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2011-07-21 01:48 pm

useful things!

1. I have this problem with reading things that make me angry on the internet - if they show up in firefox's url bar when I start to type something else in, I'll go "oh, I should check that" or "oh, I should see if there are new comments" and then I'll read them even though I know they'll make me hate the world. Like, I'd start typing some other url with an s, and then I'd end up at, even though I knew there would be nothing good there except maybe Glen Greenwald and that I'd read some lifestyles article and it would make me cranky, and then I'd read the comments even though I shouldn't and that would make me despair for humanity. And cranky.

But the thing is, I only do that when I see the name of the site in the dropdown; if I don't see it, it's much easier to resolve not to go there. So I use a handy firefox keyboard command to take things out of the suggestions - I highlight the suggested url that I want to avoid and shift-delete on it, and it is gone. It will reappear if I go there a lot anyway, but since mostly these are places that I don't want to go to, places I just end up out of habit or fear or something, it works for me.

Anyway it is a great tool and I <3 it.

2. Readability! If you use(d) readability, you probably know that they disabled their old bookmarklet in favor of their new browser applet in February. I hate the new applet - it doesn't play well with noscript, it tracks pageviews, it disables printing and saving to pdf, it doesn't work on locally saved html pages or on many secured sites, and it's basically no longer really about quickly getting me a version of a site that I can read - it's about content-management for other people. HATE.

However! There are places to get the old readability bookmarklet hosted elsewhere - Readabilitude (which on my system doesn't require me to temporarily allow scripts every time I want to use it) - and there are also alternatives that have other style features - e.g. Readable (which I haven't used because it does require temporarily allowing js every time).

I was just doing without it for a while, so I was glad when I found those a couple months ago.

3. Unrelated to computers! Many people I chat with have been reading or rereading Harry Potter fic in a burst of nostalgia. But it can be hard to find that exact story, you know, the one where Harry owned a owl-order bookstore, or that one where Snape rescued him from the Dursleys, or that other one where Blaise was a fashion designer, so in case y'all don't know about it I will link here to painless_j's themed lists, wherein ze links to all the fic ze can find for various tropes and plot devices. It's handy both for the purposes of finding that one story you lost and for the purposes of reading all the HP fic featuring glory holes or someone being sorted into a different house or someone taking up a career in mediwizardry.

4. And for anyone who's dealing with too-hot weather, [personal profile] sparkymonster made a post a while back with tips for dealing with hot weather; there are also a bunch of comments full of tips. It's pretty fucking hot here, so I appreciate those.
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2011-07-14 08:00 pm

Hahahahaha no.

So, okay, remember how I posted a while ago about my laptop touchpad being broken? And how a Dell technician was going to come by to replace it and the DVD drive?

In the last week, this is what's happened:

Wednesday: I talked to Dell technical support and had them send out replacement parts and a repair guy.

Friday: The repair guy came by and replaced the touchpad, hurrah! But, oh damn, they sent the wrong optical drive. The repair guy called Dell to have them send the right part and gave them the part number. "Be back Tuesday," he said.

Tuesday: The Dell repair guy came by again. He had the computer half-disassembled before he realized that they had overriden the part number he'd put in the system, and sent the same (wrong) optical drive again. He spent half an hour on the phone with them getting them to put a note in the system "NO WE MEAN IT SEND THIS PART."

Today: Dell repair guy came by again, this time with the right optical drive, hurrah! But half an hour after he left I started to get suspicious - the fan had not spun up at all. Like, at all. And the laptop was getting too hot to the touch. And I put my computer to sleep for a while, suspicious, but it kept happening.

So I talked to Dell's technical support over chat. "I'm pretty sure the repair guy just didn't get the cables back right," I said. "The optical drive doesn't impact the fan," the technical support guy said. "He had my laptop disassembled," I said.

Then the motherboard did it's safety-shut down thing, and I lost that chat session, which was really all for the better, because when I called they bumped me up to a manager.

Who agreed that probably the technician had just failed to reconnect the cables, but -- for warranty reasons -- I can't take the cover off the latop. (I totally could, though.) And, for making-sure-they-have-the-repair-covered reasons, they're not just going to send the repair guy back tomorrow to check the cables.

No. They're sending out a new motherboard and fan and heat sink.

You know, just in case.

