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Okay, y'all. I Netflixed Supernatural because so many of you seemed to be interested in it, and I watched the pilot, and you'd better swear to me a) that it gets better (and girls eventually have, like, characters, and sometimes horror cliches don't turn out the cliche way) and b) that people (by which I mean, Dean) stop mumbling.

If there are closed captions on the DVDs, I can't find them, and WinDVD can't find them. says it's got 'em, but where the hell are they? GOD. Like we've all got perfect hearing and won't be continually rewinding two seconds, all "what did he say?" Actually, I need a special skip-back-two seconds button.

On the other hand, I hear episode two has Callum Keith Rennie, so at least there's that.


In other, unrelated news, I turned on my shower tap to discover no cold water. Now, no cold water's an unusual problem, but one that you can usually work around -- the apartment in Philadelphia had such a meager amount of hot water, with the temperature set so low, that I could've run the water for a minute and then jumped in, probably. Here? Here, not so much. Here, I sometimes nearly scald myself washing dishes. If I run a bath set not even slightly above the middle of the dial, I can't get into it for a good ten minutes at least -- which is saying something, because I'm an avid hot-tubber.

So I turned it off and tried again. Still no luck. Tried the sink; it had cold water. Solution: I ran a hot bath -- and when I say hot, I mean hot -- wandered off for about a half an hour, and then went and took a still quite warm bath. But it seemed a problem, one I should call the landlord about, so I left a message.

And then I went downstairs to start some laundry, only to discover standing water on the floor and the washing machine full of water. So I mopped up the water, and left the landlord another message.

Turns out? That what I halfway suspected was true. Yes. Someone in the building left the door to the laundry room wide open (I suspect my doesn't-know-how-to-live-in-an-apartment upstairs neighbor), and since it is not directly heated -- it's a basement, heated by the hot water heater, and by the pipes running up to the radiators -- well, some of the cold water pipes froze.

I should've known, because I remember noticing that the floor was exceptionally cold recently; it's frequently cooler than I'd like, but I walked into the bathroom and went "fuck! Ow!" But I didn't think about it at the time, thought it was probably just me overreacting to the cold again after so many nice forty degree days.

So anyway, the landlord's coming out to check out the pipes and see if they're still frozen, or cracked, or what, and when I can expect to have cold water in the shower again or do laundry, and I'm seething at my upstairs neighbor -- who also is the person who started a load of laundry this morning and then left it. Pah.
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1. Cooked! A lot. I made apple-pear crostada and cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie and mashed yam with oranges and rum and pecans and salad and other things as well that I've forgotten. [ profile] m_shell made kick-ass apple-cranberry-turkey sausage stuffing, and was responsible for cooking the turkey. (Turkey is scary.) It was all quite good, even if we did have a minor pie crisis (for unknown reasons, it took an hour to cook instead of thirty minutes -- baffling). Also, we then ate leftovers for days.

2. As a corollary to #1, I did a lot of dishes. Because I have only three mixing bowls, I washed them about every thirty seconds all day Thursday.

3. Taught [ profile] m_shell to knit. Go me! She picked out some yarn and everything, and is knitting a hugemongous scarf, which she had time to practice because...

4. ... I watched the entirety of the 2005 series of Doctor Who since Friday. We'd both sit here with our knitting, and then I'd pause it to explain Daleks to [ profile] m_shell, and then we'd agree that Daleks were creepy, and then we would watch more Doctor Who. Um. Yeah. It ... didn't feel like thirteen episodes?

5. Knit. A lot. (See #4.) I finished a scarf and am halfway through a purse made of sari silk.

6. Discovered that I live in a town where you can buy pony carts on craigslist and the police need to remind people to lock their doors when they leave for a month. A month. I cannot deal. It was a front-page story in the local paper: attention! lock your doors! Where is reality from here?
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[ profile] m_shell and I took a short walk down along the waterfront, where we saw an unattractive gym with huge windows. (Me, as we got closer: "Oh, the hideous thing is a gym! That's why the windows! So that they can see the canal!" [ profile] m_shell: "Or so that people with spandex kinks can see them.") We were going to walk along one path, but then something that appeared to be a bush from a distance resolved itself into a flock of geese so big that I couldn't make out individuals, and I stood my ground and refused to go any further. (One should never walk through a flock of geese unless one absolutely needs to. They bite.)

Also we saw those weird Exercise! equipment stations, you know, with the inexplicable bars and what appears to be a diagram of a man hopping on one foot while holding onto a pillar? And his legwarmers are shown in great detail, but you can't work out which arm is which? And there's a little note that this improves balance and that you should stretch before you do it, and you look at the diagram and say "I don't know that I can touch my foot to my head while hopping no matter how much I stretch?" I find those very amusing.

