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We've got really loud rain at the moment. Actually, I'd probably call it ... hail. The weather pages all say it's going to rain and rain some more, and none of them think it's hailing, but really, not so much.

Also, I share this SF Chron Culture Blog post about X3, largely because I am squeeful about the inclusion of Angel. And because he's staring out at Coit Tower!

Also, I have decided I need companion Sexier in Glasses icons. A whole fleet of 'em. Daniel (SG-1), Blair (The Sentinel), RayK (due South), Robert Sean Leonard (okay, tell me he wasn't way cuter than he's ever been before in those House press party pictures), and... probably other people as well. That I can't think of right now.

There should be an SGA icon, too, but who is there to icon? Zelenka, I suppose, but he wears his glasses all the time. I tell you, if John Sheppard ever wore glasses, I would be a happy girl. Because the writers are clearly trying to make him appeal to everyone, and he would appeal to me way more in glasses. Possibly with, you know, a grad degree in applied math, and a secret fascination with ... really, any given interesting speculative fiction author. Wouldn't it be faaaabulous if he really just totally dug Ursula K. LeGuin? Or Philip K. Dick? Or had a whole crate of Marvel comics as a kid and was really pissed that his dad threw them away? And then had long conversations about whether the Matrix really was cyberpunk with Rodney? But I get this feeling that the writers are just going to keep going in the direction of "but doesn't he bruise so pretty?" and "notice his gun! and his stride!" and "he loves his people and his city!" and blahblah whatever.


May. 25th, 2005 01:09 pm
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Tonight we have to go pick up the CSA and see Girlyman at the World Cafe. In a perfect world, these two things would fit together perfectly; from where I'm sitting, though, it looks like they're going to be two separate trips.

On the other hand, the CSA will have rhubarb this week, and we have organic concentrated orange juice, which means I can make the rhubarb pie I love. Basically no added sugar, just the juice, and it comes out thick and pink and so tart you practically have to eat it with ice cream, unless you're having it for breakfast. Mmmmmm.

We still haven't eaten all the greens from last week, either. We have a whole bag of bitter greens left, despite best efforts AND the baking of a quiche. (As we get more interesting food, my lj gets foodier.)

Also, we have here my contribution to the Glorious 25th of May iconage. I can read the text on [ profile] m_shell's laptop, but it may not be as readable on macs -- let me know so I can fiddle. (If you want it, you can take it, but please credit.)

The icon is currently reminding me that by the first weekend of June I'll be reading Thud. Wheeeeee!
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I'm sure y'all have seen Sorry, Everybody, an absolutely brilliant idea for personalizing the giant numbers from the last election. It's just pictures of normal people with signs that say "sorry." (This website started out with one picture, just one, and then got endless submissions and 50 million hits in the last two weeks, and you just picture the folks who started it scrambling for the resources for that website, you know?)

And Sorry, Everybody accepts picture submissions from around the world of people accepting apologies, but some folks decided that wasn't enough: Apologies Accepted, full of pictures from Netherlands and Malaysia of people who say "it's okay." The only problem is that, unlike Sorry, Everybody, they don't seem to screen the pictures, so there's a lot of little jpg notes that lack people in them, and I think the people are the most interesting part. Also, it means that there's an occasional "yah, those Kerry-voting bastards should be sorry because they want the terrorists to win" or whatever.

N.B.: There's also a hell of a mess of a site at )

Also, I want this: Buffalo LinkStation. Wantwant. I mean, external hard drives are neat. Networked external hard drives that are also printer servers? Mmmmmm.

Also, my new favorite "hey, random!" icon, from the user-interests icon meme, by [ profile] miggy. Because llamas!
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Sorta GIPy, I guess. Best quality image I could find, unfortunately.

Austin James (of Probe, a 1980s show which lasted a total of seven hours) is totally the proto-Mulder. He's "slightly schizophrenic." He doesn't care if he asks people horrible questions as long as he gets the truth. He doesn't sleep in a bed. He has no social skills. He doesn't trust anyone. He has an eidetic memory. He believes he's always right. And he gets to deadpan dialogue like "do I believe it's a energy manifestation from another plane?" He picks locks. He loses cars. His sidekick says things like "why won't you give up?" and he says "because I'm right." Also, look at that leaning in an office chair in the icon. I think my point's been made.

