Sep. 13th, 2007

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I should not be permitted to get together with [ profile] graycastle when I am trying to avoid work, because two things happen:

1. We invent a system of kin and gender relations for the Athosians that focuses on reproduction but still permits Teyla to be awesome and have lots of sex. (This largely involves declaring Teyla a "sworn virgin" in the Balkan sense, tacking on "on Athos" and making it a diplomatic position, declaring the Athosian hunting camps to be made up of two sodalities who are responsible collectively for all children, and then getting distracted and talking a lot about how Teyla would ask John for a child. And then about her subsequent pregnant lots-of-sex. And the fact that Jinto is totally her first son, two years after her blood. And Halling is the on-Athos kind of sworn virgin, responsible for keeping track of the brothers-of-blood (which is the only kin terminology we're using except mother: you have brothers-of-blood you can't sleep with, and your family, which you can. because we decided reproductive-obsessed people probably had incest taboos). Also, we got distracted a lot by imagining hilarious conversations between Teyla and John.)

2. We invent an Ancient device that turns ATA-having people into the opposite sex ... but they revert naturally (after at least an hour for the body to recover), but only at the point at which they are uncomfortable in their bodies. So the first few times, it's an hour even, and everybody's freaked out, but maybe the sixth or seventh time Rodney's so distracted by Science that he doesn't notice and become bothered for an hour and ten minutes, and then an hour and a half, and then he starts to get used to it... Which means slowly increasing Rodney and John's time as a girl, as they become more used to the body, but which also means that the experience of two-bodiedness (and the transition from "Lorne" to "Lorne as a girl" to "Lorne in any guise" ) will itself prevent two-bodiedness. As they become more comfortable as women, they stay women longer and longer and longer...

ALSO it means that every fannish genderswap trope would in fact be a stimulus to end the body swap: Cadman shows up with a bra? bamf! (1) goes Rodney, back to a boy; but maybe the next time he puts the bra on. Attempting to have sex? bamf! Menstrual cycle? bamf! Also, the device goes off randomly, which starts the process again. But it takes a different amount of time in every individual, depending on available caloric energy.(2) So Rodney, with his endless powerbars, is like a ten-minute-warning for the rest of the expedition. "We've been evaluating the procedbamfures for use of the ZPM, and ... *presses button for radio* attention, please, we are having another Stupid Ancient Device Episode."

Anyway, clearly hijinks ensue.

(1) We imagine this as a bit like Nightcrawler in the comics. No, you know, heading to the infirmary or anything. Just... walking along and bamf!

(2) Because Rodney as an early warning device is hilarious. Also, this permits them to sometimes change offworld. Which is also hilarious. Imagine, if you will:

Rodney off with scientist, exploring... grain bins or something. John et al doing meet-and-great. John hears Rodney's voice over the radio: "Colonel! Colonel! I need you to come here right now!" (Attempting, of course, to act as his early warning system.) John, attempting to be placating at Chief Whosits: "We come here as peaceful bamf! traders."


Also, from [ profile] rusty76, the most awesome pride parade photo ever.


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