5 billion of whom are inclinationally straight, I don't think she ever has sex again.)

So, the men not being afflicted with the virus, they start changing into various types, presumably to distract them from the fact that every woman they've ever met has died. Some are wizards, some ogres, some vaguely ghosty undead type of creatures, and Our Own Agent Mulder is turned into a rarity, some kind of pheromone-exuding sex-magnet perma-healing wonder. (There is considerable interest in the fact that, every time he has anal sex, afterward he "regains his virginity." I think this was written before the prevalence of Minotaur's sex site.) And then, all the characters (Okay, Krycek and Skinner) start fighting over him!!

It was a very long series of stories, so long I can't remember if I ever got to the end. But... ogres! And wizards! Fighting over a sex-magnet canon character (who weeps)! It's almost as good as the mythical (never read by me) Sentinel story about evil hyperevolved overlord cats who enslave mankind!!