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1. I had a dream the other night in which I won the lottery. I spent the entirety of the dream filling out forms and visiting accountants and dealing with, like, filing taxes and mutual funds. I didn't even get to spend any of it, but on the other hand it seemed so realistic and plausible that I woke up and simultaneously thought "but I don't even buy lottery tickets" and "shit, I forgot to fill out form 27-B." Let me just say, though, how bummed I am that I couldn't even buy a pony in a dream about winning the lottery.

Anyway, I blame the episode of Numb3rs with the ridiculous lottery plot.

2. Speaking of Numb3rs, now I am out of Numb3rs -- I ran out of show without noticing. And some spoilery things happened. The finale made me so sad, because David and Colby broke up! As partners! David was all "I was offered a promotion. It's in DC. I'm going to take it." And Colby's little face went *crumple* *attempt to look happy* and then he was all, "well, people were starting to talk."

Then they gave me a Nikki/Liz/Colby threesome of partnership, and a conversation where they were all "the FBI won't let us all be partners officially, it's against the rules, but we will be anyway!" And Nikki was like, "okay, but only if it's not all high fives and hugs." And then they had high fives and hugs. And that was good! But it did not placate me, because: David belongs there too! Woe.

Also some plot or something happened, but it made even less sense than usual.

3. I have learned how to hardcode subs into an avi file when I get them in srt format, which is ... not the usual direction I'm trying to go! But it's handy for making clips of things to share. If this is a thing you are also interested in, and you're on a PC, this is what I did:
    a) download and install virtual dub if you don't have it

    b) download and install vobsub if you don't have it; when you install, go into plugins and check both boxes with "virtualdub" in the name. It should be vobsub for virtualdub and textsub for virtualdub. Select the virtualdub folder when prompted.

    c) open your file in virtualdub

    d) go to video-filters, select "text sub," and then navigate to your subtitle file

    e) now if you play the video you should see subtitles on the output screen (on the right)

    f) format video for export; this means going to video -> compression -> selecting the kind of compression that works best for you (it might be 3ivx or a divx codec or whatever)

    g) file -> save as avi

    h) it'll work for a while encoding the new avi; watch the file size at the beginning of the process to make sure that you didn't accidentally use, like, vidding-compression for a standard avi file (like I did the first time, sigh, I forgot I had 3ivx set like that)

4. Oh my god you guys our upstairs neighbors have been trying to save money on trash tags by throwing "compost" in a corner of the backyard.

At first we thought it was, like, some random neighbor trying it once, or a broken trash bag, or something that was thrown over the fence, because there were candy wrappers and shit in it. So we covered it with leaves and dirt and sprinkled clover seed mix on it, because we don't have enough leaves to really compost here. But NO, because today there is MORE, plus they left out the plastic bin they use to collect their "compost." So it is clear that this is on purpose, as if they can compost by just throwing down whole tomatoes and peppers and corn cobs and the occasional candy wrappers on top of the dirt and leaving them there in a pile. Without stirring. Or adding dry leaves or yard waste. Household trash alone does not make a free-standing compost pile, upstairs neighbors. It just makes a moldy mess, ugh ugh ugh.
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