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Ooooh, press pics of the 2004 show! Scholastic in the front and Ten speed press... well, they actually probably think the focus of the picture is Warner, but whatever.

And of autographing! An overview -- and notice how short most of those lines are considering as you get a free book at the end (generally, short for everyone but TV stars, picture books, and Neil Gaiman or Lemony Snickett) -- closeup of some author I don't recognize, but handily his name is on the free books on the table, so if it means anything to anyone, he's Nelson Demille, and James Patterson, who for some reason doesn't seem to have any Publisher Backup to pass him books.

The opening fifteen minutes, where it looks much more crowded than it is, because no-one's in the hall yet: balloons!, the front hall moments before anyone's let in, and then a few moments after that. Whee!

And this gives me ample opportunity to mention that you can register starting today, though there's no rush -- you can get the Slightly Cheaper passes any time before, like, May.

Also, my computer has been at 0% battery on battery power for an hour now, which is ... rather odd. *sighs at power problems*

And the Best of 2004 CDs from [ profile] antigone921 just got here today, and I am listening to them now, and they are fun whee.
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It just occurred to me that it's very nearly May and I haven't pimped the ABA/BEA since November!

Attention [ profile] copperbadge, [ profile] casira, and [ profile] ryca13, who previously expressed interest, and of course anyone else who thinks the idea of a giant convention filled with people giving away books for free and talking about books and loving books is a good idea:

They finally got around to posting the autographing schedule for the June 3-6th American Booksellers Association Convention (now BookExpo America! complete with exclamation mark). That's about 500+ authors, and each of them will be giving their books away. Signed to you and everything. In fact, they'll usually give you two. And then they'll thank you for being so kind as to accept a signed free copy. *g*

Sadly, the schedule doesn't look as fun (to me) as last year's, but that's largely because any list of authors isn't as cool without Neil Gaiman's name on it. *g* Still. 500+ authors. Books aplenty.

Plus, most publishers try to get publicity for their new books by ... giving them away. Just stacks of books in the booth, and as you go past you grab a copy or two or three. This year Titan's giving away Neil Gaiman's bio of Douglas Adams, for example. Read more... )

ARCs are actually the cheapest thing to give away, so they're cheaper publicity than things stamped with the names of books, but nonetheless there is stuff aplenty. Pens, bags, pins, hats, all that. Read more... )

Don't care about the pens and the bookmarks and the posters? Well, for everyone who is still a college student at heart, there's always the Cookbook Pavillion Read more... )

This year they're also doing an area for DVDs, which is a first. Read more... )

Also, there are the standard sessions and speakers and all that. You can go to many, many diverse things like Read more... )

And also there are special events. A few require extra money, but lots are free. Including this year's keynote speech by Bill Clinton (what, we couldn't get someone who'd actually finished his book? geez). (Still better than the year Colin Powell was the keynote speaker.) Read more... )

And of course, there's my favorite reason to go: the BEA draws a crowd of about 60,000 people, about 90% of whom care deeply about books of some variety. (The other 10% are either in it for the money -- and deeply deluded -- or are top management.) Read more... )

And of course, exhibitors have to pay the teamsters to pack and remove anything left on the floor at the end of the show, so they'll often give things away rather than pay for packing and shipping. Last year, sadly, I had to catch a bus back to the Bay Area before the show ended. Le sigh.

Unfortunately, there's no longer a reduced price for students, but there's still a reduced price for Librarians (if not so reduced as in previous years; 75 whole dollars for librarians!). Christ, has pricing gone up this year. Still, it's a four day event. And if you have editorial status at any news media, or can get a letter from a news publisher designating you as a free-lance journalist covering the BEA, you can get in for free. With some form-filling-out.

My uncle maintains an apartment in Chicago that he only uses occasionally, so I may have a free place to stay for a small number of people. I'll keep you posted.

In order to get the (somewhat) lower prices, you need to register by May 21st, so you've got plenty of time to think about it (and plenty of time to pester me to see if my free housing comes through).
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(I kid you not. They used to be the American Bookseller's Association Convention, and now they have exclamation marks. Oy. I still call it the ABA.)

Anyway. For those of you who just discovered what this wonderful institution is because I talked about it last year, here's some more info on the 2004 convention.

It'll be at McCormick Place in Chicago, possibly the most annoying gigantic convention center anywhere. Urgh. But who cares about the floorplan when the exhibition halls are filled with publishers giving away their fall lists as advance reader copies? And not just the publishers. More than 650 authors will be there officially autographing their books. Others will just be hanging around the booths of their publishers, chatting with people and signing stuff. The exhibition halls (and author autographing) will be held June 4-6th.

All of those books will be free after the cost of admission. Librarians and educators get reduced admission. It's usually around 55 or 65 dollars, depending on their projected attendance. In any case, since you often come home with some hundred or so new books, signed to you and your friends, it's quite a deal. Check it out. Find out if you can sleep on the floors of your friends in Chicago. They love you, right?


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