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Yuletide presents for me! I didn't get an email about them, but I found them anyway, and look what I got!

From my main yuletide author, I got something I didn't know I wanted -- I asked for The Dude character voice doing just about anything. But it turns out I wanted The Dude voice as he watched the ghost of Donny bowl. Not Undead, Just Not Dead, Big Lebowski.

And I also got a stocking stuffer! A really atmospheric Genly Ai and Estraven in the snow, and Genly's discomfort in his own body as he sees Estraven's body change. Cinders and Snow, Left Hand of Darkness.

*hugs stories*


And some stories that were for someone else, but I get to have anyway, in a completely random order:

Yuletide recs: Slings & Arrows, The Avengers, Madeleine L'Engle - Many Waters, Black Books, Laura Ingalls Wilder - Little House series, But I'm a Cheerleader, Calvin and Hobbes, xkcd )
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[ profile] thingswithwings and I were talking about [ profile] sockkpuppett's list of the top five vids of 2008 for NY Magazine. And we thought, wouldn't it be great to turn this into a meme and have a whole bunch of people share their top five? And share the joy of these vids all over again?

Turns out top five is really, really hard. Especially when I mostly want to gush and tell y'all to go watch them.

In no particular order:
Best vids of 2008, plus, uh, maybe a couple honorable mentions )

So! That's my top five ... plus. I hope some of you guys pick up the idea and make your own lists, because I want to see the awesomeness that I've missed!

ETA: [ profile] thingswithwings's list is here.
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Today, in random browsing of youtube, I discovered the following gem of accidental1 oh-so-wrong slash:

[personal profile] thingswithwings and I laughed and said "OH GOD" a lot. We particularly liked the moment at 1:07. And at 1:56. And, really, omg.

1 This is billed as "Bridger/ Lucas friendship." I do not think that means what they think it means.
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For reasons that don't need exploring at this juncture, I ended up finding and rewatching this segment of the Daily Show recently:

I love that segment SO MUCH.

And it reminded me that I meant to rec "All the Small Things" by Di. Yes. Really. A Colbert + Stewart vid to "All the Small Things." Doesn't it sound awesome already?

There's hilarious dancing, and weird performances, and running, and it's all fast cuts and cuteness. And it's really, really fun. This is going on the list of "things to watch when I'm feeling sad and blue," because my thoughtful, critical reaction to this vid is pretty much "\o/ YAY!"

Vid recs!

May. 2nd, 2008 09:46 am
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Two very different genres, wow.

1) [ profile] heyiya's amazing The Future Stops Here, a post-apocalyptic vid using footage from 28 Days Later, Children of Men, and V for Vendetta. I've only seen one of those sources (28 Days Later), but I think I get the story she's telling anyway, and I love it desperately, and it makes me suck in my breath every time I see [that scene] in the last verse.

What I get out of this is a gorgeous heartbreaking look at oppression and resistance, at women and people of color and immigrants and possibly other marginalized groups that I can't "see" because I haven't seen the other films. This is a vid that takes 28 Days Later and makes Selina the centerpiece, as she should be, and its puts resistance and failure together and makes me go yay. I'm not very good at describing these things, but y'all should go watch this.

2) [ profile] thingswithwings's awesome meta-ish The Glass, which takes as its point of departure the Henry Jenkins line "slash is what happens when you take away the glass," and that Kirk/Spock scene. I read this vid as about our attraction to the glass; the circularity of slash and glass and separation, the way we put the glass back and take it away and break through it again with great rejoicing. It makes me wibble a little, because of the pain/joy.

Fandoms include ST: Wrath of Khan, BSG, Babylon 5, BtVS, Homicide, Primeval, West Wing, X-Men, SGA, and Xena, among others.

Also, it's really really pretty.

Vid rec!

Feb. 10th, 2008 12:57 pm
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So, guys, I have been meaning to rec [ profile] giandujakiss's amazing Quantum Leap vid to "American Music" for a while now, only I never got up the umph to write out a whole long post on why, exactly, this vid is amazing, and why you should watch it even if you barely remember Quantum Leap, and why I love this vid desperately, and really it deserves a whole long post so I didn't want to do a little blurb like this ... but then [ profile] thingswithwings did it for me. AWESOME.

So, go check out the vid here and then go check out the close reading of the vid in the rec up there. Close reading! Of "American Music!" I am all yays.

You should all watch it for serious.

Bay Area

Apr. 29th, 2007 10:18 am
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So I was giving a bunch of Bay Area sports blogs a quick once-over this morning, and checking out various links. (Links, for example, where fans discuss Baron Davis' sartorial choices. I guess because it's sorta trying to keep within the NBA dress code while still expressing individuality.)

And I ended up at youtube, checking out a vid that's sorta Oakland-against-the-world, paralleling the criticisms of J-Rich and the Warriors and New Bay hip-hop. I basically just embed this video for [ profile] fiatlouis. *g*

As one is wont to do, I clicked on some of the related links, most of which were crap. But one of them was set to Zion I's "The Bay." And one of the related links to that was ... holy shit, I said, is that really a music video for "The Bay?" Or is it somebody's mix? And no, no, that's Zion I's "The Bay." I didn't even know it had a music video, so I have to share it with everybody in the known world.

... and while I was typing this, I checked sfgate, and holy shit. That is an oil tanker that blew up and MELTED the upper deck of a freeway overpass. WTF.

