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If I don't post things, then they just build up and build up in semagic until it seems insurmountable. Today I have decided to say "fuck that" to that problem, so here are ... a bunch of misc and unrelated things, some of which have been in semagic for months.

1. We made lots of awesome food for American Thanksgiving which was like three weeks ago now, but this text has been sitting here for most of those weeks so I'm posting it anyway. I might forget how to make these tasty brussels sprouts by next fall! More details about the recipes under the cut to spare you guys )

2. I'm currently going to PT threeish days a week for hand and wrist and knee and ankle and etc joint pain, and I still have partly immobilized hands. It makes me cranky and anxious, especially because nobody seems to know what's wrong, and why this problem is worse than the previous ones. Blather about doctors )

3. Some things I forgot about when I was doing yuletide nominations, so now I'm putting them here for next year )

3a. It is a sad state of affairs when your yuletide story notes are long enough to be posted to the archive. *pokes at file* Now, if only I had a story...

4. Some random things I have learned from kink_bingo )

4a. This isn't a random thing that I learned from [community profile] kink_bingo, it's a true story from planning last year that I've always meant to post so I won't someday forget it )

5. I want a firefox extension, and I can't find it! Here's what bugs me )

THERE. Now I have a completely blank update field. And I'll add some stuff from today to make sure it stays that way:

6. This Penny Arcade strip pretty much explains the way I feel when people say things like "you're just watching it to hate it."

7. Oh my god, lj, seriously? You're seriously going to make gender a mandatory field and make male and female the only options within that field? Seriously? I just. Fuck that shit. I can't put words to my RAGE.
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For my own reference, or yours if you have a waffle maker, a great waffle recipe that is nutritious AND tasty:

mmm waffle )

I had them with yogurt and raspberry sauce, made with frozen raspberries. Which I have leftovers of, clearly requiring me to purchase vanilla ice cream.

raspberry sauce )


Nov. 28th, 2008 09:05 pm
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Operation Cranberry Sauce* On Cheese Taste Test Commences:

Option A: Cranberry sauce on mediocre brie. (Co-op, please to be buying better brie.)
Option B: Cranberry sauce on amazing local raw sharp cheddar.

Bite from A. Result: Mmmmmm
Bite from B. Result: MMMMMM
Bite from A. Result: MMMMMMMMMMMM

Conclusion: cranberry sauce makes everything tastier, even mediocre brie. Best cheese-toast EVER.


* I make cranberry sauce with only fruit sugar. Basically, eight ounces of fresh cranberries, 3/4 of a small container of concentrated orange juice, simmer, eat. It is very tart and very tasty.
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1. Whole wheat bread, toasted.
2. Brie, ripe. 1
3. Heaping spoonfuls of Frog Hollow Farm's amazing nectarine conserve, which really is like eating nectarines out of a jar. 2

Layer brie and conserve on bread.


This has been an excellent food weekend, actually, because yesterday I made an omlette that flipped just right, and the new coffee roast I picked out at my co-op because they were out of my usual turned out to be quite good for stovetop espresso. Also, Friday night, I made a ridiculous quantity of potato-leek soup and also some tofu-with-kale, both local and seasonal even out of the nearly-frozen ground here. So now I have dinner for a week! \o/


1) Or, if you live in the Bay Area or have more disposable income than I do (the shipping is priiiicey), one of Cowgirl Creamery's aged soft cheeses. Mmm.
2) My sister bought me a Frog Hollow gift pack for Christmas. I have only eaten some of the nectarine conserve with a spoon. I'm declaring that a win. Anyway, I cannot use the word "amazing" enough for this conserve, which is lovely on vanilla ice cream and on bread and, clearly, on brie. YUM.
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I ask google for an answer to this question all the time, but google is untrustworthy, so.

What is your favorite brownie recipe? My ideal brownie is fudgey, not cakey, and very chocolatey. It can have nuts, chocolate chips, butterscotch chips, whatever, I'm good as long as it's basically a fudgey, chocolately brownie. But my success rate in finding a recipe for same is pathetic; many of them come out dry, or cakey, or dry AND cakey, or aren't chocolatey enough. Thus, I ask you! Because you are awesome.

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I shall coin a new saying: my eyes are bigger than my biceps.

Then I shall chant it to myself when I'm shopping on foot.

There's the trick where you only take a basket, but that doesn't really work; then you undershoot, because you can carry more on your back than dangling from one hand by two wire handles. And I was taking the bus, so I only had to walk two blocks at time on either end, so I could carry a lot more than if I was walking.

And yet! And yet. I nearly collapsed when I picked up my canvas bags after checkout.

It wasn't all my fault! I was shopping for heavy things to start with, like soy milk and chicken broth, and then the shop only had huge sizes of many things. Like, I only wanted a few carrots, but it was five pounds or nothing. Pah.


Today, on Grossest Food Stuff Ever: this menu item from Google's cafeteria.

An awesome recipe for next fall: pumpkin pickles. From the excellent Syllabub: Words on Food blog.

