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2008-11-23 09:17 pm

Random lists!

Things that are awesome:

1) Episode 1x04 of Jeremiah, in which Luke Perry plays Jeremiah and JASON PRIESTLY plays an evil warlord who captures Jeremiah and Kurdy and wants to convert them. Thus, Jason Priestly and Luke Perry have intense conversations at each other while wearing flak jackets. As I said to [ profile] thingswithwings, it's like Beverly Hills Post-Apocalyptico over here. (I don't much like Jeremiah so far, actually, because I hate daddy issues, but that was hilarious. I'm conflicted about the show, because I like the concept, and I like some of the characters, but the letters to daddy? Geez.)

Side note: Today's episode of Jeremiah features a really scruffy Ladon Radim. Oh Vancouver!

2) Revisiting these parts of past seasons of SGA. [ profile] m_shell's joy as she goes through the seasons is reminding me of how much I enjoy the John Sheppard Is Really Gay show.

3) Zombie gingerbread men cookie cutters. Srsly.
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2008-09-09 07:41 am
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Great deals on the internet

So I just discovered Lotus Organics, an organic-and-sustainable clothing store that mostly carries products for women, though they also have some stuff for men and for babies. And they happen to be having a sale right now where everything is 50% off or more -- I bought a bunch of organic cotton underwear, which usually runs at least $12, for $4.50. And I bought it on Thursday, and received the package yesterday, so now I am fairly confident that I can say that they are a) cool and b) really really fast.

The only problem I had with them -- other than a remarkably hideous web site -- was that their inventory is changing very quickly and is not immediately reflected on product pages. If you add something to a "saved cart" (their term for a wish list), though, it will tell you how many of X are left.
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2008-05-02 05:34 pm
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You guys, this is the most amazing product ever produced for sale. NO REALLY. Look at it.

Look at it.

Oh my god.

There's no scale there, but the side is the same size as a standard Swiss Army Knife. And then it's nine inches wide. And weighs three pounds.

Tools included:
Special self-centering screwdriver for gunsights
Bike chain rivet setter
Flashlight (!!!)
Telescopic pointer
Mineral crystal magnifier with precision screwdriver
Snap shackle
Cupped cigar cutter with double-honed edges (!!!)
Golf shoe spike wrench
Golf divot repair tool

I am pretty sure that this knife has been designed for the zombie apocalypse. There is a special gunsight screwdriver. (On the other hand, it would have to be a zombie apocalypse that involved... killing zombies through golf, or something. And then lighting up cigars a la Will Smith.)

Seriously, go look at the whole list of tools in it here.
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2008-02-08 11:27 pm
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Yet another fun-filled post of online sales

Yes, is having their winter sale! Which means such things as ...

Keen Amsterdam shoes, usually $85, now $30.
A Smartwool jacket at 73% off (which, frankly, Smartwool needs to be even remotely affordable)
Down jackets!
And silly hats and many other things as well.
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2008-01-21 12:51 pm


Okay, so I just (finally) got the email telling me that my laptop shipped out from the service center! So much yay!

... except. Wait. What? My laptop is being shipped to ... California? But it shouldn't go to California! It should come here! I called and called and called the folks at Office Depot about it! Woe!

So I phoned Office Depot all, "hi, remember how we talked about my package being shipped FROM California but TO Ithaca?" And the dude was like "yup, it's here in your record" and I said "okay, then WHY DID I JUST GET AN EMAIL SAYING MY LAPTOP IS GOING TO CALIFORNIA?" And he was like, "um, let me look ... huh, California. You're right. Well, we can't change that, ma'am, you have to call UPS directly and they'll let you intercept the package.* Or maybe there'll be someone in California to get it?" Me, giving up: "Yes, but I'M not in California, and ... and ... oh ... just ... argh."

So I called the subcontractor they use directly, with my reference # ready. "Hi! Reference number such and such! Office Depot screwed up! Sorry to bug you, but they're not gonna deal with it!" And the guy said, "shit, we'll try to intercept it. They just picked it up half an hour ago, so it should be possible. I'll get back to you." And that is how things stand now. At least he was trying to be helpful.

These are exactly the situations that I made the Ivanova icon for. GO IVANOVA. BOOM. BOOM BOOM BOOM woe. Want laptop. Don't want laptop to be going to some mystery location. Woe.

