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Thank you for making me a vid in one of the small fandoms that we share! I want you to have fun and do festivids however you want to do it, and if that means totally ignoring this that is fine by me. I like a lot of detail when I read letters, so that's how I write mine, but please don't feel obligated to read this all or to take any of this letter as a strict guideline - I like all kinds of vids (including critiques) and I like surprises and I like these sources, so you're pretty sure to make something I'll like.

General preferences: I'm pretty open! In terms of things people often worry about in exchanges, I'm fine with any rating, with outside source, with kink, with sex (one of my sources is porn, so), with noncon, with villainy, with comedy, with parody, with gen, with slash, with femslash, with het, with canon pairings, with non-canon pairings, with critiques, with hugs, with action, with violence, and with a bunch of other things I haven't thought of. I have a particular fondness for queer themes, for TEAMS and FOUND FAMILIES, and for places and spaces being related to people and feelings, among other things.

The things I don't like list: I'm phobic about needles, so I would prefer no lingering close-ups of needle-like things penetrating flesh - probably only a concern for Sleep Dealer.

Music: I listen to music in many genres and languages; I like vids that do cool mismatch things with music style and source, and vids that match the song and source style/time period, and vids that use cool lyrics, and vids that use cool musical tone, and vids to spoken words or sound effects or whatever, and vids to classics, and vids to songs that are vidded to death, and vids to stuff I've never heard of, and etc. For non-English media, I have a particular fondness for vids that match the origin/language of the source and the origin/language of the song, but that's not the only thing I like, so if you don't want to work with Spanish-language music don't worry about it. Basically: use any music you want; my suggestions (when I can think of any) are just there in case you prefer to have something to use as a starting point.

However! I'm hard of hearing in a way that makes it difficult to parse lyrics that are mumbly or obscured by the instrumentation (but I hear volume and instruments and melody just fine). I happily watch vids even when I can't hear the lyrics very well or at all, but it helps me a lot if I can read them after watching the vid for the first time. So I'd really appreciate it if you included lyrics in your post or if you offered subtitles, especially if the lyrics for your song can't be googled easily.

1. Sleep Dealer [movie, safety]

What it is: An awesome scifi movie set in the near future in Mexico and the USA; it deals with globalization, technology, immigration, cyborgs, and story-telling. The cyborg stuff is AMAZING. Content notes: war, violence, systemic violence of capitalism.

Trailer: (I finally found one with some dialogue!)

Details: Sleep Dealer is one of my favorite scifi films of the last decade – it's just so smart about globalization and war and bodies and the future. I would love a vid that revolved around the Memo/Luz/Rudy relationship, whether as an OT3 who go off to become revolutionaries, or as a complicated set of relationships and power structures. I'd also love a vid about the world of Sleep Dealer – the politics and the systems of oppression and the cyborg technology, the impenetrable borders of nations and the penetrable skins of people. Or whatever!

Music: I tend to think about border music when I think about Sleep Dealer, but I don't have any particular songs in mind, sorry!

2. Mighty Avengers/Captain America and the Mighty Avengers (Ewing) [Still Image]

What it is: Mighty Avengers was a Marvel Now title, written by Al Ewing, that ran for 14 issues; as of issue 15, with Sam Wilson's promotion to Captain America (eeeeee) it's going to be called Captain America and the Mighty Avengers. The team started out as a bunch of folks who were still on Earth when the Avengers went out to space for some big boring crossover event – so they're a mix of retired super heroes, street-level team folks, etc. The team is almost entirely people of color: Luke Cage, Victor Alvarez, Ava Ayala, Adam Brashear, [spoiler] undercover as the Splendiferous Spider Hero, Sam Wilson, and Monica Rambeau. (The other team members are Jen Walters and SpOck. If SpOck ever counts as a team member.)

panel from Mighty Avengers v 2
[Image: A panel from Mighty Avengers. Shuma-Gorath, a tentacle monster, is being all menacing.
Shuma: Stronger every moment when I become real I will devour the husks of your dead dreams
SpOck: Charming.
Adam Brashear: Monica? I'm going to try to broadcast some more light energy to you – give you a boost.
Monica Rambeau: Much appreciated, Marvel.
Adam: Adam. It's Adam.
Luke Cage: Listen, Vic – you have done this before, right?
Victor Alvarez: Once. It was kind of unfocused, though – I mean, I never channeled it or anything, I just –

