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1. You can tell I'm traveling tomorrow because, at ten am this morning, I suddenly went "omg what if I booked my ticket wrong and am flying today omg what if? I must check immediately!" And I was at a cafe, you guys, so I couldn't check, and I was quietly panicked for like an hour.

I am maybe a little bit bad at international travel these days. Maybe just a little neurotic. Maybe.

2. But at least when I was on my way back from the cafe I bought 200 crosswords on newsprint paper, making them light AND entertaining! Good for spending many days (weeks, months) away from the internet.

3. I don't want to spend many days away from the internet.

4. I have these ongoing lists: charge mp3 player! ten passport photos! photocopy visa! and so on. Blech. I had plans to go to the library this afternoon and print all thus stuff out or photocopy it, and then I realized it was closed for renovations! Woe.

5. I am downloading lots of podfic for the summer. New podfic hurrah! I have, in the past, had very strange conversations with people on planes/in airports/in foreign countries about what I'm listening to. I usually say "... audiobook collections of short stories." But sometimes I forget and say "... podfic collections of short stories." Whoops.

6. I am going to miss you guys a lot. I hope I'll be able to check my rlist sometimes. *hugs everyone who likes hugs*
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