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Thank you for making me a vid in one of the small fandoms that we share! I want you to have fun and do festivids however you want to do it, and if that means totally ignoring this that is fine by me. I like a lot of detail when I read letters, so that's how I write mine, but please don't feel obligated to read this all or to take any of this letter as a strict guideline - I like all kinds of vids (including critiques) and I like surprises and I like these sources, so you're pretty sure to make something I'll like.

General preferences: I'm pretty open! In terms of things people often worry about in exchanges, I'm fine with any rating, with outside source, with kink, with sex, with noncon, with villainy, with comedy, with parody, with multi-vids, with gen, with slash, with femslash, with het, with canon pairings, with non-canon pairings, with critiques, with hugs, with action, with violence, and with a bunch of other things I haven't thought of. I have a particular fondness for queer themes, for TEAMS and FOUND FAMILIES, and for places and spaces being related to people and feelings, among other things, which is ... probably totally obvious from my requests.

The things I don't like list: I'm phobic about needles, so I would prefer no lingering close-ups of needle-like things penetrating flesh - probably only a concern for Sleep Dealer. I'm frustrated by celluloid closeting and by manpain narratives, though those aren't really likely in these canons!

Music: I listen to music in many genres and languages; I like vids that do cool mismatch things with music style and source, and vids that match the song and source style/time period, and vids that use cool lyrics, and vids that use cool musical tone, and vids to spoken words or sound effects or whatever, and vids to classics, and vids to songs that are vidded to death, and vids to stuff I've never heard of, and etc. For non-English media, I do have a particular fondness for vids that match the origin/language of the source and the origin/language of the song, but that's not the only thing I like, so if you don't want to work with Spanish-language music don't worry about it. Use any music you want; my suggestions (when I can think of any) are just there in case you prefer to have something to use as a starting point.

However! I'm hard of hearing in a way that makes it difficult to parse lyrics that are mumbly or obscured by the instrumentation (but I hear volume and instruments and melody just fine). I happily watch vids even when I can't hear the lyrics very well or at all, but it helps me a lot if I can read them after watching the vid for the first time. So I'd really appreciate it if you included lyrics in your post or if you offered subtitles, especially if the lyrics for your song can't be googled easily.

My requests:

1. Sleep Dealer [movie, safety]

What it is: An awesome scifi movie set in the near future in Mexico and the USA; it deals with globalization, technology, immigration, cyborgs, and story-telling. The bits where humans are connected to robots are AMAZE.

Trailer: (with no dialogue so we can't tell they're speaking Spanish, eyeroll)

Details: I think this is my favorite scifi film of the last decade, practically - it's just so smart about globalization and war and bodies and the future; I love the way it deals with a very contemporary set of scifi issues in the future it imagines. So I would love anything about the speculative fiction-ness of the future, the political ramifications of that specfic, or anything about the Luz/Rudy/Memo threesome and their relationships. Go in the direction of the political, or the character study, or the imagined-future, or the squee about the source, or whatever!

Music: I've been thinking about Mexican or Latin@-American border music, because of the way the film negotiates with borders - but other music, like political songs or songs about love or songs about water or whatever, would be fine by me.

2. Crash Pad Series [DVD, web]

What it is: Porn! Queer porn with a large, diverse, rotating cast - the basic concept is that there's an awesome crash pad that is outfitted with lube/equipment/etc for great sex; a bunch of different people have keys and meet up there or take their partners there. Some of it is available on DVD, but mostly only for purchase, not for rental; there's a membership level that includes the ability to download the episodes (USD $37/month). Also some of it is available at the dw vidding source comm.


Details: I love this series - so many sexy people and diverse bodies and excellent makeouts and porn. The series is huge, so if you want some guidelines to pare it down to a more manageable canon, I'm particularly a fan of kink - all kinds, but common kinds on Crash Pad include leather, d/s, bondage, and painplay, and they're usually flagged in episode descriptions. And some of my favorite performers are Jiz Lee, J-Bird, Lyric Seal, and Papi Coxx. I have not seen anywhere near all of the eps, so I don't know all the performers, but I'm a fan of the concept of the series overall and I won't mind at all if you cherry-pick your favorite performers or episodes, though I would appreciate it if your vid preserved the diversity that the Crash Pad cast often has.

Music: I can't think of anything to suggest, but I'd be open to any kind of music.