Graffiti included: "Beast, you're skying!" (Me: "is it an X-Men reference?") At first we thought it said "Beast, you're skiing!" which made little sense, but at least was in some sort of English grammar. As far as I know, anthimeria notwithstanding, "to sky" is not so much a verb. Also, "dehumanize," and a sign for Ithaca Oating.




Also, King Kaufman agrees with me. Basketball is getting faster again, and there's less standing-around-being boring, and that several teams are doing great fast break offense again. Woe that I do not have cable, man. I could totally study Turkish while watching the game.

It is sad that, when reading preseason articles, I still say "The Charlotte Bobcats? Who huh what now?" as they've been around for a year now. But, seriously: the Charlotte Bobcats? Who huh what now?
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So today is my five-year lj-versary. Five years ago today, I finally gave up on keeping track of three friends' ljs individually, and got a livejournal account of my very own. (Thanks for the invite code, [ profile] sineala!) "I won't post to it," I said. "It's just for the friends list." Yeah, right.


Today, on my way to the bigger and further away co-op location (the little one, called "Oasis," doesn't sell crucial things! like, um, Dagoba Xocolatl hot chocolate.) and the Ithaca Bakery, I realized that the Ithaca Friends of the Library Booksale was not only still going on, it was on its last weekend and thus nearly everything was ten cents. (It closes Tuesday, so everything's a dollar a bag then, but whatever: I spent about two dollars a bag today, and there was more stuff to go through.) As ten cents a book is about my speed, I detoured and spent a ridiculous amount of time picking out murder mysteries.

This, apparently, is how to attract the attention of this particular set of the buying public at ten cents a book:
Matte, textured cover (stands out next to all the oooh shiny)
Witty title
Excessively bad bun in title (mediocre puns get an 'eh')
Reference to something written before 1950 in the title

This is how to insure that I won't even pick the book up:
Gold shiny text on spine. (Unreadable, among other things.)
Author photo with big hair. (Sorry, big haired authors of the 80s.)
There are still ten copies of it. (Not sorry at all, Mr. Grisham.)

Picking up books and glancing at the text for about ten seconds, these books go back on the shelf:
"... he interjected."
"... her perky breasts..."
"Sure thing, guv'nor."
"The woman scientist had long, blond hair and beautiful blue eyes..."
Back cover copy mentioning child pornography rings, "best thriller of the year," "vengeance," "the one who got away," ex-CIA assassins, forensic pathologists without knowing what forensic pathologists actually do, "treason," "brutal serial rapist" (the chance of this being handled well is about 0.001%), "terrorists," policemen breaking the law for "justice," and other things I've forgotten.

Things that I will keep (unless they fail one of the premises above):
Meta murders. I have a ridiculous attraction to these, and I'd never buy them at full price, but for ten cents? Bring on the murder mystery in which a murder mystery author is investigating a real murder and then is killed mysteriously! Bring on the murder mystery featuring Dorothy Sayers and Agatha Christie solving crimes on a cruise ship! And I'll take the one with the author whose work is being transformed into a play when the lead actor is killed, too!
Academic murders. Amanda Cross, yes. But also the ones with "retired physicist turned police consultant..." and "statistician doing copy-editing on prof's magnum opus..." and so on.
Really, really ridiculous historical murders. Again, mediocre ones? Boring! But give me Alexander the Great's tutor solving murders while Alexander is conquering the world, and into the bag it goes.
Anything where the cover design involves a gun made of sashimi. (Honest to god!)
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1. There are 30+ pages of comments on "sponsored content" lj_biz post, and perhaps three comments are positive, and another five or so are neutral "well, if I really won't have to see it, but slippery slope..." I mean, I know it won't do any good, but it makes me sniffly to watch the lj community seeing through the marketing-talk bullshit and not being satisfied by the condescending "I think you're confused..." edit. We're raising our tiny little fists together!

Man, wouldn't it be cool if we could hit the 5000 comments per post limit?

... also, that suddenly makes me want an icon of a cohort of tiny little lj user heads with tiny little fists. Well, tiny little fists that are nonetheless too big for the heads, in best Soviet Poster Styling. Too bad I have no artistic skills.

2. Hearing someone on the commons tell her friend "no, it was kinda tl;dr." Have you ever heard anyone say tl;dr out loud? About non-internet stuff? (She and her friend were talking about some sort of biology reading. Article or book, I couldn't tell.) I very nearly walked into their conversation: "hi, what online communities do you hang out in? what sorts of people do you say tl;dr to? how long have you been saying it?"
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1. Six guys wearing honest-to-god sandwich boards standing on the benches outside of the campus bookstore stumping for Jesus. All white men. The one doing most of the talking was waving a Bible around in the air and thrusting it towards passers-bye as he tried to make his points: "you have sinned," "how dare you have sex or attend courses that question religion," "Rapture Rapture Rapture," and "I'm sure wearing a sandwich board saying 'Jesus will save you from eternal suffering'' will convince you that you should leave your miniskirts for Jesus." Anyway, most students were studiously refusing to make eye contact or walked behind them to avoid having Bibles stuck in their faces. Except for one girl, who walked right up to Weird Preaching Man, looked him in the eye, and said "Dude, you know that shit won't work here, right?"