The Splendiferous Spider Hero is standing behind Victor, one hand on Victor's shoulder; Ava Ayala is crouched in front of them, ready to jump.
Splendiferous etc: Deep breaths. Clear your mind.
Victor: Man, I hope this works –
Ava: Relax, Power Man. I'm the one with the hard job.
Splendiferous etc: Clear your mind. Now. Focus on home. On your family. The building you live in. Every brick, every stone. Every memory. Move out from there. Streets and landmarks. King Street, Sedgwick Avenue, Zuccotti Park. People and history. New York City. It all has chi. It all has power. Now, offer that power. To the god inside her.

Lights and sparkles surround Ava; her speech bubbles go orange and green.
Ava: Hrrrr… Little. Thing.
Shuma-Gorath: I – I am Shuman-Gorath. Shuma-Gorath!
Ava: When humanity looked into the night, my eyes looked back. When they learned to fear darkness, it was me they feared. When they learned to fight for their lives and their loves and their children – I was the first enemy. Lay your claim to a thousand thousand worlds – THIS ONE IS MINE.

Details: I love Al Ewing's Mighty Avengers so much that I almost sort of maybe don't even care that a bunch of the art is by Greg Land. Things I love: street-level superhero teams that sort of coincidentally involve some of the most powerful people in the Marvel universe; mooks who want to know If they have a case for wrongful dismissal; [spoiler] undercover as The Splendiferous Spider Hero (no hyphen); puns; TEAMS; teams that disagree about process and goals; Sam perched on a fence like creepy bird Batman; everyone trying to text a magic user; Victor needing to study the history of New York to make his powers stronger; Ava kicking the White Tiger's ass; Luke and Jessica having to get a baby-sitter before taking on a villain. The thing that really sold me on the series early on, though, was Luke Cage on the ground and the old woman who throws a brick at Proxima Midnight - that is like my favorite theme in superhero comics. (If you want to use panels from any of the crossover events, that is fine with me, but please don't think you have to just because Mighty Avengers was in them – I'm happy with Mighty Avengers itself!)

Music: Anything! Songs about hugs and teams and standing up together and basically anything.

3. Crash Pad series [DVD, web]

What it is: Porn! Queer porn with a large, diverse, rotating cast - the basic concept is that there's an awesome crash pad that is outfitted with lube/equipment/etc for great sex; a bunch of different people have keys and meet up there or take their partners there. Some of it is available on DVD, but mostly only for purchase, not for rental; there's a membership level that includes the ability to download the episodes (USD $37/month). Also some of it is available at the dw vidding source comm.


Details: I love this series - so many sexy people and diverse bodies and excellent makeouts and exploration and porn. The series is huge, so if you want some guidelines to pare it down to a more manageable canon, I'm particularly a fan of kink - all kinds, but common kinds on Crash Pad include leather, d/s, bondage, consensual nonconsent, and painplay, and they're usually flagged in episode descriptions. Off the top of my head, some of my favorite performers are Jiz Lee, J-Bird, Lyric Seal, Indigo, and Papi Coxx. I have not seen anywhere near all of the eps, so I don't know all the performers, but I'm a fan of the concept of the series overall and I won't mind at all if you cherry-pick your favorite performers or episodes, though I would appreciate it if your vid preserved the diversity that the Crash Pad cast often has.

Music: Anything?

4. Black Panther [Still Image]

What it is: A long running (sorry!) set of comic books that feature the Black Panther, T'Challa, a superhero from a fictional African nation called Wakanda. He's a genius, a skilled fighter (in the jumpy acrobatic superhero school), a king, a spiritual leader, a scientist, an Avenger, a bazillionaire due to Wakanda's vibranium resources, and basically an all around amaze superhero. (For background, [ profile] tchallainthebathtub did a great T'Challa intro post with panels.)