3. Lego Marvel Super Heroes [game]

What it is: A video game based on the Marvel universe in which all the characters are Lego; the story in it was written just for the game. It's available for a bunch of different platforms - PC, Xbox, PS3, Wii U, handheld devices, etc - and the cutscene movies will probably be up on youtube in HD within, like, six hours of the game's official release. There's a free demo of the game available from the Lego website (for PC) or from Xbox Live or the PS Network.


Details: Uh, so I actually haven't played this game yet - I won't get my copy until after signups are over. So I can't talk about the narrative of the game yet, sorry! I will come back and add some commentary here when I've played the game in case you want it. But in general I love the way that the Lego games let characters be failboats and embrace campiness and silliness - I love Lego Batman for giving Robin an Attract-O suit and I love Lego Star Wars for Darth Vader tripping on his cape. And I expect LMSH to be similar - I mean, it's going to include Squirrel Girl and Beta Ray Bill and Rhino! And since it's a game, it can include characters from all of the Marvel universe, so X-Men and Avengers and Spider-Man can all work together against Doctor Doom. I am THRILLED. I would happily watch a video about the characters being failboats, about TEAMWORK, about hilarious villainy or threatening villainy or kinda sexy villainy, about defeating Galactus, about exploding into Lego bits, or anything else! Some of my favorite characters in the game include Carol Danvers, Bruce Banner, James Rhodes, Maria Hill, Magneto, Jen Walters, Sam Wilson, Jessica Drew, and Storm, but most of them probably won't be in the cutscenes. I'm less interested in the Asgardian and Fantastic Four characters (except Doctor Doom, because he is lolz) so I wouldn't like a vid that was just about them as much, but I'm happy to see them in a team vid!

Music: Sorry, I don't have any ideas!

4. The Motorcycle Diaries [movie, safety]

What it is: A road trip movie! Except the people on the road trip are Che Guevara and Alberto Granado. Basically it's a gorgeous road and boat and pedestrian trip through South America, full of all different kinds of stops and all different kinds of people - their ultimate destination is the leper colony where they are volunteering, but along the way they dance and fall down and visit mines and deserts and Machu Picchu and meet a lot of people.

Trailer: (also in the don't-let-them-know-the-dialogue-is-Spanish school)

Details: I love the political awakening of this film, I love the friendship in it, I love the way it's all about relationships - between Ernesto and Alberto, between the two of them and the different people they meet, between different kinds of inequality. I'd love a video about Ernesto and Alberto being buddies (or about how they should make out), or about the trip itself, or about the politics, or a vid that draws out the relationship between the personal and the political in this context. I also think the movie is just plain beautiful, and I love the way the cinematography uses confined spaces and landscapes and wide-open spaces as an emotional landscape - Ernesto's swim across the river at night is so gorgeous, wow - so if you want to go more in the road-trip-and-vista direction that would be cool too!

Music: Because the narrative is interested in pan-Latin American identity, I think it would work particularly well with Spanish-language Latin American music, but that still leaves a ton of options! Maybe some neuva canción like Mercedes Sosa would be fun? Or I've been listening to Lhasa a lot lately, so she also comes to mind. But it doesn’t have to be Spanish-language - it could be to fun road trip music! Or an instrumentals! Or something else!

5. Super Mario Galaxy series [game]

What it is: A two-game series for the Wii. In terms of narrative, the games are like "find some stars! beat some bad guys! thank you Mario but your princess is in another castle!" so they aren't, like, Dragon Age plot-wise, but they do great worldbuilding (literally) and introduce a bunch of neat characters and weird worlds and are fun to play and you can tickle penguins and ride manta rays and turn into a bee. If you're interested in vidding this but don't want to deal with capturing console footage, there are a lot of HD walkthroughs on youtube, and some walkthrough creators let people use their walkthroughs in vids and things (others prevent it by putting giant watermarks on their videos).


