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1. A rec! Vorkosigan-verse, missing scene three months, [ profile] philomytha's Aral Vorkosigan's Dog. It's set during the Barrayaran-Escobaran War, when Illyan's mission is basically to follow Vorkosigan around and watch everything he does, and it's all about how he stops being a neutral observer and how watching changes him. (Note: this story involves Ges Vorrutyer, so it includes rape and torture and the same predatory-kinky-bisexual-evil-dude thing as the book does.)

This is the kind of story where the two main characters don't sleep with each other, and I almost don't need it, because that moment when Illyan holds out his hands in silent fealty - and when he thinks of himself as Aral's loyal dog - oh geez, guys, it it amazing.

Though that doesn't mean that I would turn down an Aral/Cordelia Aral/Simon story in which Cordelia gives Simon her blessing and they all love each other fiercely. You know. If anybody has one on offer. There's [personal profile] dira's amazing Aral/Cordelia and Aral/Jole series - The World That You Need - which I love a lot and think is great and does a lot of nice poly/open relationship things. But it doesn't feature Simon.

And while I'm doing Vorkosigan recs, philomytha also wrote Dazzled, a snippet in which Duv Galeni imagines swearing a fealty oath to Aral Vorkosigan and is immensely drawn to the idea. Neo-feudalism and oaths of loyalty, guys, some fandoms just bring the gen kink and the fascinations with power dynamics. Fantasy and scifi novels that play with monarchy and patriarchy and feudalism and take them seriously, that want that system back and want to be on top of that pyramid, often make me uncomfortable. But make it a story about revolution, or a story about erotics - about the way someone can subvert that power pyramid and take power back by getting off on it in interesting ways - and I am so there.

2. While waiting nearly two hours for potatoes to bake:

eruthros: COOK, potatoes, I am hungry!
bitter_crimson: COOOOOOK
eruthros: life is hard
eruthros: so are these potatoes
eruthros: woe

3. [personal profile] anatsuno's tab-meme. Basically the rules are: tell the internet about the tabs you have open, without editing for guilty-pleasures reasons (though obv editing for RL info is fine).

I actually have a fairly small list for me right now in firefox. (I also have chrome open, but that's all RL stuff.) From left to right:

1) My DW rlist, which lives in the left-most tab.

2) google reader. Currently 149 unread items. My basic problem is, I use google reader to track everything. I use it for work stuff and kink blogs and political blogs and social justice blogs and news websites and subscribing to fic on ff.n and tracking my family's photo albums and and and. It gets pretty ridiculous.

Those two are currently my only always-open tabs; I used to have a lot more before I stuck basically everything in google reader.

3) [personal profile] rheanna's The Hard Prayer, my longest continually-open tab - it's been open since January 2009. I hear it's great. Someday I will read it. Someday. But I think I've developed a bit of a thing about it, since it's been open so long. Also since many people have read it six times by now, and, like, people have reviewed the podfic, and everyone says it's so wonderful. I think perhaps I am saving it for an extremely rainy day.

Also, perhaps someday I will use read it later instead of leaving things open in tabs forever. It could happen!

4) [personal profile] trascendenza's 水火. See above re: heard great things and someday will read it. My first, like, ten tabs demonstrate how much I haven't been feeling like reading epic, or even just long, fic lately.

5) Lois McMaster Bujold's Cryoburn. I keep reading Vorkosigan fanfic instead. Also, every time I think about reading it I have to re-readability this page, if I've closed firefox recently. The formatting is awful.

6) [personal profile] damkianna's Imagine the Ocean - Book One: Chapters 6-10. I read the first six chapters (all that there were when I first opened the story) and they were AWESOME, and I loved them SO MUCH, and I recced them to everybody and I tracked posts for the rest of the story. Since then, damkianna has finished Book One! Only now I'm not in the mood for epic fic.

7) Snakes and Lions. This is a relic of a Harry Potter phase I went through whenever it was that Deathly Hallows 1 came out; I read a bunch of Harry Potter fic, and meant to read this, and never did, and now it's sitting there taunting me with its 53 chapters.

8) [personal profile] lightgetsin and [personal profile] sahiya's A Deeper Season. Vorkosigan-verse, epic Gregor/Miles, awesome. I opened it to re-read when I was finding Cryoburn boring -- actually, reading Cryoburn in a tab did validate my theory that the only thing separating "real" canon from this canon was that I had read Civil Campaign on paper.

But then, well, novel-length fic, so here it still is.

9) [personal profile] damkianna, again, this time Flying Blossoms. Long fic again!

10) [personal profile] toft's In Search Of, her Mythbusters apocafic. Someone mentioned it a while ago and I thought, oh yes, I should like to read that again! Only: 40,000 words.

11-19) All [community profile] white_lotus lunar new year posts that I haven't yet read or commented on. I didn't read or comment in any particuar order, so I have an odd mix left. They are:
Beloved Ice, by [personal profile] recessional (Zuko/Mai/Katara)
Apex, by [personal profile] terajk (Azula)
Never Say Too Much, by [personal profile] crossedwires (Longshot, Smellerbee, Jet)
swift-flowing past and future, by [personal profile] bossymarmalade (Katara, Zuko)
Three Conversations, by [personal profile] troisroyaumes (Mai, Mai's mother, Ursa, Azula)
The Good Life, by [personal profile] such_heights (Katara/Toph)
turning, by [personal profile] heathertwig (Suki, Katara, Ty Lee, Toph)
Remnants in the Mist, by [personal profile] recessional (OCs)
People in the mirror are closer than they appear, by [personal profile] unjapanologist (Jee/Zuko)

20) philomytha's Vorkosigan-verse works on the AO3, which I opened a couple of hours ago after finishing Aral Vorkosigan's Dog.

21-22) some works opened off that page

23) [personal profile] raven's Malice Aforethought, which promises to be excellent ds9 fic.

24) my tumblr dashboard (Mostly kink tumblrs and a little bit of fannish content, which causes me to do things like misread this leash-and-handcuffs image as a still of Jesse Eisenberg, because it's right below Jesse Eisenberg in a white dress shirt on my dashboard.)

25) igoogle: mail, google reader, weather, my (fannish) calendar

As is perhaps obvious, I rearrange my tabs a lot - I move similar fandoms together, or I put all the long fic together, or whatever.

And although I don't use read it later, I do have a bookmark folder for reviews that I'm not reading right now for spoiler reasons:

a folder showing all the spoilery reviews I currently have bookmarked; mostly they are for Mad Men and Cryoburn

Yes, that's right, I still haven't seen Inception. Or this season of Mad Men.

4. I have been so fucking tired today. I don't know why. I slept plenty of hours! I went to bed at a more reasonable hour than I often do! But I just barely managed to claw my way out of bed this morning, and all day I was so tired I couldn't even focus on the laptop to watch tv. I tried sugar and protein and a walk out in the cold (to the coffee shop) and a soy latte (from the coffee shop) and nothing worked. But I was determined to send this story off for beta tonight, and I did, so there, exhaustion.
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