And they won't be here until Monday.

There is not enough facepalm in the world right now, guys.

Until then, I'll be doing twenty minutes on, twenty minutes off on said computer. Or getting one of those fan lap desks, which should extend that to forty minutes or so - I've always meant to get one of same.

But, okay, guys, that will make a total of four trips the repair guy has made up here. FOUR. I am caught between LOLZ and CRANKY.
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2011-04-17 01:17 pm
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Firefox 4!

1. ... whoah firefox 4 is fast. Like. Whoah.

I use chrome for some things, not because I like the interface and options all that much, but because sometimes it's much easier to have two browsers open. And the only thing I regretted about mostly using firefox was that it took so much longer to open and to load pages. But now it is WARP SPEED in comparison to firefox 3.x

I had to excitedly demonstrate this to t'wings, but I was briefly thwarted by the fact that I ask firefox to ask me whether to restore my previous session. I was like "look! I just click the button and ... okay, have to click through that dialogue choice ... but now it is there!"

2. Aaaaah there is no status bar you guys how can I tell if the site is asking for cookies or whether that's where I look to learn things what is stylish doing up there next to the search bar it belongs down in the lower right corner ahh.

3. CookieSafe, you do not work in Firefox 4, stop pretending that you do. Your buttons do not button, your menu does not menu, there is no there there.

I swapped to Cookie Monster temporarily, because I need a cookie manager, but I'd prefer something that has a toolbar button.

4. I love how easy it is to run two firefoxes at the same time. Firefox 4 is in beta, and I didn't want to screw up my old default profile. But otoh I didn't want to do the hard finding-the-bookmarks and session-manager preferences stuff. A little profile manager, a little copy paste, and I have firefox 3.6 and 4 using basically the same preferences but two different profiles.

5. Look the default position of the toolbars in Firefox 4 is just wrong, I'm sorry, what is that with the tabs above the location bar, I cannot deal with change you guys. Fortunately there is a ticky to fix it.

6. Seriously, I don't know why I put this off for so long. I heard such bad things about firefox that the idea of upgrading just felt like irritating work, I think, but wow this is so much better.
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2010-12-22 02:02 pm
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(no subject)

So the AC adapter for my laptop stopped working sometime on the plane yesterday - now it just goes squeak! squeak! and doesn't charge anything.

My system is still under warranty, but it still means that rather than going out to lunch today I had to call Dell four times: once to say there was a problem and be promised a dispatch number shortly, once when I didn't get said dispatch number ("I'll phone you back in ten minutes!"), once to talk to someone in the wrong department who was all "dispatch request? what?" (thanks, phone tree), and once to talk to an amazingly efficient woman who took care of everything and kept putting me on hold for five minutes to go track down everyone who screwed up this morning. Now, perhaps as an apology, they are sending out an AC adapter and motherboard ("just in case!") with a technician who will arrive in two to three business days. Honestly I would have preferred just the AC adapter, thanks -- when it makes hideous noises when plugged into the wall regardless of whether there's a computer on the other end, I really don't think the problem is likely to be the motherboard. Though it would be hilarious if it was, in part because that would make the fifth count them fifth motherboard I've gone through in the last two years.

And people say the extended warranty isn't worth it! They clearly haven't met Dell.

ANYWAY, this means I'm tying this on the computer my parents use for TV, so the monitor is GIANT and SHINY and hard to read on and the keyboard barely works. And it's now clearly too late to go out to lunch. Maybe I'll watch some tv and do some knitting instead.
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2010-08-24 06:00 pm

minor computer annoyances

Some of these are things I've fixed, some of them aren't.

1. New VLC makes me go aaaaaaargh. Every time I start it up or open a new file, it tries to rebuild the font cache. and then? more about the font cache )

2. So, okay, Helvetica Neue is a shitty web font in Firefox for Windows. fistshake at designers who insist on Helvetica )

3. Websites that don't put a line break between paragraphs. Especially with lots of text. NARGH. I have so much trouble reading e.g. racialicious's link roundups, but readability has trouble parsing the unordered list format, and zap doesn't make bookmarklets for that. I have looked for other bookmarklets to add line breaks to lists, but my googlefu failed me. Anybody else have anything?
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2010-05-18 06:25 pm

(no subject)

1. I had a dream the other night in which I won the lottery. I spent the entirety of the dream filling out forms and visiting accountants and dealing with, like, filing taxes and mutual funds. I didn't even get to spend any of it, but on the other hand it seemed so realistic and plausible that I woke up and simultaneously thought "but I don't even buy lottery tickets" and "shit, I forgot to fill out form 27-B." Let me just say, though, how bummed I am that I couldn't even buy a pony in a dream about winning the lottery.