Details: So most of the Mario game vids are for games like Super Paper Mario that actually have, like, plot? But the thing is, I adore the Super Mario Galaxy games and I think they're full of weird and interesting things that could make a great vid. A few vid ideas to help with brainstorming: I'd love a vid that took the cuteness of the source and turned it inside out and revealed the inherent weirdness or creepiness of the game ending with a new big bang and stars eating star bits and then exploding. Or the creepy existential horror that is Mario racing with or being chased by cosmic Mario. I also love the Toad Brigade a lot and would be thrilled by a Toad Brigade Helps Out and Is Scared vid. Or the weird dynamics of Bowser kidnapping Peach (again) and wanting to fight only Mario. The games also have an inflation kink that might be fun to look at - can Bowser get any bigger? Why do you feed stars starbits to make them explode? Or a vid about Mario and his relationship with various good guys like Queen Bee and Rosalina. Or Yoshi sighing about his lot in life. Or whatever! Have fun with it :)

Music: Hmmm, the classic gmv songs don't seem quite right when the bodies hitting the floor are giant mushrooms with wings. (Or maybe that makes them even better?) But really anything would work here.

6. The Runaways [movie, safety]

What it is: A movie about The Runaways, mostly focusing on Joan Jett and Cherie Currie. It focuses on their formation and early experience as a band and sexism and friendship and etc. Also, it stars Kristen Stewart as an awkward teenage Joan, and she makes out with Dakota Fanning's Cherie in a rollerskating rink. So.

Trailer: (The trailers pretend that they're the first women in rock, but the movie doesn't, thank heavens.)

Details: NGL I'm here for Kristen Stewart's Joan Jett, like, what a perfect role for her! Ahhh I can't even deal. I like Dakota Fanning as Cherie Currie, too, but not quiiiite as much because of how she isn't Kristen Stewart :) And I think the movie is often gorgeous, with its 70s look and color, all 16 mm and smokey and full of neat lighting. I would love a Joan/Cherie vid, or a Joan-on-her-own vid, or a vid about the Runaways as a group. Dancing! Leather! Roller skating rinks! Joan Jett pissing on a guitar!

Music: It's so hard to think of music for canons that are about music! There's always the canon music by the Runaways or Joan Jett, if you want to go that way. Some period music might be interesting - obviously the movie's really interested in Bowie. Or maybe something more queercore or punk, like The Butchies?

7. The Marx Brothers films [movies]

What it is: A series of comedy films starring some set of the Marx Brothers, released between 1920 and 1950. The Marx Brothers were a vaudeville team that went on to do broadway musicals and eventually films. Groucho, Chico, and Harpo all basically play the same characters in every film, and so every film contains a bunch of Groucho being deadpan and Harpo doing physical business and Chico being a (failure of a) con artist.

Instead of a trailer, have a joke about swordfish:

Details: This is my nostalgia request this year! I loved the Marx Brothers when I was a kid, and I watched all the films and read biographies and memoirs and the Groucho letters and watched basically everything I could get my hands on. Like, I dressed as Groucho for Halloween when I was ten. So I have this giant soft spot for the movies and for their jokes and their aesthetic - I love Groucho showing up at prestigious events to poke fun at them, I love Harpo pulling steaming cups of coffee out of his pockets and doing the mirror dance with Groucho, I love Chico tearing up contracts and being a failboat. Or, really, all of them being failboats. More falling down! I think there are a lot of ways to go with the canon, from slapstick-y and silly to weirdly political (wtf Duck Soup). If you want to do a single-character focused vid, I'd be thrilled by a Groucho or Harpo vid. Or Margaret Dumont! But I don't find Chico that funny by himself. (Also, there's a lot of problematic stuff in the Marx Brothers movies - comedy sexual assault and ethnic stereotypes and etc - and if you want to make a critique vid that is fine by me.)

Music: Sorry, I don't have any ideas! Songs about falling down?

8. Hanna [movie, safety]

What it is: A feel-good fairy-tale-style action film about Hanna (Saoirse Ronan), a girl who is raised in the wilderness by her father, who's training her to be an assassin. When they leave, Hanna ends up in a sort of road-trip on-the-run movie in which she has to make friends and learn about the world. Also, it's GORGEOUS. Also also, Cate Blanchett is the CIA agent who is pursing Hanna, and she's pretty great.


Details: Oh man there are so many options here! I love Hanna's FACE - Saoirse Ronan does such a great job with the role - and I love the cinematography and the framing and the friendship Hanna has with Sophie and basically everything. I would love a vid about Hanna's relationship with Sophie, or her relationship with Marissa, or both! Or a vid about Hanna learning about the world and kicking ass. Or anything else you can think of!

Music: Sorry, I don't have any ideas! But I actually didn't care much for the movie's soundtrack, which I found kind of generic; I like that style of music but felt like it wasn't well-placed in the film or like it was out of sync with the action somehow.
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