Awesome, but random: Wikipedia has a page called WP: BALEET that redirects to the wikipedia deletion policy page. Ha!

ETA: Speaking of embedding, apparently we expect "LOCALLY HEAVY RAINFALL...AND EMBEDDED THUNDERSTORMS" here tomorrow. Per the National Weather Service. Embedded thunderstorms? Embedded in what?
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Also, random stuff:

My typo of the day: "the 'cod-less' fantasy." It's like Anya's world without shrimp, I guess.

Sort-of-vid rec: A Kiss Is Just a Kiss. It's ... hmm, not really got the fannish vidding aesthetic, but is a vid nonetheless. Also, it begins with a warning: "This video contains MEN kissing MEN. If you find MEN kissing MEN offensive, please watch this video over and over until you become accustomed to it. Thank you." Yes: it's boys snuggling and dancing together and kissing. I can ID an embarrassing number of the sources. (Me: "awww, isn't that the scene at the end of Latter Days? Oh, and that's the picnic kiss in Maurice!")

So one of my friends sent a youtube link to me yesterday. And I was distressed, because I'd thought it was the best thing EVER and that I'd sent it to EVERYONE. But apparently I hadn't. So! College Saga. It's ... like Final Fantasy. But on a college campus. Oh my god. It has the music. It has the people walking back and forth in determined patterns. It has inventory disappearing after the heroes hold it up. It has chocobos. It has silly fights. It has a plot that makes me go "huh?" So it is basically identical to FF7, except, you know, on some college campus somewhere and with live actors and evil TI-83s.
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1. Okay, so someone has done a Dalek Christmas carol. The Go Go's recorded "I'm Gonna Spend My Christmas With a Dalek." Only it's not at all what I'm thinking of -- the Dalek says things like "I'd like some more plum pudding." I don't want "I'd like some more plum pudding" and "we'll hug under the Christmas tree" and the human chorus going "Merry Chwithmas." (Tonstant weader thwowed up.)

No. I want ominous. I want "Joy to the World" to be the scariest (funniest) damn thing you've ever heard. I want creepy. This is not it.

2. [ profile] wiccanslyr did a SGA vid. McKay. To "White and Nerdy." It's at youtube here or available for download here.

3. I never really manage to read Yuletide. It's cool and fabulous but, dude, 1000+ stories? Nonetheless, I have enjoyed:

Lives by Breaking, a Pevensies-at-the-end-of-Wardrobe story.

Further Up and Further In, an Aslan's country story.

Changelings, a story in the Finder/Bordertown universe (Emma Bull). It's a happy story, but Tinker as a young elf made me sniffle.

Happiness is Fleeting, a Penny Arcade story that is almost exactly like a comic. Gabe! Tycho! Monkeys!

Of Mice and Myth, a creepy little HHGttG/Teatime story. With mice. Fantabulous.

The Long Con, a Vorkosiganverse story. Oh, Byerly! There should be more stories about By. And Ivan. And Alys throwing up her hands.

A Maze of Twisty Passages, All Alike, a Vorkosiganverse story. GREGOR. Gregor and Ivan. Go read it now.

Wag the Duck. Bloom County. Manages to get across the total weirdness of the strip in prose form. Also, it is a BLOOM COUNTY story. With lines like "In the last election, he had been opposed by a sincere but politically inexperienced ficus plant." And Binkley wakes his dad up in the middle of the night to ask if Madonna will ever be in a good movie.

Pop Life because it's a War for the Oaks story. Eddie and the Fey, one year later.
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So [ profile] fiatlouis and I were talking about our respective sports, prompted by a conversation about the Smudge. And, via the subject of nicknames, he got me started on the Phoenix Suns. And he's never seen them play. And doesn't really get basketball rules. So I was poking around youtube looking for neat stuff and I found... this.

Which is a "mix tape" of Steve Nash highlight moments. With, you know, the famous NBA skills bit where he does all his soccer moves. Fair enough, right?

But it's to the tune of Breakaway. By Kelly Clarkson.

And it's sort of the lost love story of Steve Nash and Dirk Nowitzki. They thought they were going to be in Dallas together forever! Making difficult passes to each other! But then Nash was traded to the Suns! And then they faced off in the 2005 West semis! And he was doing all of those fabulous passes to Stoudemire or Marion instead! (We see Shawn Marion dunk off of Nash's assists. In slo-mo.) And he won't "forget all the ones that I love!" But it's all okay, because he's going to "learn how to fly though it's not easy to tell you goodbye." And he makes a left-handed shot over Nowitzki's head! And Nowitzki is left behind ! And then he makes the game-tying three-pointer! And takes a risk! And Phoenix wins in the semis! And then he hugs Nowitzki! (We see that hug twice.) And then they walk off in different directions! That is the end!

I swear to god I am not joking at all.

ETA: Warning, this songvid (and I am going to call it a songvid) is nine minutes long. Y'all should check it out anyway, because it is hilarious. Also, I think it's making me a little sniffly. Oh god. What has it done to me?

ETA 2: If you're not a basketball fan, Nowitzki is the really tall guy playing for Dallas. Also he is blond and from Germany, and sometimes he has exceptionally bad curly blond hair or a weird beard. Nash is the short( guy, playing for either Dallas or the Suns, with stringy straight hair that is frequently in his face. I have been known to call this "Snape hair."


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