Anyway, I blame the episode of Numb3rs with the ridiculous lottery plot.

2. Speaking of Numb3rs, now I am out of Numb3rs -- I ran out of show without noticing. And some moderately spoilery things happened )

3. I have learned how to hardcode subs into an avi file when I get them in srt format, which is ... not the usual direction I'm trying to go! But it's handy for making clips of things to share. If this is a thing you are also interested in, and you're on a PC, this is what I did )

4. Oh my god you guys our upstairs neighbors have been trying to save money on trash tags by throwing "compost" in a corner of the backyard.

At first we thought it was, like, some random neighbor trying it once, or a broken trash bag, or something that was thrown over the fence, because there were candy wrappers and shit in it. So we covered it with leaves and dirt and sprinkled clover seed mix on it, because we don't have enough leaves to really compost here. But NO, because today there is MORE, plus they left out the plastic bin they use to collect their "compost." So it is clear that this is on purpose, as if they can compost by just throwing down whole tomatoes and peppers and corn cobs and the occasional candy wrappers on top of the dirt and leaving them there in a pile. Without stirring. Or adding dry leaves or yard waste. Household trash alone does not make a free-standing compost pile, upstairs neighbors. It just makes a moldy mess, ugh ugh ugh.
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2008-01-23 05:34 pm
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I can haz laptop?

*points at screen*

No for reals! It's right here! It was delivered while I was in class even though it was signature required, the bums, I hate UPS a lot, but nobody stole it or anything and I cannot sustain the hate because LAPTOP.

It is all SHINY and they have replaced the case and cleaned out the keyboard and I have new hinges and a new battery and they fixed the screen problem and, and, shiny! Shiny. Also it is mine.

Only problem: I got home all "omg! laptop!" and then opened the box and then discovered that no, I could not have laptop. Because they'd shrinkwrapped the laptop and the power cord. For real. And I tried to use my scissors and I was thwarted; they wouldn't cut through the plastic tape around the plastic sheeting around the shrinkwrap. So I had to dig through everything looking for my sewing scissors. Me: "ooh, I haven't seen that yarn in a while... oh, hey, I should finish that sock... damn it, where the fuck are the scissors?" as my laptop sat LANGUISHING on the sofa, all shrinkwrapped and alone.

So that is my story! It is a good story. I like it as a story. It has a happy ending. With vids! I plan to watch many vids I have missed.
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2008-01-21 12:51 pm


Okay, so I just (finally) got the email telling me that my laptop shipped out from the service center! So much yay!

... except. Wait. What? My laptop is being shipped to ... California? But it shouldn't go to California! It should come here! I called and called and called the folks at Office Depot about it! Woe!

So I phoned Office Depot all, "hi, remember how we talked about my package being shipped FROM California but TO Ithaca?" And the dude was like "yup, it's here in your record" and I said "okay, then WHY DID I JUST GET AN EMAIL SAYING MY LAPTOP IS GOING TO CALIFORNIA?" And he was like, "um, let me look ... huh, California. You're right. Well, we can't change that, ma'am, you have to call UPS directly and they'll let you intercept the package.* Or maybe there'll be someone in California to get it?" Me, giving up: "Yes, but I'M not in California, and ... and ... oh ... just ... argh."

So I called the subcontractor they use directly, with my reference # ready. "Hi! Reference number such and such! Office Depot screwed up! Sorry to bug you, but they're not gonna deal with it!" And the guy said, "shit, we'll try to intercept it. They just picked it up half an hour ago, so it should be possible. I'll get back to you." And that is how things stand now. At least he was trying to be helpful.

These are exactly the situations that I made the Ivanova icon for. GO IVANOVA. BOOM. BOOM BOOM BOOM woe. Want laptop. Don't want laptop to be going to some mystery location. Woe.

