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If, like many users, you really don't like the userpic selector at the top of the new update page? (And guess why? that's so it'll match the look of the edit entry page! I mean, it's not like we use them for different things so they can have different formats, or like people use the update page more'n the edit page so maybe you should put the edit page usericon on the bottom if you want them to match. Look, I try to give lj/6A the benefit of the doubt regarding a master plan for their redesign, but that? The whole "we're redesigning a commonly used page to match an uncommonly used one, thus giving the site a unified scheme" thing? Oy.)

ANYway. If you don't like that, guess what? Someone over at [ profile] lj_nifty has fixed what lj broke! Oh, dear dear greasemonkey and [ profile] lj_nifty. It's a greasemonkey script, and you can read more about it here.

ETA: btw, if you think I'm making that up about the userpic selector at the top? Yeah, so much not.
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Quick! Before lj goes down again!

I'm hanging out at the lj refuge over on greatest journal. Status posts and commiseration. My username there is the same as it is here.


Nov. 4th, 2006 09:49 am
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... is lj down for everyone? status.lj says "Our data center is currently performing maintenance on one of our two power feeds this evening. LiveJournal is currently unavailable at this time. We are working on restoring access as quickly as possible." But then I can post to lj. So. I am confused.

ETA: A quick scan of vox says yes, lj is down for most everyone. For me it's come-and-go at the moment, and sometimes a page will load and sometimes it won't, and I don't like it one bit.
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1. There are 30+ pages of comments on "sponsored content" lj_biz post, and perhaps three comments are positive, and another five or so are neutral "well, if I really won't have to see it, but slippery slope..." I mean, I know it won't do any good, but it makes me sniffly to watch the lj community seeing through the marketing-talk bullshit and not being satisfied by the condescending "I think you're confused..." edit. We're raising our tiny little fists together!

Man, wouldn't it be cool if we could hit the 5000 comments per post limit?

... also, that suddenly makes me want an icon of a cohort of tiny little lj user heads with tiny little fists. Well, tiny little fists that are nonetheless too big for the heads, in best Soviet Poster Styling. Too bad I have no artistic skills.

2. Hearing someone on the commons tell her friend "no, it was kinda tl;dr." Have you ever heard anyone say tl;dr out loud? About non-internet stuff? (She and her friend were talking about some sort of biology reading. Article or book, I couldn't tell.) I very nearly walked into their conversation: "hi, what online communities do you hang out in? what sorts of people do you say tl;dr to? how long have you been saying it?"
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Things that continue to astonish me: MacGyver and Seinfeld were on TV at the same time. Overlapped for years, even. And the last MacGyver movie was after the X-Files' first season. I'm surprised by this every time I see the dates, because I think of MacGyver as such an 80s show. (I mean, the mullet! And people saying "man" all the time! And the synthesizer theme song! And the commies! And the outfits! What do you mean it was in its seventh season in 1992?)

This observation brought to you by an episode from the sixth season of MacGyver, featuring phrases like "crack doesn't care about the law!" and "so I called a few street sources and put out a big carrot" and "hey man, that's an uzi!" "now it's a wrench."

([ profile] fiatlouis and I discovered today that we both wanted to be MacGyver when we grew up. Unfortunately, neither of us can turn an uzi into a wrench. But we think we probably turned out okay even though we never learned how to make bombs from bamboo.)


Also, I continue to get pissier and pissier about lj. "Hey, paid users, you won't have to see ads, just sponsorship information!" I call bullshit.

Also, my reaction to "sponsored features" is exactly the opposite of what they want; my immediate response to the first sponsored community, for a movie, that I saw on the lj homepage ("but it's not an ad honest!") was to say "well, crap, and I'd kinda wanted to see that, and now I'm not gonna." Yep, I'm that kind of San Francisco Bay Arean: I do practically need a list of companies to avoid (when Philip Morris buys organic food labels, it gets really confusing) and I have no problem adding to it. This isn't that kind of reasoned choice, though -- not on the "avoiding tobacco companies" scale -- it's just a knee-jerk reaction to an ad in a space where I shouldn't be seeing ads.


Poll! Also at the Disco! Okay, maybe not. See, I continue to hear hilarious things on campus. (Including not one but two additional, separate occasions on which Latte Boy tried to flirt with the two girls from the last post and stuck his foot in his mouth.) And I think they're funny. But if I post them every couple days, y'all might get sick of them. So! Poll.

[Poll #833611]
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As I have now posted this in response to asides in several comments, I thought I'd put in here in case any of y'all were having trouble.

