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Wow. So [ profile] sineala and I worked out this way to crossover Babylon 5 and Firefly, if one should desire to do so. It requires, of course, that the B5 be AU-ified (else how to explain the whole no aliens/ppgs/jumpgates of Firefly?) but this AU requires only the change of a single, tiny event. And that changes the entire B5 history. Like, ever moment of B5 history. Down to the political structures of non-human worlds. Down to the difference between the Earth being used up and the Earth as environmentally sound. Does that not rock?

This post is mostly just here to remind me to discuss this later.
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[ profile] m_shell and I have decided that someone needs to do for the endless mushy Buffy/Spike songvids and for BtVS fandom what [ profile] sineala did for the X-files with "Sorry."

I want irony. I want someone to notice how dysfunctional their relationship is. I want the same "sexy-Spuffy" shots in a new context.

I want a Buffy/Spike songvid to the Headstones' "Cemetery."

I got a gal who lives on the wrong side of town
I know what I like and man you know I sure know how
It's the other side, another place
I like it here, no accounting for taste
I can't think of nothing when I'm with her
But the wind and the rain and the cemetery dirt

Went down to the cemetery looking for love
Got there and my baby was buried - I had to dig her up ...

Possibly with Spike as "her." And the baby buried lines from Spike on his coffin-bed. Cause we all know Buffy's got a thing for the dead boys.


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