* Note: this is a lie. Except in special circumstances, delivery intercept is reserved for people who subscribe to the service.
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2007-12-21 08:14 am
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I will not be around much, for lo:

1) my laptop is gone, gone, gone. By which I mean, in a box and heading towards warranty repair somewhere.

2) [ profile] m_shell's laptop has a broken power cord, and until its repair there shall be no internet for me in San Francisco, unless I go to the library or to a net cafe.

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2007-08-27 10:59 am
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OMG you guys I think my laptop is broken.

It's all -- the screen is all white with sometimes some blue streaky stuff, and sometimes there's this sort of vague hint of the page behind it, and it only looks readable when it is in exactly the right position. And this is a good kind of broken, right, because I didn't lose data, and it's still usable if I don't move it at all, but ... but ... *hugs laptop*

I don't know what happened! I set it down last night and it was fine! It was! And. WAH.

It's still under a protection plan, but to use the protection plan I have to find the information, get it to Rochester, and I have to give it up for untold weeks and I can't do that because I need it! And god only knows they might declare it something that's my fault, and I can't afford that. And. And.

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2007-06-12 07:37 pm
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The flist knows all

I have got a couple .avi files that don't play. Before I get rid of them, I wondered if any of y'all had encountered this problem before.

In VLC: no image, no sound, time shows 00:00 but time bar moves.

So I checked out afreecodecvt, which checks your codec sets against the required ones for the vid. It says "this isn't an avi" and no more.

So I checked it out in GSpot, which says that this is:
MPEG-4 / MPEG Elementary Video
Userdata: DivX999b000p, XviD0038
and then can't work out what kind of file it is. But it's clearly really a video file; GSpot can tell me that it's 23.980 fps and that it's 624x352 and whatever all -- it just can't figure out what codec is used and is utterly baffled by the format.

But I thought that this might be another case of that bug in one of the xvid encoders, which marks some things as packed bitstream even though they're not, and thus confuses many the file. So I tried to open the file in the mpeg modifier, which will let you change the packed bitstream marker to a normal bitstream marker, except it won't open this file -- mpeg modifier also spits this out, rejecting it as an avi container.

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2006-09-19 03:46 pm

LJ using IE+Horizon

As I have now posted this in response to asides in several comments, I thought I'd put in here in case any of y'all were having trouble.

If you're using Internet Explorer (or Safari) and Horizon, the new default site scheme, together, there's a bug that may give you trouble highlighting text with a click-and-drag. LJ says that they're working on a bugfix, but I haven't seen anything posted to [ profile] lj_releases about the time scheme. (Their first try didn't work.)

If you want to highlight text, you've got several options:
1. Click on one side of the text you want to highlight, and shift-click on the other.
2. Try looking at the page with ?format=light appended to the end of the url.
3. Switch to one of the older site schemes at the viewing options page
4. Switch to a different browser. (This was the advice [ profile] burr86 gave on one of the Horizon release posts after people started reporting the bug. It is to laugh. I can't convince dedicated IE users to switch to Firefox by pointing out that it does extensions! and greasemonkey! and you can turn off flash! and it will practically get your coffee for you! I really don't think "hey, we screwed up, and now you can't highlight on lj" is going to make people switch browsers.)

I think that this means that lj admin shouldn't have made Horizon the default yet, because that strikes me as a pretty big bug -- in fact, most of the last couple-three pages on the aforementioned [ profile] lj_releases post up there are people saying "hey! I can't do this highlighting thing! What gives?"
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2006-09-05 07:18 pm

Computery things that are making me happy

1. Mozilla Thunderbird. Really, really simple and not a memory hog and works with Kerberos. Also, David Hewlett now says "wicked! this is all porn!" when I get new messages. Sweeeet.

2. Message tracking or notifications on lj. I was refreshing the post again, to read new comments (as one frequently does with lj-news posts, even when they are on [ profile] paidmembers instead of news qua news) and then I realized -- hey! I can now just get message notifications instead! Sweeeet.