If you're using Internet Explorer (or Safari) and Horizon, the new default site scheme, together, there's a bug that may give you trouble highlighting text with a click-and-drag. LJ says that they're working on a bugfix, but I haven't seen anything posted to [ profile] lj_releases about the time scheme. (Their first try didn't work.)

If you want to highlight text, you've got several options:
1. Click on one side of the text you want to highlight, and shift-click on the other.
2. Try looking at the page with ?format=light appended to the end of the url.
3. Switch to one of the older site schemes at the viewing options page
4. Switch to a different browser. (This was the advice [ profile] burr86 gave on one of the Horizon release posts after people started reporting the bug. It is to laugh. I can't convince dedicated IE users to switch to Firefox by pointing out that it does extensions! and greasemonkey! and you can turn off flash! and it will practically get your coffee for you! I really don't think "hey, we screwed up, and now you can't highlight on lj" is going to make people switch browsers.)

I think that this means that lj admin shouldn't have made Horizon the default yet, because that strikes me as a pretty big bug -- in fact, most of the last couple-three pages on the aforementioned [ profile] lj_releases post up there are people saying "hey! I can't do this highlighting thing! What gives?"
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I went to the Farmer's Market today with three friends, and discovered a no-spray farmer selling half-bushels of tomatoes for $12. To recap: standard weight-per-bushel of tomatoes in the US is about fifty-four pounds. A half-bushel of tomatoes is about twenty-seven pounds. That means that I paid about forty-five cents per pound of tomatoes. Of course, now I have to roast them all for tomato sauce, but whatever. It'll be worth it.


Is there anyone who can see a recipe on this page? I can't see it at all, due to some sort of bug, and I know it was excellent, and I want to cook it tomorrow: woe! If anyone can see a recipe, please copy it and email it to me or something? Or, hey, maybe it's in one of her cookbooks, too. But I don't have Moosewood or Enchanted Broccoli Forest here.


Also, I was ridiculously and dorkily excited today, when I could answer a flister's question about an lj problem. Involving IE, which I haven't opened in months. Apparently I do remember the things I read on [ profile] lj_releases. I was all "ooh! me! I know that!" Yes, I am a dork.

LJ Talk

Jul. 25th, 2006 07:43 am
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Hmmmm. This lj-talk thing is pretty sweet -- it's your flist! as a contact list! in jabber! And it does, as many people pointed out, eliminate that "wait, who is xzyabc?" problem I have with some AIM and Y!M usernames. Also, posting via IM is neat, if not the most useful posting tool. (Then again, I still don't post by e-mail or anything. Call me a traditionalist.)

Just one problem: it would've helped if, presented with a login box that didn't look like lj's, I could've remembered my password. I stared at that box for ages, going "wait, wait, it's... no. wait, it's... no, that's gmail." I had to go to lj and log out and log back in without thinking before I could remember said password. Oy.

ETA: Philadelphia, please stop trying to be Ankh-Morpork. Ankh-Morpork will win.
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Dude. At thesurrealist, there's a script-generated text-based dungeon game based on your userinfo. (I'd call it interactive fiction, but it lacks narrative.) Thusly, from the eruthros dungeon: "You are walking through a candlelit fountain room. Rich tapestries illustrate the homosexual agenda." "In the distance, you hear the sound of cheese." "You find yourself in a pentagonal armoury. Across one wall is a faded fresco of duct tape." Best livejournal tool of the day!

Sadly, it reminds me that I've still never finished Curses, an influential IF game from the early 90s in which you time-travel and attempt to break curses in an attempt to find a street map of Paris. I note that it frequently receives points from reviewers for logical puzzles, to which I say "oh, sure, if you've read T.S. Eliot's 'The Hollow Men.'" Eeesh. I was eleven. Also? In 1993, no google or wikipedia to go around hunting up names and references in, which makes it rather more difficult to work out puzzles featuring Callimachus and Appollonius. (No joke, they really do appear.)
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Dear LJ,

In your perpetual quest to "fix" things no-one has complained about, would you maybe consider hiring, I dunno, actual graphic design people? Layout people? Something? Because the new soon-to-be-default lj userinfo is beyond hideous. Awful, cluttered, poorly designed for usability, clearly missing the whole point of userinfo, and did I mention hideous? And awful?

no love,
[ profile] eruthros

P.S. to flist: you can see what it would look like here, at my userinfo seen the new way, or by adding "?ver=ng" to the end of the url for your profile.


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