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As part of my endless set of errands today (recapped best as: "run around a lot, take several buses") I went up to the mall to return the Lands' End boots that have been sitting in my apartment for a month, 'cause it had taken three tries to get the right size.

And I was doing pretty well, you know? I went into the mall laden down, cut through swathes of heavily-laden shoppers, returned the Lands' End stuff, had twenty minutes before my bus so took a brief break to look at the bunnies (there's a pet store in the mall, see). And then... coming out of the pet store, I saw this. For five dollars. And yes, that is what it looks like: the cover's all Sherlock Holmes with tentacles! And so, of course, you play Sherlock Holmes. And you need to stop the secret society that is trying to raise Cthulhu.

And it is like: oh my god, they took my favorite trope in the whole wide world and made a computer game! Seriously, guys, my huge weakness is Weird Lovecraft Crossovers, of which Sherlock Holmes Does Lovecraft is pretty much number one. So I was all "no, you're not shopping!" and then... well, friends, I bought it.

I'll let you know how it goes.
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