3. mp3s of music in foreign languages

4. This adventure game-style walkthrough of an Ikea store. (No, it's more hilarious than it sounds...)

5. This recipe for fruit crisp, which is more or less how we made two peach crisps in the last week. (Except we used amaretto on the sliced peaches, and some nutmeg in the crisp part, and more cinnamon than called for, and also some almonds. And we think bananas have no place in a crisp. But it's basically the recipe we used.) This will shortly make me happy, as I can have more peach crisp after dinner. Mmmmm.
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2006-01-04 12:03 am
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WMF summary

For those of you not following the current Windows security hole debacle, here's a brief capsule:

1. This is a huge problem; malicious code can execute if you just look at a wmf picture, or if one is indexed by Windows. (Note: WMF pictures don't always have .wmf filenames; they can be jpgs or bmps or whatever.)

2. The Internet Storm Center has reports that approximately 10% of respondents have already seen exploits intended for this vulnerability.

3. IE will automatically open and trigger the image, and therefore the exploit. Firefox will ask if you want to open the wmf image, but it still won't completely protect you -- wmf images can show up in IM, in email, &etc. Logging in as a user, not administrator, will help too, but if the image is left on your computer and you log in later as an administrator you're still in trouble. Safe browsing alone will not protect you; trusted websites have been compromised (Area 52, for one). Anti-virus updates, while good, are several exploits behind. Basically: safer behavior is better, but won't stave off all exploits.

4. Microsoft will not be releasing a patch until January 10th because ... well, they have some craptastic reason, but basically because they suck.

5. No shortage reputable folks (SANS, F-Secure, etc) are suggesting installation of an unofficial patch, available here -- this patch does not alter windows and is uninstallable. SANS and F-Secure both tested the patch and checked the code; it does what it says it does and is not spyware.

I've seen a couple folks on my flist today with unexpected spy-, ad-, or mal- ware problems, and it occurred to me that they might be having this exact problem, so I thought I'd post the briefest of summaries in hopes that it doesn't happen to anyone else. If you want something more detailed, there are FAQs on wikipedia, SANS Internet Storm Center, F-Secure's blog, and even US-CERT, the United States Computer Emergency Response Team.

Please note: anyone who replies to this post telling me running Linux will make it all better will be thoroughly thumped.
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2005-11-07 08:15 pm

(no subject)

As if I needed another reason to hate DRM:

Mark Russinovich notices that a Sony CD installs a rootkit and doesn't include an uninstall.

Lawsuits in both directions. Fun!

ETA: This is a much more user-friendly article (on cnet, natch) about the Sony problem and DRMs in general.

I refuse to spend money for a music product that is not universally playable -- if I buy a CD-like thing (the Sony music in question is not technically on a CD for reasons of not meeting Phillips redbook standards), I should be able to play it on my computer, my CD player, my (theoretical) mp3 player, my pda, my car stereo. Buying a CD and finding I couldn't put the songs on an iPod? Lame. Buying music from iTunes and finding I couldn't put it on a Rio Karma? Lame. Lame, lame, lame. Plus, of course, I might accidentally break my DRM. (Various DRM systems currently work so poorly that updating your system or adding new hardware may -- surprise! -- mean you can't play those thousands of dollars of music anymore. There's a solution in theory, but in practice... well, this is how that Microsoft Support page puts it: The license issuer, such as the online store where you bought the protected file, determines whether you are permitted to back up a specific license. Therefore, you may not be able to back up all your licenses. If you cannot back up the license for a particular file, you cannot restore that license after you change your hardware component. If you cannot restore a license, you cannot play the protected file.)

Of course, the current rate of DRM spread means that in five years, I'm going to be listening only to my old CDs, anything I ripped from vinyl, and anything I pirate. And I might have to go linux -- Windows is bending over backward for the MPAA and RIAA. And I will be a cranky young coot. Unless they come up with an open standard -- ha! But at least I'll be able to, you know, watch my movies and listen to my music.

Cranky, cranky, cranky.
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2005-08-10 08:53 pm

(no subject)

ScummVM, how do I love thee? Though thy documentation could be better, yea verily.

See, just a soundblaster emulator can't get the monster.sou speech files from SCUMM-based games to work properly, and you get all this screechiness and bleh. ScummVM, otoh, emulates just perfectly once you figure it out (though you have to do your own futzing with the .ini file) and now I am playing Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis and ScummVM can make Kyrandia play too and... Kyrandia! It has been so long! (This comes up because many of my old early-90s SCUMM-based games were on 5 inch floppy, and so naturally they are unplayable now, but someone in Philly was getting rid of the CD-Rom versions of same, and now I have Maniac Mansion and Sam and Max and Monkey Island the first and Day of the Tentacle and Fate of Atlantis and other things yay.)
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2005-06-15 10:13 pm
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Tags? Introduced an hour ago. Me? Back to February already.