* Note: this is a lie. Except in special circumstances, delivery intercept is reserved for people who subscribe to the service.
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2007-10-29 09:49 am

Danger, Will Robinson!

So last night I did some laundry, mattress cover and the awesome thick high thread-count flannel sheets my mom bought me as a Christmas present last year. And I made the bed...

... and this morning I couldn't get out of it. It was warm. It was cuddly. That sort of bright, cold light was shining through the window, muted by the trees still on the leaves, and it was clear that outside the weather was frosty and cold. I was warm in bed; I had perfect sheets and a down comforter; I wasn't going anyplace.

I didn't go back to sleep, but I did just snuggle up for half an hour and go "mmmm" while the back of my brain was going "READING! You have reading to do. Do you remember the reading? Hey! You!" I was like "mmmhmmm."

Perhaps I should be using sheets made of, like, hair shirts or something instead. Because clearly this is going nowhere good. But oh, how perfect is a morning with thirty minutes in bed, not even reading a novel, just watching the trees move outside and enjoying the warm flannel sheets?


PS: Sierra Trading Post is now doing ANOTHER 20% off all shoes before that coupon, so. Tevas and Joseph Siebel and Ecco, oh my.
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2007-10-26 10:07 pm
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Cool deals online: a continuation of the series

OMG you guys, Sierra Trading Post is selling Earth shoes -- the cute Mary Janes and sneakers and things, not the clunky ones -- for somewhere in the vicinity of $45-55. Which is half off; they're pricey.

And then Sierra Trading Post is doing a sale of an additional 20% off All Women's Clothing with the coupon code 58553. And that means that I just got a pair of $122 shoes for $42. (Wine suede Mary Janes with brown leather accents!) Awesome!

So I share the bounty, in case any of y'all are into Earth shoes. I did make sure I placed my order first ... *g*
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2007-08-27 06:00 pm
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*does the happy dance of Threadless sale*

For serious, you guys, I was just there the other day staring longingly at "A city built on rock and roll would be structurally unsound" and then today I got an email all "they printed the shirt you liked with the text-messaging knight!" And I was like "oooh I hope it's still there when they have a sale later..."

And then! They have a sale NOW! A back-to-school sale! Ten dollar t-shirts! Awesome!

... now, if only I could eliminate some of the things in my cart. Um. *stares pathetically at cart* I'm down to five! Five is pretty good, right?

Oh, Threadless stock chart, you are too tempting!
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2007-06-07 10:48 am

Moral dilemmas

As it turns out, I don't have all of season one of B5 on tape. Not even from the TNT reruns. It looks like I taped over some of it, all "la I shall get the dvds!" like five years ago, and, um, no. Because five years ago, it was $90 a season, and all the cheap copies on ebay were from Hong Kong and of uncertain quality.

So I was froogling around, because it's cheaper now and maybe it would be on sale somewhere... and it is on sale somewhere! For $22! That's $1 per episode! Not bad at all, sez I... until I realize it's Walmart.

Yeah. I have never shopped at Walmart in my life. Because they are evil, and I can afford not to shop there, and anyway this is a luxury. But I wants it. And it's $37 at amazon and $50 at Powells. And I can't afford that. But I want to see "Parliament of Dreams!"

Ah well. I am a Better Person Than That. Really. Probably. I can reconstruct Kosh's creepy scene with Talia in my head! Really I can!

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2007-03-13 07:53 pm

The internet is a strange and wondrous place

So I'm scrolling down my spam folder in gmail when I find two great spam subject lines that taste great together:

Subject line: What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.
Subject line of next message: Become a Crime Scene Investigation!

I find this far funnier than it deserves. I feel I could write a CSI pre-credits tag around those two sentences, actually. It is the story of a business man, who goes to Vegas thinking he can get away with ... something ... and then the next thing we know, he's dead on the pavement. In fact, I think that pretty much covers half of CSI.

Almost as good is the pairing Take the Man Quiz! / Choose complementary tones. (Yes, complementary spelled like that.) The first, of course, is spam for viagra; the second is spam for downloaded ring tones. But in combination they mean something else entirely.


Sometimes people rock: check out this product on amazon. Yes, y'all: someone is selling gallons of milk on Hilarious? Weird? Baffling? All of the above?

