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I am rewatching the Voyager pilot, and I have an important question for you all.

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Tom Paris:

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Bratty sub
5 (20.0%)

Brattiest sub
22 (88.0%)

Seriously, he is practically shouting "top me! top me! somebody top me! look at how bratty I am!" Harry Kim: "... you know, it's not polite to just dive right into bratty sub without negotiating first." Janeway: "okay, I will give you an order, no problem." Chakotay: "how about some dirty talk? Also, I both owe you and own you." The Doctor: "I am also an authority figure, btw."

Also: I missed a lot of these guys. Janeway is awesome (and has not yet learned to put up her bun with 100 pins), Tuvok is marvelously deadpan-snarky, B'Elanna is so much fun, Tuvok and Neelix are a perfect comedy duo, Harry Kim is always getting kidnapped unless it's Paris's turn, Chakotay is great (and listen, his responses to Paris's hipster racism are brilliant), and Chakotay and Janeway respect each other.

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