I am possibly the most boring person to ever live, but... TAGS. I hated memories.

The only problems: I want to have a pull-down list of tags on the update page, because otherwise you risk introducing a singular/plural or spelling problem and having to waste valuable seconds fixing it. Also, I want to be able to go into archive view and select a bunch of entries and go "mark 'em ALL travel!" or whatever.

Still. TAGS.
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2005-02-10 02:10 pm
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Mozilla, mozilla

There are a bunch of new extensions available for Firefox 1.0, and I thought I'd link to a couple particularly good ones:

Session Saver. The coolest extension EVER. Well, after Tabbrowser, anyway. This works, completely and totally and in every way. The Firefox default session saver only works sometimes (in my experience) and doesn't work if your computer crashes or something. I've had the Session Saver extension for a week now, and it rocks my world, because I'm using a w98 computer 'cause my laptop's broken, and thus crashing a lot. No matter how hard I crash -- I can crash hard enough that ctrl-alt-del doesn't work -- Session Saver restores my browser exactly the way it was before I crashed. Word. Right down to where I was on a page. I love it.

MapIt. This is for those times when you're reading about a shop and you don't know where it is and you have to go to all that trouble to copy the address and open Mapquest or Yahoo maps or whatever and paste it in. No more. Now I can select an address and right-click and there's an option right there on the context menu. It's the little things that make your browsing experience so much better...

And... GCache. I love this extension so, for now when I come to a webpage that didn't load properly, all I have to do is right-click to view it in the google cache. My context menu, if you couldn't tell, is now miles long.
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2005-01-13 04:22 pm
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Words for weird brain blips

I was talking about this with [ profile] friede earlier, and we couldn't think of the word for this, if one exists.

See, there's this thing people do when typing where somewhere between brain and fingers you substitute a not-quite-homonym.

Like today, when I was trying to type "and soon: croissants!" and actually typed "and sound: croissants!" and had to go back and change it. And I typed "I half hard cider" instead of "I have hard cider." And most recently, instead of "what day is your exam?" I typed "what does your exam?" The interesting thing being that the words can be completely different in spelling and in finger position (that is, they're not typos in the pure sense) and they have a completely different meaning.

And it's most frequent with short (one-syllable) commonly-used words -- maybe because you're thinking carefully about spelling and things when using words like "floccinaucinihilipilificator," and besides, what sounds like floccinaucinihilipilificator? Now I want to do a bio-psych study to see what, exactly, is going on there, brain-wise.

If no word exists for this, I'm inventing one out of a Latinate base and getting in the OED.
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2005-01-07 01:48 am


It is raining very, very, very hard. All thumpity-thumpity on the roof. And I am in bed. Very cosy.

Also, I just upgraded from firefox 1.0 PR to 1.0 and can finally actually install tabbrowser preferences. Yay! So this meant that I actually, um, stopped mostly using 0.8, which I was clinging to because I had customized it all so purty. I have now done much customizing, which is a goodness, even though I have not yet been able to find the alt-up extension or the click-to-view-flash extension for 1.0, which irritates me. The first let you hit alt-up to go up a level in a directory, which you do all the time because of dead links or people who don't bother to include links to home on every page. And the second lets you make flash animations click-to-view, which vastly improves my browsing experience, because I hate flash ads and flash intros when I don't want to see them. Also, I liked the firebird 0.5-0.8 options menus so much more, because there were tons more options, and I didn't have to futz around for ages trying to find everything I was looking for. (BTW: mozdev? Putting the easily-summed-up "prompt before accepting a cookie" that I was looking for under the option "keep cookies?" and phrasing it as the bland "ask every time" -- grrrr. I miss my old options menu.) I do approve of the option to import cookies from old browsers, but why in heaven they include only IE as an option -- what, because I'm already converted, so I should do it the hard way? Yeeesh.

Also, [ profile] mlechan, what's your schedule like for the hanging out? And for the San Franciscoing? And is anyone else in the area free between now and Tuesday night?

Also, many things happened when we visited Seattle, most of which [ profile] m_shell has talked about. I'm too lazy to do it myself.