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eruthros ([personal profile] eruthros) wrote2009-01-26 08:39 am

Subject redacted

I'm going to give the context at the end of the post; wait for it.

[ profile] thingswithwings and I were watching different tv for the yuletide vid. I watched Jeremiah because I'm a B5 fan and thus pretty good at figuring out tropes in jms source, but I was having trouble finding anything we could use -- I sent a lot of hopeful email about plot developments that surely, any day now, would lead to hugging. And then! Success! About halfway through, I sent her this email:

Also, I have attached a touching scene, from when Jeremiah is captured by one of the remnants of the US government, who are like "we will take back this country from anarchy by violence! and killing people with the virus as a scare tactic!" And Devon knows how the virus works, so the evil President and General torture Jeremiah so's Devon will give in, and then Devon is like "I can't hold out! I've lost everything else!" and Jeremiah is all "we can save the world just by saying no." Also he is topless. Then they cuddle.

Here's a little clip from that scene. Watch it first.

Now, if only Devon weren't Jeremiah's FATHER, maybe we could've used the clip.

I spent WEEKS wishing that Jeremiah and his friend Kurdy (Malcolm Jamal-Warner!) would get anywhere NEAR that close to each other.

Context: a recent post on my flist about dead-sons made me think about dead-dads and the omnipresent daddy issues on television. And it reminded me of how I'd meant to share this scene with y'all omg.

I mean. As [ profile] thingswithwings said to me when I showed it to her: "Blood relationships: the last refuge of male intimacy on television.  Jesus christ.  That is so completely standing in for the repressed homoeroticism that the show wishes it could have.  If you hadn't told me it was his father, my goodness."

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