When he explains why he's doing what he's doing he says things like "Nobody knows. But the answers are here. In this room. And I'm going to find them. That's what kind of place this is. It's the universe! It's everything." And he explains how a pilot's plane crashed, but the skull showed that he was killed with an icepick before the crash, but no-one saw anyone else on the plane, and anyway if someone else was there they would have died in the crash. And then goes on to say that it's a mystery, and he's going to solve it completely. So, yes. Proto-Mulder.

The first episode even involves a computer gone mad and killing people. Elevators are involved, and talking to the computer, and the computer kills its creator, and didn't I see that on the first season of the X-Files?

Anyway, in looking for pictures from the show I found some fanfiction. Some of it by people who also see the Probe and XF connection... only they do it with crossovers.

Angela W. wrote XF/Probe and LG/Probe crossovers: Access Denied and Three for Texas. Het warning. MARRIAGE het. MSR and marriage, even. Oy.

Vesper also wrote an LG/Probe crossover. Until It's Gone. Apparently the idea of getting Byers and Austin James to work together is irrestistable to certain people. Also het.

And a Probe songvid. No, really. I haven't watched it yet. The idea's almost too disturbing. *g*


Jan. 16th, 2004 04:07 pm
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So it was down to something really freezing last night with the windchill and all. And you'd think that'd be a stumper for me, as a native Northern Californian, but really I don't have difficulty dealing with the cold. It's different, sure, but I'm not sitting there going "this is so wrong and I don't know how to deal! Ahhhh!" or anything. I mean, I already know the principles of dressing for the cold. No problem. I expected the cold to be an issue, but really, it's no big. I walked out and did shopping a while ago and was totally fine. In fact, I thought I'd somehow managed to hit the warm part of the day until I realized that there were ice crystals at the tip of my ponytail where my hair was still a little damp.

But the snow -- that is a stumper. I know how to deal with things that are wet and cold; it rains a lot in California. Wool, check. Wicking fibers, check. Waterproof over the top, check. But it sticks on the ground! It's white! You can't see a damn thing when it's coming down. People drive like maniacs. It ices over. It sticks to your clothes. It's just too weird. So that's gonna take some getting used to.

Do you ever get really grateful to finally see the 63/63 or 87/87 post of a long WIP? Not because you like the story and now there'll be a fun conclusion but because it's finally over and won't be spamming your inbox any more? And people won't be talking about it and quoting the whole damn post to say "wow!!!!! this is getting so good!!!"? I mean, sure, you can filter stuff straight to trash based on the story name, but not if you're on digest, and you still won't catch everything. That's why I left DIEF and DSX back in the day. Occasionally something good came through, but it was swamped by these ten or so teenage girls posting Fraser/Thatcher, and each of them would post six or seven times a day, and then when they finally got to part 87/87 and you breathed a sigh of relief there'd be a SEQUEL. Christ almighty.

This message brought to you by Some Harry Potter List, I Didn't Check Which.

Also, GIP. I haven't decided if I like this icon best, or if I prefer a different one, or what. The background's a double-hard mix; a single comes out a kinda silly purple. I also played with desaturating the background, no hard mix, and stuff like that... but I still don't know how I feel about it. Except that Zoe has two guns. Two. I'm doing a theme. *g*

Now I just need to track me down a OaT screencap from the ep "Drive, She Said." You know. The one where Mac and Vic and Dobrinsky all pull new guns on each other every ten seconds? But I can only find screencaps for the first three episodes, so I may have to settle for just a boring ol' John Woo two-guns moment.

