Apr. 1st, 2007

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So! [livejournal.com profile] graycastle and I have decided that we need to do a project. A very important project. A project that will represent the spirit and ideas of individual fandoms.

We want to find two-second clips from shows that say what those shows really mean. Ideally only one character.

This thought, see, was precipitated by me trying to explain the premise of the Sentinel, and then playing the first few minutes of the Sentinel, and then pausing it on a certain line to say "... well, actually, that kinda sums it up right there."

The line was Jim, talking to the SWAT guys at the beginning of the episode. He looked anxious and armed, and he said "Do you smell that?" That, my friend, is the Sentinel.

We decided that Fraser's first-came-to-Chicago was too obvious for due South, and [livejournal.com profile] graycastle voted for "Ray. Ray. Ray. Ray. Ray. If you don't mind." I voted for "Hi, dad. How're you?" "I'm dead, son. Other than that, do you mean?" Except it's two characters, woe.

And my Buffy choice is, of course, "All right, I get it, you're evil. Do we have to chat about it all day?"
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So! I read this essay like ten years ago, which postulated that there were "green" and "blue" fandoms. So, like, in the X-Files, the "magic" is all coded green (alien blood, hybrids, blahblah, etc). But Farscape is a blue fandom (Maya, Zhaan, Pilot). And so is Stargate (the Stargate, the Asgard, magic gun things, whatever). And that, even if the plots are compatible, green and blue code different ideas about the magic/weird, so that it's actually harder to do an X-Files/Farscape crossover than the plot would indicate and easier to do a Farscape/Stargate crossover than the plot would indicate.

And I told [livejournal.com profile] graycastle about it, and she wants to read it. Only it's totally ungoogleable -- I can't remember what fandoms were discussed, so I can't even do that. And searching for things like "green blue x-files crossover" turn up bazillions of results.

So! Obi-wan flist! Who wrote this? Where was it? Can you remember a context or a mailing list or an additional keyword or something?


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