Oct. 28th, 2011

eruthros: A panel from a 1950s educational comic book showing a communist deflating -- I mean, blowing up, the Washington Monument (Communists!)
... because we started watching it on Netflix while [personal profile] chagrined was here, and have kept watching it because it is lolz. It's right in that space of fluctuating nostalgia-sincerity-lolz-irony that some shows manage to hit - we laugh at it and we sing along and we predict the plot twists ([personal profile] thingswithwings likes to do Thor's dialogue a beat before he does, because he is very predictable) and we say "oh, that's not a bad idea at all" and we nostalgically go "awww, look, Ultron!" and we mock Tony Stark (not a hard task) and we hash out Ant Man's backstory ("no, seriously, Pym particles and biochemical wings. He does science!") and we pause the show and complain whenever Hawkeye appears to fly and we agree that Black Panther could totally take on the rest of the Avengers no problem (except maybe the Hulk) and we cheer on Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD, and we roll around in the canon and basically have a good time.

So really, the credits sequence kind of encapsulates my whole Avengers: EMH nostalgia/lolz experience so far, so I thought I would embed it here. As you watch, imagine that you're sitting in a room with total dorks (us!) who are singing along in srs bzns rock music voices. Possibly one or more of us is headbanging, because why not.

Fight As One lyrics )

Fight As One not-at-all-neutral video description + lyrics )

So that is kind of the Avengers right there! Lolz/nostalgia/sincerity/irony/more lolz. But I do have more to say than that, so here are some more spoilery things about the Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes from about halfway through season one )

The thing is, I'm actually not very interested in the movieverse canon, or in Tony/Steve, which is the big pairing, so mostly I just plan to watch the show and do lolz and nostalgia at the moment.


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