On the other hand, during the search I found Vic/Mac/Dobrinsky kink!fic set during same episode. The concept appears to be that during all the fighting padded handcuffs get involved. Pretty unlikely, but that unlikeness is so trumped by the fact that Dobrinksy's involved that I'm just gonna ignore it. Because Dobrinsky? Dobrinksy? *mind boggles*
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the 50 states travel meme )

Also, GIP. Because Gillian Anderson is sexy. Well, she WAS sexy, anyway. These days, her look is somewhere between Madonna and Britney Spears. Bleached hair. Ewwww!
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Also a GIP. Anyone who knows me even a little understands why I made an icon of that clip. Because Wesley has two guns. Two. At once. And he's kicking ass. *clears throat* A-hem. Anyway.

I've been playing around with Photoshop 7 all day. I've used Photoshop before, but every release is new and different -- gotta say, the history window makes me a happy person. And it's so easy to change the opacity of a layer, which was a pain in the ass before. Oooh, and the pop-up menu for filters makes it a whole bunch easier to run through them. So, in short, [ profile] eruthros=happy. (Now if I could only work out how to do animation in image ready...)

Only here's the thing. This icon doesn't really look much like Wesley. I know it's Wesley. It is, in fact, the only screenshot I could find of this bit of Lineage. The original looks a lot like "black":

I think I did a pretty good job finding a face in that image, let alone finding two guns. And getting his coat somewhere near brown, and his shirt somewhere near red. But the shadow over his face still annoys me -- if I could get rid of that it would look a lot more like Wes. But I can't -- when I lighten or color-shift the shadows, even if I just select that area, the whole image gets streaky. Any suggestions?

ETA: Hmmm. Are these any better? I did some shadow/highlight and histogram manipulation, and his face seems less orange at least. I need to remember to look at this again when it's not 1 am.

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Not so G-yIP. Battlestar Galactica was the first television I was ever fannish about. I knew the canon, I loved the characters ... and I wrote my very first fanfiction.

So my first fanfiction was written before I knew fanfiction or fandom existed. It was a godawful 127K-word epic drawer-fic AU. Lots of names with apostrophes, noble sacrifices, honorable enemies, complicated schemes, and exclamation marks. Starbuck's colony was still destroyed by Cylons when he was a child, but he was never rescued by Colonial warriors. He hooked up with pirates and smugglers, instead, and kind of turned into ... Han Solo with an M.D-Ph.D. (I would feel shame, but I was eight.) Dialogue like this:
"You know that my people could kill you," said Jeneko. "I could be tricking you. Starbuck could be fine."
"I don’t care. I need to make sure that Starbuck will live. This is all my fault." Apollo rushed to his shuttle.

"What the hell are you doing here, Apollo?" Starbuck asked. His breath hissed, and his breathing was labored. "You can be such an idiot sometimes. You know what they can and probably will do to you. What are you doing here? You promised to stay safe. ... Just make sure that you leave here alive. I don’t care, you can use me as a scapegoat. Use me as a hostage! I don’t care! Just get the hell out of here, safe and preferably alive! Go back to your friendly Colonial warriors and Serina and live happily ever after!"
That there is damn bad writing. But at least I got my melodrama from a very good source: this was the show where Apollo confronted Satan because Satan was trying to take over the fleet (so not kidding). And then Satan killed Apollo (still not kidding). Apollo gets picked up by a deus ex machina (and I mean that literally, and I'm still not kidding). And then Starbuck gets picked up by same, sees Apollo lying dead on a bier, and immediately goes into a whole "I'll give you anything you want, just bring him back." I haven't seen the episode in ages, but I think he may even fall to his knees in front of the angels. And Apollo, naturally, is resuscitated and, naturally, remembers nothing. See? The melodrama is definitely canon.

And I wrote slash-without-the-sex, because I couldn't imagine Starbuck and Apollo not wanting to live together. There was a lot of "I'd give my life for him." I had a whole chapter where Starbuck worrying that Apollo's father wouldn't like him.

Oddly, when I wrote in my second fandom, I wrote Mary Sues up the wazoo. Star Wars was the first fandom in which I discovered that other people wrote fanfiction, and the first fandom where I read other people's fanfiction, and instead of writing proto-slash, I wrote unforgivable Mary Sues. I don't know what this says about what I first got out of fandom, but it can't be good. *g*


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