Sep. 23rd, 2011

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We had a bunch of peaches left over from an eight-quart container that we bought a couple of weeks ago when it was suddenly the last week for peaches. (Me: No, I'm fine, we've got other fruit now. Farmer: This is probably our last week for yellow peaches. Me: What! No! It can't be! Okay, fine, I'll take eight quarts.) They've since gone into several pies (peach and peach-blackberry) plus some extras for eating out of hand or in yogurt or whatever. But they were clearly getting a bit old, and some of the apples were wrinkly, so: peach-apple crisp. The peach-apple part is very tasty, but the crisp part is great, so I wanted to write it down so I'd have it again next time.

peach-apple crisp recipe )

Let it cool at least twenty minutes so the liquid isn't boiling anymore, and then eat topped with vanilla ice cream while watching a charming gay detective film.

Which is to say, we just watched the fourth Donald Stratchey movie ("Ice Blue") and it was charming and the characters were adorable and I loved Tim and Donald together and there were a lot of hugs. (But also some fairly standard tv-styles violence and discussion of child pornography, fyi.)


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