A panel from Black Panther #5
[Image: A panel from Black Panther #5. T’Challa is riding a hover-scooter-thing; the Black Knight is attached to the scooter by a rope and is being pulled through the air.
T'Challa: You said your success was because god was on your side. Now that you’re losing, has god abandoned you?
Augustine: Blasphemer!
T'Challa: It was just a philosophical question.]

Details: AAAAAHHHHH T'CHALLA IS GOING TO BE IN THE MCU AAAAAAAH. Okay. Sorry. So. Here's the thing: there is a ton of Black Panther, it's contradictory, people write him in all different ways, it's a mess. I love T'Challa so much, though, even when he's being written as a dick, that I don't even care. I would love a vid about basically any arc in basically any volume. I would love a vid about T'Challa pwning other Avengers, about T'Challa pwning everyone, about T'Challa in Hell's Kitchen (T'Challa/Daredevil query?), about T'Challa and Namor's creepy hatesex thing (though maybe that would involve leaving out the recent spoiler because spoiler is not sexy), about Wakanda (and reactions to imperialism, and monarchy, and being awesome, whatever), about T'Challa/Ororo (though I hate the parts of that arc where Ororo has to be less awesome so that T'Challa can be more awesome than she is because hello Ororo), about Shuri (<3<3 Shuri I wish your leadership didn't have to be undermined), about T'Challa talking to his ancestors, about What Happens When You Invade Wakanda (spoilers: it does not end well for you). In terms of the canon, I was thinking of this as 616 Black Panther titles only, just because otherwise it is a huge canon, but if you want to pull from other comics / other media / other universes that is fine by me; if you want to narrow your canon down to a mini or a single volume that's fine by me too.

I have one specific request for Black Panther, though, which is: that panel that goes around tumblr all the time, from AvX #7, where T'Challa slaps Tony? To me Tony reads as suicidal at that point, so I don't see it as a crowning moment of awesome for T'Challa, and every time someone reposts it that way it grates more. I don't mind if it's in the vid, but please don't use it as the number one most awesome thing T'Challa has ever done, because he has done some awesome things.

Music: Wakanda is kind of a mess in terms of its location - way to keep moving it around the continent, Marvel - so if you wanted to do African music you could probably do any kind of northeastern / eastern African music? Kenyan/Somali/etc. But really any region/genre of music is fine with me - pop and rock and hip-hop and etc from anywhere.

5. The Motorcycle Diaries [movie, safety]

What it is: A road trip movie! Except the people on the road trip are Che Guevara and Alberto Granado. Basically it's a gorgeous road and boat and pedestrian trip through South America, full of all different kinds of stops and all different kinds of people - their ultimate destination is the leper colony where they are volunteering, but along the way they dance and fall down and visit mines and deserts and Machu Picchu and meet a lot of people. Content notes: poverty, systemic violence of capitalism, racism.

Trailer: (in the don't-let-them-know-the-dialogue-is-Spanish school)

Details: I love the political awakening of this film, I love the friendship in it, I love the way it's all about relationships - between Ernesto and Alberto, between the two of them and the different people they meet, between different kinds of inequality. I'd love a video about Ernesto and Alberto being buddies (or about how they should make out), or about the trip itself, or about the politics, or a vid that draws out the relationship between the personal and the political in this context. I also think the movie is just plain beautiful, and I love the way the cinematography uses confined spaces and landscapes and wide-open spaces as an emotional landscape - Ernesto's swim across the river at night is so gorgeous, wow - so if you want to go more in the road-trip-and-vista direction that would be cool too!

Music: Because the narrative is interested in pan-Latin American identity, I think it would work particularly well with Spanish-language Latin American music, but that still leaves a ton of options! Maybe some neuva canción like Mercedes Sosa would be fun? Or I've been listening to Lhasa a lot lately, so she also comes to mind. But it doesn’t have to be Spanish-language - it could be to fun road trip music! Or an instrumentals! Or something else!

