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when google fails, ask the internet!

1. So, like nine months ago I read a blog post about kink by a person with disabilities that I completely failed to bookmark. It talked about the ways in which some folks with disabilities experience "different" and "non-normative" and thus already potentially kinky sensation, or are already in interesting and complicated relationships with pain or bondage, or any of a bunch of other stuff that means that the relationship between disability and kink isn't just that someone has to "deal with" the limitations of a disabled body, but that disability can be part of what makes some folks interested in e.g. sensation play. (Like, I certainly think about bondage differently now that I wear braces 24/7.) Did anybody else bookmark this post, or know of a good post like it?

I've seen a bunch of things that go the other way -- that talk about safety, and limitations of mobility, and how to avoid doing harm -- but not as many that talk about, like, why someone with chronic pain might find tattoos interesting.

Actually, fic that does that sort of thing would be interesting, too.

2. Does anyone have any suggestions of reading about the kink practices in specific non-Western spaces? I can't figure out how to google or library-search and get good results.

What this comes out of: if you asked me about whipping and flogging in Western kink practice, I could tell you a bunch of contexts in which it happened historically, and talk about how that relates to various flogging scenes (military discipline, religious flagellation, judicial punishment). And I could google and read all about what-whipping-means-to-me as written by various folks in the American/British/Canadian kink communites. But I don't know anything about the historical and contextual and emotional symbols of kink practice in Japan (except for that thing I read once about the history of military restraint and bondage).

3. I can't find a translation of the text on Hokusai's Dream of the Fisherman's Wife. I've found places that reference a book with a translation, but nothing on the internets.

4. So, okay, css baffles me. I am using a version of the Sunday Morning layout over at [community profile] kink_bingo, which I quite like, except for one problem: no underlined links. And no underlined links is an accessibility issue, especially since the link text color is quite similar to the main text color. And I know how to make the css underline all links, but that includes, like, the links in usernames and dates, which I find weird-looking in the style; I'll live with it if there's no way to change it, but if there's a way to specifically mark usernames as text-decoration: none and calendar dates as not links at all, that would be awesome.

5. Your favorite (intentionally or unintentionally) kinky moments in mainstream tv and film! Go!
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I'm on the css unless someone else gets to it before me. Then I shall return and read the rest of this entry. :)

P.S. Do you want entry management/interaction links (e.g. "Comment," "# Comments," "Edit Entry," etc.) underlined as well, or just links in the content of the entry itself?

Also, preferences on underline type? (solid vs. dotted vs. whatever)
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Plain underline

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.entry-content a {text-decoration: underline !important;}
.entry-content .ljuser a {text-decoration: none !important;}

Confused as to your request re: calendar links; you want these to be plain text, not inside an <a> element? Off the top of my head I don't know a way to do this with css. It might be possible but it's not the sort of thing css is supposed to do (since this would fall under structure, not style). But I could look into it if you really wanted? Anyway, with the above code, they won't be underlined, at least.
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Now I read the rest of the entry! And all I really have to add is haha, oh man, #3 again. Giving the internet one last try before potentially trying to hunt that journal down? ;D ;D Good luck! lol

I would respond to #5 but I think it'd require too much thought atm and I should really start grading math homeworks, so I'll just come back later and read what everyone else has said. :D

</spamming the heck out of you>
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Re. 5, I am rewatching White Collar 1x07 right this minute and sincerely enjoying the parts where Peter insists on being the one to cuff Neal and Neal adhering very strictly to his one minute instruction. And Elizabeth orchestrating everything is pretty hot as well.
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#1 sounded vaguely familiar, but instead of a blog post it reminded me of Bob Flanagan -- his writings & performances explore similar themes.
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not as many that talk about, like, why someone with chronic pain might find tattoos interesting.

I'm currently reading [personal profile] synecdochic's Mezzanine series, which is an SG1 AU that deals with this. In it, Cam Mitchell is female and disabled, suffers chronic pain, has lots of scarring and problems with her legs, and has tattoos that relate to her dealing with all that.

Favourite kink moment in TV/movies... if you'd asked me many years ago, I would have mentioned the moment in The Princess Bride when Westley is strapped to the torture machine and does this little whimper. Because ($DEITY help me) I used to think that was incurably hot. Now... hmmm. I've been watching too many kink vids thanks to [personal profile] thingswithwings, so I pretty much see EVERYTHING as kinky, and can't pick anything in particular. Though John Sheppard on his knees would probably have something to do with it.
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For Japanese rope bondage, maybe try Midori. Otherwise, I'm finding art more easily than text (frex, Japanese rope bondage (shibari in West/kinbaku in Japan apparently so terminology is an issue): photos by Nobuyoshi Araki and Go Mishima) and the rest of the text I'm finding (Masami Akita has written on this) is mostly in Japanese. I'll do some more poking around. Any particular practices you want info on besides bondage in Japan?
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Yeah, it's looking to be pretty difficult so far. I found the Continuum Complete International Encyclopedia of Sexuality but that might be too broad and dry. However, I did find some stuff by looking at particular countries like Japan and scrolling through the index. Frex, they have mentions of paraphilias in a bunch of countries. And the Kinsey site has more resources.

I also got to that site and had some luck just jumping around in Wikipdia and trying to get up to the broad categories like Erotic artists by nationality and Erotica writers by nationality and porn by region. There's also Sexuality in Japan (including Omorashi and other useful terms and practices. There's also a page on China.

I didn't read the pages but I did jump to some of the references, which got me into some of the academic literature (like Journal of the History of Sexuality). Finding stuff from the actual communities is going to be difficult though, what with language barriers, taboos, lack of attention or publishing, racism, etc. I''ll keep poking though.
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Yeah, I did manage to find the occasional book that might be useful and available via interlibrary loan:

Sexuality and domination : a collection of essays (

East Asian sexualities : modernity, gender and new sexual cultures (

Re-thinking sexualities in Africa (

African women's control over their sexuality in an era of AIDS (

Sexuality : an African perspective : the politics of self and cultural beliefs (

African erotica (

But a lot of these things were academic, small press, from NGOs & conferences, and such and would be difficult to get hold of since few places have them (like these: or and and

Mostly the kind of thing I could find on sexuality internationally is definitely in that outsider academic, historical, anthropological or population/public health/sociology/development vein.

Or if it's more popular stuff, it's Western-focused or conference/group websites with only event info or sketchily sourced or just sketchy. . .OMG so much crazy-making stuff, I can't even tell you.

And this is before you even get to the issue of the conception or framing of kink in other cultural contexts. . .

I asked someone who knows more on the academic front on human sexuality and she said she often relies on getting local publications and accounts from people who are from or living in the region, if at all possible.

So yeah, frustrating! Sorry for tl;dring but I am having trouble letting this go.
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#1: Could it be this?
[community profile] disability: Kink, disability, and ableism

Which leads one to Kink and disability at a SM blog.

As a person with chronic pain it makes intuitive sense to me, and I found these links quite thought-provoking at the time (and still). There is even a medical concept of irritant therapy (I think? I might have the terminology wrong), replacing one kind of pain with another, distracting the brain from what has become "normal"/baseline pain signals through things like applying other types of sensation and other types of pain.