Also, Chockylit's moved her cupcake blog and did a cupcake round up of about sixty cupcake recipes from readers. [ profile] m_shell and I made some of her cupcakes with lemon curd once and got nothing but compliments; I doubt that all of the submitted recipes are quite that good, but down along the left-hand side of the page are links to her cupcakes by category. She's got a pomegranate grapefruit cupcake, and a thai iced tea cupcake, and a chocolate bread pudding cupcake with toasted walnuts, toffee, and cream: I'm gonna have to make some of those for a potluck soon. Mmmm.
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1. Cooked! A lot. I made apple-pear crostada and cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie and mashed yam with oranges and rum and pecans and salad and other things as well that I've forgotten. [ profile] m_shell made kick-ass apple-cranberry-turkey sausage stuffing, and was responsible for cooking the turkey. (Turkey is scary.) It was all quite good, even if we did have a minor pie crisis (for unknown reasons, it took an hour to cook instead of thirty minutes -- baffling). Also, we then ate leftovers for days.

2. As a corollary to #1, I did a lot of dishes. Because I have only three mixing bowls, I washed them about every thirty seconds all day Thursday.

3. Taught [ profile] m_shell to knit. Go me! She picked out some yarn and everything, and is knitting a hugemongous scarf, which she had time to practice because...

4. ... I watched the entirety of the 2005 series of Doctor Who since Friday. We'd both sit here with our knitting, and then I'd pause it to explain Daleks to [ profile] m_shell, and then we'd agree that Daleks were creepy, and then we would watch more Doctor Who. Um. Yeah. It ... didn't feel like thirteen episodes?

5. Knit. A lot. (See #4.) I finished a scarf and am halfway through a purse made of sari silk.

6. Discovered that I live in a town where you can buy pony carts on craigslist and the police need to remind people to lock their doors when they leave for a month. A month. I cannot deal. It was a front-page story in the local paper: attention! lock your doors! Where is reality from here?
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This is a sparking hibiscus cooler "recipe" that I like to make to use up refrigerated remnants of hibiscus tea, though of course you can make the tea with the end goal of hibiscus cooler instead. The basic flavor is like unto the old Saturn Cafe hibiscus cooler (before they stopped doing agave sweetening, the bums).

1/2 cup dried hibiscus
4 cups water (approx. 1 L)
1 L sparking water
2 TB raw agave nectar (I get mine at my co-op; you can make it with honey if you can't find agave)
1-2 lemons (optional)

1. Bring the water to a boil. Put the dried hibiscus in an open container that will let the water move (like a pitcher or a teapot). Pour boiling water over the hibiscus and steep at least five minutes.

1a (optional). Strain and drink some tea hot, with honey; it's excellent for sore throats.

2. Strain remaining hibiscus tea. Chill.

3. Prepare hibiscus cooler: 1 part tea to 1 part sparkling water. If you didn't drink any, that's about 1 L of sparkling water to the 4 cups of tea. Add raw agave, a half tablespoon at a time, stirring continuously and tasting for sweetness. If you like your hibiscus cooler even tarter than that, squeeze in the juice of a lemon and decorate with lemon slices.

You may like your drinks sweeter than I do; if so, keep adding agave until you're happy with the balance.

Other things you can try: use sliced limes or oranges in addition to or instead of lemons, serve over crushed ice or blended with ice to make a hibiscus granitaish thing, or put sliced or pureed ginger in with the dry hibiscus when you're making the tea (it'll strain out with the hibiscus).

Hibiscus is tart, bright bright red, high in vitamin c, and excellent hot or cold for sore throats.
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This is one of my favorite cookie recipes; it's easy, fast, and the cookies come out moist and thick. The original idea was from, but [ profile] m_shell and I make them way more... well, way more everything. These are moist, thick, studded with chocolate chips and almonds, and mildly coconuty.

I'm making them right now for a potluck we may or may not have tomorrow.

Behind the cut )
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I went to the Farmer's Market today with three friends, and discovered a no-spray farmer selling half-bushels of tomatoes for $12. To recap: standard weight-per-bushel of tomatoes in the US is about fifty-four pounds. A half-bushel of tomatoes is about twenty-seven pounds. That means that I paid about forty-five cents per pound of tomatoes. Of course, now I have to roast them all for tomato sauce, but whatever. It'll be worth it.


Is there anyone who can see a recipe on this page? I can't see it at all, due to some sort of bug, and I know it was excellent, and I want to cook it tomorrow: woe! If anyone can see a recipe, please copy it and email it to me or something? Or, hey, maybe it's in one of her cookbooks, too. But I don't have Moosewood or Enchanted Broccoli Forest here.


Also, I was ridiculously and dorkily excited today, when I could answer a flister's question about an lj problem. Involving IE, which I haven't opened in months. Apparently I do remember the things I read on [ profile] lj_releases. I was all "ooh! me! I know that!" Yes, I am a dork.


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