2. Boy on cellphone: "No, no, I'm in the library, and I'm not supposed to talk on my cell here, so you should talk quieter."

3. Girl, to reference librarian: "I emailed the librarian about help for my thesis two hours ago, and I haven't heard back yet, so I was wondering what was taking so long."

4. Girl in bookstore: "Is the New York Times free here?"
Bookstore clerk: "No?"
Girl: "Well, it should be. It's free in the library, you know."
Bookstore clerk, clearly trying to keep snarkiness in check: "I'm sorry, but it costs a dollar here."
*girl leaves without buying anything*
Bookstore clerk, to me, the instant she's out she's out of earshot: "Did you hear that? It's free in the library? That's because it's a library."

5. Boy in class: "Hey, where do you get your coffee?"
Girl sitting next to him: "I make it at home. Sometimes I buy some at the Olin Library Cafe."
Boy: "I can't go to that cafe. It's all those girls who want stupid fancy drinks with sugar and milk make the line take too long. I don't have time for that."
Girl: "Well..."
Boy: "Who wants latte, anyway? It's all a scam to put less coffee in your drink."
Girl, to friend: "Did you know people got so angry about this?"
Friend: "No. And what's wrong with milk?"
Boy, backpedaling: "Oh, I didn't mean you were, like, wasting my time with your drinks. But there's something wrong with all of that milk and sugar crap, and then saying you're drinking coffee."
Girl: "I'm drinking a latte right now."
Boy, backpedaling again: "Cool, if that's what you like, but it's such a girl thing, like you all just do it because everyone else does. And it makes the line too long."
Girl, to friend: "Do you want to take even longer at the counter next time?"
Friend: "It'll be hard to make my 'medium coffee' take more than ten seconds, but I'll try."
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I went to the Farmer's Market today with three friends, and discovered a no-spray farmer selling half-bushels of tomatoes for $12. To recap: standard weight-per-bushel of tomatoes in the US is about fifty-four pounds. A half-bushel of tomatoes is about twenty-seven pounds. That means that I paid about forty-five cents per pound of tomatoes. Of course, now I have to roast them all for tomato sauce, but whatever. It'll be worth it.


Is there anyone who can see a recipe on this page? I can't see it at all, due to some sort of bug, and I know it was excellent, and I want to cook it tomorrow: woe! If anyone can see a recipe, please copy it and email it to me or something? Or, hey, maybe it's in one of her cookbooks, too. But I don't have Moosewood or Enchanted Broccoli Forest here.


Also, I was ridiculously and dorkily excited today, when I could answer a flister's question about an lj problem. Involving IE, which I haven't opened in months. Apparently I do remember the things I read on [ profile] lj_releases. I was all "ooh! me! I know that!" Yes, I am a dork.

Ice cream!

Aug. 24th, 2006 05:51 pm
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Oh, Ithaca: the Sundae Wars. I can't c&p bits from this without ruining the joke, but suffice it to say that the cities of Ithaca and of Two Rivers, Wisconsin are both trying to bill themselves as the location of the nation's first ice-cream sundae. And the Two Rivers government recently issued a cease & desist letter to Ithaca, telling Ithacans that they could no longer attach the name of Ithaca to the sundae. (Which is hilarious in and of itself. I mean. Cease and desist letter. Especially since Two Rivers also wrote a FIGHT SONG. Yes. To the tune of "On Wisconsin.") The above link is to the mayor of Ithaca's response. And it is FANTABULOUS.
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Y'all should come visit me. I'm in an apartment with hardwood floors, I have an honest-to-god spare bedroom, and there are more restaurants here per capita than there are in Manhattan. Also there is a lake, and rental canoes for a day for $20. And there are falls, and hiking areas, and a seriously cool farmers market, and earl grey-lime sorbet.


Total miles walked = 6.2
Total brioche cinnamon pecan buns purchased = 0. Woe! Just Desserts was out of them by the time I got there.
Total Wegmans visited = 1. It was on the way back from the bank, and I was curious. It's not as cool as people billed it, and I'll stick with my co-op.
Total local organic ground turkey purchased = 0. Tragic! The local meat store was all out. (The proprietor did sell me on ground buffalo, though. Local ground buffalo. I want to know where they keep the buffalo. I mean, upstate New York does not make me think "ahh, the vast herds of buffalo!" Also, buffalo is fun to say.)

I think I will spend too much money on food here, as I now live in a place where it is fun and easy to shop for local-and-organic. In Philadelphia, it was frequently a pain in the ass; you had to bus, or walk huge distances, and then it was expensive or not ripe or whatever. Here, I walk half a mile and -- hey, an organic convenience store! They sell organic tofu produced here! I must have some! And so on.


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