Well, apparently nine hundred people agree with you, because they're writing reviews like this:

"This stuff is amazing! I ordered some the other day and selected express shipping so the total was like $35.00 for a gallon of milk, but it has changed my life. My once bald head is now covered in thick, Fabio-like hair, my impotence is cured, I no longer have vertigo, dementia, incontinence, ringing ears, depression, psychosis, post-nasal drip, explosive diarrhea, herpes, or the plague. Thank you Tuscan Milk!! I am totally getting this for my wife for Christmas."

"Delivered by the bronzed descendants of Roman Gods (dressed as postal workers) my Tuscan Milk arrived! Upon opening the container, the heavens opened and the angles sang! It was really quite a nuisance. My house is now littered with unemployed Romans and angels that won't shut up. They drank all my Tuscan milk. "

Or my personal favorite, the one that reviews Tuscan Whole Milk, 1 Gallon, 128 fl oz, in the style of an iPhone review: The 1 Gallon Jug of Tuscan Whole Milk's beauty alone would be enough to prompt certain members of the milk-drinking cult to dig for their credit cards. But its Milk OS X-based software makes it not so much a smartmilk as something out of "Minority Report". ... the rest )


Also: things I have to do by tomorrow morning at 8 am include:
1. Packing. Kind of important.
2. Dishes. Important, but not, you know, CRUCIAL. One sad little water glass still on the counter would be okay.
3. Laundry. Important, because I have to at least finish the stuff that's wet.
6. Shower, breakfast, clean out 'fridge, take out trash, etc.
7. Print out greyhound bus ticket.

In short: AHHHHH.

So, instead of dealing with that, I am ... reading the news on the internet. Whee! I have learned that the Golden State Warriors are up to ninth in the Western Conference -- because they defeated the number-one seeded Mavs, ending the Mav's seventeen-game winning streak. Awesome! There are many pictures of Nowitzki looking a little baffled. Nowitzki was all "we just were never ready to play" and "we didn't think they had it in them," which is bullshit, because the -- read it again -- ninth-ranked Warriors have whumped the Mavs in four straight match-ups now. And they kept Nowitzki to thirteen points. HA.
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2007-03-11 06:30 pm
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Things Not To Do

Things that you should totally not spend your Sunday doing: a guy on youtube has posted the entirety of QI series C (3).

Well, at least, you shouldn't ALSO spend your Sunday doing that, since I've already done it. Not all twelve episodes or anything, but I've watched a good bit of QI today, and been astonished when none of the contestants knew what a taffy pull or a Myoclonic jerk is. People! That's not hard! That's not like when Stephen Fry asks "what was the capital of England for five days in thirteen-something?"


Also, you should definitely not spend several hours poking around the Threadless stock lists, just because their t-shirts are almost all on sale for $10, through tomorrow. Even though Threadless is fabulous cool, and even though the women's tees are printed on American Apparel shirts and thus ridiculously cheap at $10. Seriously: don't spend several hours at it, and get distracted by all the designs you haven't scored recently, and wonder why people keep posting things with violent robots, or oddly sketchy alien-like creatures. Instead, think about how much you want Real Men Drink Tea to be printed, because then you can have a t-shirt with a pirate! Drinking tea!
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2007-03-04 11:30 pm
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More [personal profile] eruthros finds cool deals online

1. The Complete New Yorker. No, really the complete one, the DVDs+the book. For thirty dollars. It's on sale right now.

2. Snow boots for more than eighty percent off at For example, the Columbia Women's Shoes. The sizes are a little inconsistent, and the shoes have individual pages for colors, so you can't say "okay, they don't have this in black in my size, so what about the sage?" without doing a new search. On the other hand, that means that there are a lot of standard sizes left in some colors, because other people apparently don't do that new search. I'm getting me a pair of $120 snow boots for $20. AWESOME.
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2007-02-19 11:51 pm
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Today, on [personal profile] eruthros finds Awesome Deals Online, Part Two:

OKAY. So... this is not the sort of thing that I'd usually share with my friends. But this is an incredible deal, and I'd feel bad for not spreading the word.

See, Tantus -- makers of many fine, pthalate-free silicone sex toys -- has a storefront now. And with the storefront? A section for year-end closeouts, somewhere around 55-70% off. Here's what we learned when we did workshops in college: silicone is the ideal sex toy material. It can be sterilized by boiling, doesn't offgas ... and is really expensive. Turns out? Not if you buy the closeout colors. Apparently copper is out this year.

