Apr. 28th, 2010

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1. PSA: If you, too, use NoScript and had difficulty with youtube's new format, and eventually had to allow about:blank scripts to get videos to play, you might've had a NoScript-FlashBlock conflict.

How I fixed it: I went to NoScript's options -> embeddings -> and checked "apply these restrictions to whitelisted sites too." And then I disabled FlashBlock. And now I can stop allowing about:blank, which was really irritating me -- it made no SENSE.

This is what I get for not actually reading the NoScript release notes for all the upgrades!

2. Actual subject line of an email I received today: "See us soon at Whole Foods. And see BABIES." From Stonyfield Yogurt, which, how do they even have my email address?

I had this immediate double-take: see babies? I'll be so excited by the convergence of yogurt and babies that my ovaries will break? What? Then I realized that they mean the film babies. I was still weirded out, though.

3. Yesterday I posted to two whole dreamwidth communities! Okay, I might co-mod both of them, but even so I felt pretty pleased. Someday I will get over shyness! Someday!

4. I am about to buy several kinds of capris in like three different sizes with the full knowledge that I will send some back, because I am just so sick of not having any and not being able to buy any here and buying some on the internet and having them fail to fit. I will triumph over shopping!
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So I was thinking about the [community profile] kink_bingo mini-challenge for this month as I was editing the kink wiki and putting in examples. And then I thought, wow, actually, I can think of a whole bunch of characters who dressed up in fursuits orfeather-suits! I should make an iconset of them to demonstrate how prevalent it is! So then I did.

There are 32 35 icons (thanks [personal profile] sabinetzin!) of people in fur/feathersuits under the cut: Mythbusters, Life on Mars, Boston Legal, Buffy, Middleman, Gravitation, and Farscape.


furry iconset )

Aaaaand then I thought, while I'm uploading icons, I'll put up some Misc Iconage that I've done recently. This set includes Mytbusters kink icons, Doctor Who, Star Trek TOS, Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner, Rachel Maddow, Yellow Submarine, Hustle, White Coollar, Lord of the Rings (!), X-Files, Nichelle Nichols and Zoe Saldana, some stock photos of photography and tomatoes, and an educational comic from the 1950s.

I don't even know what all of these were for! )


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