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I have a lot of work left to do, but that I can take this opportunity to reward myself with a pumpkin bar from Collegetown Bagels and a leisurely lie-about for forty-five minutes to watch Torchwood. With hot coffee! All stretched out on the sofa! And no more flash cards!

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Also, randomly but in the spirit of the Wii release, I share this early Zelda commercial on youtube. Live action. With the dancing. And the funny outfits. And plastic villains. Yeah.
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(Note for the spoiler-phobic: that squee is not episode-related squee. It is "the episode is here! finally! hiatuses sucks! omg!" squee.)

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Okay, I'm out of the habit of writing episode reviews, but I had to say just one little thing about Sateda. And then it kinda... grew. So. Spoilers for both Stargates, comments on both eps.

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Also, for those of you who were waiting with baited breath for my opinion on the important spoilers for SG-1 10x03, Pegasus Project )

In other words, this is a silly attempt to de-GIPify this GIP, because none of you care in the slightest how I felt about said issue. Still: "be a genius, damnit!!!!" is funny, right?

ETA: Also, transcribing 19th century medical theses is incredibly difficult, not least because they are written in very bad longhand. On top of that, of course, there are puzzling out phrases, like "clitoridean crises" (needs iconage, doesn't it?), and weird sentence constructions, like "Inquire dilligently which precedes the same in enfeebled digestion." Eep.

ETA II: Also, it is free for the taking, if anyone else wants a strange and odd lemon icon.

The L-Word

Mar. 9th, 2005 12:25 pm
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[ profile] m_shell and I have been doing the tv-from-Netflix thing (fun! far, far cheaper than getting HBO and Showtime!) and recently received the first disk of The L-Word.

And. I mean, we've only watched the pilot so far but. Ugh. This has been getting rave reviews and called controversial and tons of people say they like it, but it's basically a soap opera with more sex. And lesbians.

And most of the sex we see isn't even queer! I mean, the pilot introduces us to (la la spoilers ahead la) a lesbian couple suffering bed death (that's not a stereotype or anything, nope) and a het couple with a really nice guy who have sex a couple times but then the girl is STOLEN AWAY by an EXOTIC LESBIAN. With an accent, yet. Just before her boyfriend proposes. Oh, and one can't forget Shane, the evil heart-breaking lesbian. Oh, or the way the LBD couple who want a kid try to trick a guy into making one of 'em pregnant even though neither one of 'em likes boys. Hey, that's some hot sex. Or not. A threesome with total ick. End result: more sex with boys in the pilot that sex with girls. What's up with that?

Notice that none of the lesbians who get to have sex is... a good person? (Actually, I didn't like any of 'em except one half of the couple and the straight guy, who was uber-nice, but somehow I don't think they're going to hook up. I mean, far be it from me to rule out ridiculous plot points in soaps, but that seems a bit too far.)

So, it's basically Sex and the City, except with lesbians. They sit around a table in a coffee shop and gossip a lot about who's having sex with whom. And about how you have to trim your pubic hair to have self-confidence. (As we all know, one cannot be self-confident without bodily modification.) Fun.

Actually, my personal favorite comment on it comes from this Netflix review. This fellow gave it five stars and said: "For all their brilliance, accomplishments, and fantastic careers, the characters on the show, when they aren't actually having sex, have nothing on their minds but lesbianism, the women they lust after, and their lesbian friends. Just as in real life, these lesbians run the gamut from very attractive to drop-dead gorgeous. Even the most masculinized of them are non-threatening, appealingly pouty tomboys. None of them are man-haters. If you want to see beautiful women kissing, flirting with, fantasizing about, and having sex with women (all tastefully done of course), this is the show for you."

It's like... lesbians are such a Weird Thing that surely all they do is Lesbianish. They don't ever, like, talk about politics, or about makeup (except how to use it to pick up girls), or about the World Series.

End grumpy Feminist-Queer Moment.
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And totally random: Skinner's on Tarzan, and CSM's been on Smallville. Time to do massive WB crossovers? You be the judge.
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Whadaya mean I can't access my friends page on Slash Night?

100% non-linear random thoughts!

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