6. Brother to Brother [movie, safety]

What it is: A 2004 queer indie film about Perry (Anthony Mackie), a black gay art student who just wants some intersectionality in his classes. He meets Bruce Nugent (Roger Robinson), a gay writer and painter in the Harlem Renaissance, and they talk about history and the present. Also Lawrence Gilliard Jr plays Perry's friend Marcus. Also, Anthony Mackie has a shower scene in a bathhouse, because the film is set in the early 80s (probably). Content notes: racism, gay bashing (from strangers and family), character death.


Details: I love this movie! To me, it's about queer legacies and about queering history: the way Perry finds himself in James Baldwin, in the beginning of the film, and Bruce Nugent and Bruce's friends towards the end of the film. I feel like the movie rejects the progressivist narrative at the center of a lot of gay histories – it doesn't get better – or at the very least just doesn't give any fucks about that narrative. Instead it's queer nostalgia, queer familiarity, queer stories that Bruce and Perry tell each other and write down. There's this moment in the film where one of Bruce's contemporaries steals his writing, and Bruce refuses to be bothered, rejects the ownership of ideas and the idea that his story is different from Wallace Thurman's – he is more interested in commonalities than in keeping his stories as singular possessions, and I feel like that is sort of a theme of the film, finding resonances in other people's queer stories. ALSO okay I am only human and Anthony Mackie is topless a LOT and Bruce and Wallace have makeouts and all of that is wonderful.

Music: I think some of the contemporary queer music – of Perry's time or of Bruce's – would be lovely! Queer Music History did a playlist of queer blues 1920-1970 plus a bunch of other specific artist shows like this Gladys Bently show and if you're interested in that I would love it to pieces. But as always basically any music would be great!

7. Daughters of the Dragon [still image]

What it is: A terrific superhero duo! The Daughters of the Dragon are Misty Knight and Colleen Wing; they're both martial artists, and Misty has a bionic arm (reasons) and Colleen has enhanced strength and a sword. They are a street-level team, working as private detectives together, solving problems, fighting bad guys, supporting each other, being awesome. (I nominated this as the team rather than as the title because, confusingly, only one of their titles was called Daughters of the Dragon.)

A panel from Deadly Hands of Kung Fu
[Image: A panel from Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #32. Misty Knight and Colleen Wing are face to face; Colleen is crying, and Misty’s hand is on Colleen’s cheek.
Misty: Hey, Colleen — hey. There’s no need to cry! It’s all over, baby, all over, an’ we won.
Colleen: I … know. It’s just that — everything that happened — to us … to you … I feel … I … oh, Hell, Misty — you know…
Misty: Yeah. I do know. I feel the same way. And I thank you for it.]

Details: I ship Misty/Colleen so hard. I love their power and their skills and their interest in helping people. I love Misty and Colleen back to back in an alley, trusting each other, and I love when they're suspicious of each other, and above all I love them roller-skating with Dazzler. There are a lot of their individual plot elements that I eyeroll at – like when Colleen gets forcefully addicted to heroin – but then they show me Misty rescuing Colleen and I do not even care about anything else. I find Danny Rand boring and don't care at all about Misty and Danny's canon relationship, but I love the Heroes for Hire cases and the team hugs!

Music: Sorry, I can't think of anything! But in universe I would totally vid them to Dazzler :)

8. Cloudburst [movie, safety]

What it is: A film about Stella (Olympia Dukakis) and Dotty (Brenda Fricker), a lesbian couple who have been together for thirty years; Dotty's family puts her in a nursing home (for her "safety"), and Stella breaks her out and they drive for Canada to get married and get legal protections. Also, along the way, they pick up a young hitchhiking hustler, because of course they do. Content notes: ableism, character death.


Details: I love Stella and Dotty's road trip together, I love their joy and happiness, I love their sense of humor, I love their cranky fights and bitterness. I love Stella's foul mouth and Dotty's smiles. If I could, I'd totally change the end of the movie though – I wish it had been a comedy-drama all the way through and hadn't tried to do queer tragedy at the end. I would love a vid about Stella and Dotty's love, about the way Stella is not going to tone herself down to fit in, about holding hands and driving to Nova Scotia and saying fuck you to the world.

Music: No ideas, sorry!
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