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So, [ profile] thingswithwings and I get together and watch episodes of Doctor Who together. And then we sit around on the couch bullshitting, which is how we end up with ep reviews like this one, which describes what we thought were going to be the themes of the series based on episode one. So! Now! Some more things we have noticed in random, random, random order.

Some random things we noticed about Doctor Who, mostly for our reference because otherwise we forget. (See, e.g., her post in which we forget three out of the four things we'd come up with.) This will probably not make a lot of sense to anybody else.

1. The Shadow Proclamation. The Doctor mentions it twice before this, in Rose and the Christmas Invasion. But now he's mentioned it twice in the first three episodes.

2. The weird future thing that's going on -- that the Doctor and Donna are now made into household gods in two out of three episodes.

3. The Medusa Cascade. This is something the Master mentioned at the end of the last season; the Doctor closed the rift at the Medusa Cascade. And the daughter seer person in the last episode mentioned that the Doctor's name was in the Medusa cascade, and so we Wonder about this with a capital W.

4. Bees are missing. Donna's said this twice. The Doctor doesn't know why (that's weird) -- he doesn't see the missing bees. Even though he otherwise has the time lord burden and sees everything.
4a. Some planets are missing, the ones where the Adipose are from. The Doctor didn't know that they were gone -- and that's also weird.

5. Spartacus. The Ood. There is something going on here with liberation from history, with liberation from being a "fixed point" in the Doctor's song of history. He thought of Pompeii as fixed, until he learned that he fixed it, and thinks that he can hear everything, all the time, but now he's missing things. Liberation. (Pompeii is also, of course, a parallel to the end of the first season, but this time Donna helps the Doctor press down the button that makes the choice between the world and a subset of the world. He's taking the choice on himself, making it a fixed point.)

Connect this to the discussion in this episode of the end of the Doctor's song, and the Shadow Proclamation. We think the Doctor's song is his time lord's burden, and that he hears it via the Tardis (he looks back at it when he says he has another song to follow) -- so we think that maybe the Doctor will be put on trial towards the end of this episode and lose the Tardis.

We don't yet know how this is going to connect back to what is obviously going to be a major theme of this season, queer families made to live as heterosexual families (as [ profile] thingswithwings mentioned in her post).

Also: something is on Donna's back.

Please don't spoil us; we sometimes know casting spoilers, but not, like, what's happening in the next episodes.
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