Also, the storefront descriptions are usually nominal; for more info, check out their main site.
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2007-02-19 10:13 pm
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Today, on [personal profile] eruthros finds Awesome Deals Online:

The Soleas online shoe store is having a going out of business sale, so they are selling things like $125 Dansko sandals for $40. Only you can't return or exchange things, woe! Solution? Order on the phone, not online, and tell them you found a website with a better price -- they'll knock their price down 110% of the difference between their price and the Soleas price. Yeah, I just got a pair of Dansko leather sandals for $30. Brand new. Free next day shipping from Zappos. ROCK.
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2006-12-20 09:18 pm


Boom, in this case, in the literal sense.

3.7 isn't big at all, but it was a sharp enough shake (and preceded by enough forewarning rumbling) that my mom and I dropped our forks and said "doorway!" in unison and headed off for safety. (Then, of course, the sharp shake turned out to not be the beginning of anything else, and it's only being scored a IV on the Mercalli scale by people in our zip. I'd give it a III, me, because nothing fell off the table except the newspaper, and we weren't panicked. But others are not so conservative.)

Also, I love the USGS. Back at Loma Prieta, we had to go turn on the radio and sit outside under the beams of the carport (I played candyland with the neighborhood kids) and wait for news to trickle in. We didn't even know how big the quake was for an hour or so. Now? Presuming you've still got the 'net, you'll get a report in about thirty seconds, 1500 Mercalli scale personal responses compiled into an intensity map in a minute and a half (more than that, of course, if it's a big quake), a preliminary Richter scale measurement in four minutes, and the whole shebang will be reviewed by a seismologist fifteen minutes after the quake. How's that for sweet?


I know I'm back in California because I fall asleep with a little tune stuck in my head. Not a Christmas song, no. It goes like this: "Approaching outbound two car M, M in one minute followed by one car L in two minutes two car N, N in four minutes. The next inbound train is going out of service. Do not board."


I think I'm still a San Francisco foodie at heart. [ profile] friede asked me about good restaurants in Philadelphia, and I could name several, but I couldn't do what I did today. )
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2006-12-18 12:37 am
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Tom's of Maine now makes a deodorant that looks exactly like their "classic" deodorant, except for a little red bar across the front that says "long-lasting." This is an entirely different formula and contains zinc ricinoleate, which many people are allergic to. (Allergic reactions include red, peeling circles on the any skin zinc ricinoleate touches and the ever-exciting burning skin.) If you buy Tom's and have sensitive skin, watch out for the new product, which is difficult to distinguish from the "classic" deodorant on a casual glance.

Also, join me in crankiness at Tom's "some individuals may develop an allergic reaction that is unique to them." Bull. They should know that this shit is not exact hypoallergenic; at least a quarter of their reviews on the site are from people who had contact dermatitis or allergic reactions. (Also, there are articles on pubmed about it. Pah.)
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2006-11-04 02:29 am

Help me, Obi-Wan Flist, you're my only hope!

I am looking for the name (or even just pictures of) a certain kind of women's coat with origins in the 19th century frock/walking coat.

It is based loosely on men's frock or walking coats, but tailored for a female silhouette, more or less. The basics: fitted top, usually single-breasted, small buttons down to the waist, and small or no lapels or even a stand-up collar; wide, flared knee-length or lower skirt with a straight (not angled) front center split. No outside pockets. It "wears" a bit like a fitted shirt and a skirt and is typically worn over pants. (Note: this is not actually a frock coat, as it has princess seaming instead of back seams, small lapels or no lapels, and is not open in the front. Also, men's frocks tend to be oddly less fitted in the waist and less flared at the hips; can't imagine why. And women's frock coats are usually large-lapelled and double-breasted or have buttons down past the waist. So: not quite the same.) Sometimes one sees them in the 19th-century-Orientalist mode, with a high collar, frogs instead of buttons, and embroidery up along side the center split.

I associate this look oddly with Judy Davis as George Sand in Impromptu, but I can't find any pictures of same to work out if that's a valid association. Also, with women doing sort of crossdressing with top hats and canes. This might make it a riding coat, except that women's riding coats usually have an overlapping skirt without the straight center split, and also are usually have only eight or so inches of skirt. Also, riding coats aren't worn much these days.

