Dec. 22nd, 2010

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So the AC adapter for my laptop stopped working sometime on the plane yesterday - now it just goes squeak! squeak! and doesn't charge anything.

My system is still under warranty, but it still means that rather than going out to lunch today I had to call Dell four times: once to say there was a problem and be promised a dispatch number shortly, once when I didn't get said dispatch number ("I'll phone you back in ten minutes!"), once to talk to someone in the wrong department who was all "dispatch request? what?" (thanks, phone tree), and once to talk to an amazingly efficient woman who took care of everything and kept putting me on hold for five minutes to go track down everyone who screwed up this morning. Now, perhaps as an apology, they are sending out an AC adapter and motherboard ("just in case!") with a technician who will arrive in two to three business days. Honestly I would have preferred just the AC adapter, thanks -- when it makes hideous noises when plugged into the wall regardless of whether there's a computer on the other end, I really don't think the problem is likely to be the motherboard. Though it would be hilarious if it was, in part because that would make the fifth count them fifth motherboard I've gone through in the last two years.

And people say the extended warranty isn't worth it! They clearly haven't met Dell.

ANYWAY, this means I'm tying this on the computer my parents use for TV, so the monitor is GIANT and SHINY and hard to read on and the keyboard barely works. And it's now clearly too late to go out to lunch. Maybe I'll watch some tv and do some knitting instead.


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