So I don't know. What the hell is this coat called, and how can I buy one? Every time I see someone wearing one, I say "oooh!" and want it desperately. Especially the ones in, like, dip-dyed silk. That is so going to be my job search coat.

Next time I see one, I swear, I'm grabbing the woman's arm until I can see the label. It will endear me deeply to the fashion-conscious crowd.
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2006-09-24 06:57 pm

Words, words, words

Query: things can bode well, or bode ill. Can they just bode? My dictionary is unclear on this subject. Obviously one doesn't need ill or well with an object (e.g. boding long days), but what about without an object? My sense is yes; after all, one can have portents of unspecific kind.

The OED only has examples of it used with well or ill, or with a direct object. But they also don't show usage after 1870 on their date chart, so I think I can make my own rules. They also indicate that the use of "bode" as a noun, for presentment or portent, is archaic, and I use it in that meaning in speech as well, so I shall just dismiss the OED's interpretation entirely.

In any case, the weather here is boding. An orange-red-gray light, a whipping wind, and swiftly-moving clouds: something is happening.


Random food porn: Leonidas Chocolate is doing a 15th anniversary sale. All of their chocolate is retailing for $20/lb. In the states, even. Get thee hence and got a general assortment and appreciate the gianduja!
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2006-08-25 06:21 pm

(no subject)

... my rage for Verizon knows no bounds. It is CAPSLOCK RAGE, in point of fact.

Query: aren't we supposed to be afraid of communism because it makes everything inefficient? And people don't get services? Or potatoes? Or something?

Because, well, I ain't seeing the benefits of capitalism at the moment. I WILL GO CAPSLOCK HARRY ON VERIZON'S COLLECTIVE ASSES.
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2006-05-14 10:29 pm

Lists (written the morning of 5/13)

Things That Make Me Say "Woe!":

1. Bonny Doon is apparently no longer making their Ca'Del Sol freisa frizzante. This saddens me: it was a lovely sparkling dessert wine, done with freisa grapes, which means an incredible strawberry aroma and taste. Also, it had the kickest-ass label ever. In searching for wine to take back to the east coast, it's gonna have to be their Muscato Vin de Glaciere instead. Pah.

2. Indian Springs' Moscato Bianco 2005 is not yet released, and they're no longer selling the 2004. Pah! This is not my favorite moscato in the world, but it is quite good. (And even I can taste the apricot notes.)

3. I am basically working every day I'm in the Bay Area; I haven't even made it to Thrifttown, which is walking distance from my parents' house. I got breakfast at the Ferry Building one day, which was exciting. Still, it's kinda silly to be here and do nothing home-towny. (I am, in fact, at work now. I am, to be more specific, in my second exam room of the day, having arrived at 7.30 and planning to leave by 6 pm by the grace of SofTest and Microsoft.)

3a. Natural conclusion of 3: Ded of tired. Nothing like twelve-hour workdays to really perk you up.

Things That Make Me Say "Yay!":

1. The Suns won last night without going into overtime, so I didn't have to make that irritating decision about getting enough sleep versus watching the end of the game. Even though Radmanovic made four three-pointers in a row, taking it near a tie, he missed his fifth. Thank heavens. (Also, the Suns won the game despite getting under 100 points and despite Steve Nash making only three shots in the whole game. Take that, people who say that Steve Nash needs to make baskets for them to win! He's a point guard! He just needs to get his teammates in position to make baskets! And take that, commentators! Who spend entire games claiming that if the Suns make less than thirty points in even one quarter, they're gonna lose the game!)

2. Doing crossword puzzles at dinner with the whole family. "Okay, 'a little lower,' cee-blank-ell-blank." "Calf." Et cetera. This is only yay if the crossword puzzles are fun; frankly, I often find the NYTimes one tries too hard to be clever, doing things like running some words off the edge of the puzzle, or starting every long clue with a Q, or whatever. (Also, in my years of doing crossword puzzles, I have discovered that "grand relative" or "upright relative" is always spinet, never harpsichord or virginal or clavichord. I mean, I can understand why it's never a clavicytherium, because it probably wouldn't fit, but surely "virginal" would be nice and confusing. Also, any imported car will be an Audi, for the three vowels, and any Middle Eastern grp OPEC, for the ending 'c.')

3. In response to 3a, above: iced coffee with soymilk from the place down the street. Iced coffee: making six am seem like a slightly less sucktastic idea since 1598!