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The [community profile] white_lotus Lunar New Year Exchange Masterlist is up! I ended up making three things for the exchange, all of which are totally id-tastic and the reveal probably wouldn't have surprised anyone who knew me if it weren't for the fact that I rarely make three things in a year.

Title: Ephemera from the Avatar Collection at Republic City University with notes and commentary by the archivists
For: [personal profile] livrelibre
Characters/Ships: non-explicit canon relationships
Notes: no [community profile] white_lotus standard notes; references to post-series events including violence and major character death pre-Korra
Summary: Many of these pieces lack provenience, as they were recovered after the Great Fire destroyed the Kuei Royal Collection at Ba Sing Se University.

The Avatar Collection is not available to the public. Scholarly inquiries should be directed to the Chief Archivist.

This was my 48 hour pinch hit! We had a late drop-out, and so I made this over the weekend - I did the photoshopping on Saturday, then didn't have time to do anything on Sunday because I'd already arranged to go to a museum with some folks. (The de Young's Masters of Venice show, which gave me a migraine and made everyone I went with feel sick and dizzy - wow were those bad labels.) So I finished it up late Sunday and then Monday morning and made [personal profile] chagrined beta it when ze was totally drunk and then wrestled with the AO3 Monday night to try to get the formatting to work out. And after I did that, I did:

Tiitle: Spa Day (titles are hard okay)
For: [personal profile] pleonasm/[ profile] dropsofviolet
Characters/Ships: Katara/Toph, Katara/Aang, lots of implied offscreen relationships
Notes: no [community profile] white_lotus standard notes
Summary: By the twelfth day of the border negotiation, Katara's barely holding on to her temper. She really needs some time off.

This was my four hour pinch hit! I freaked out when we didn't get a pinch hit exactly at a late deadline (though it worked out okay in the end) and did this late Monday night. It's pretty much thanks to [personal profile] glass_icarus, who was very helpful on IM talking about what all of the gaang need and want from each other. Also I was thinking of a great drawing of the adult gaang while I was writing it, but I can't find it now. [personal profile] chagrined betaed this, too, and [personal profile] such_heights also took a look at it.

I kind of want to write tons of other bits of this sort of warm, comfortable, post-series giant established open relationship, too, now: Aang and Zuko on a mountain together, Mai and Ty Lee on Kyoshi, Zuko and Mai visiting Toph, Aang and Katara and Zuko and Mai together in the Fire Nation Capital, Toph hitting Aang with rocks, all these different ways of being friends and lovers.

Title: a deep delight of the blood
For: [personal profile] thingswithwings
Characters/Ships: Katara/Zuko
Notes: The one with kinky bloodbending! It contains many kinks (see tags at the ao3) playing with obedience, control, consent, humiliation, temperature, bodies, and other fun things. Lots of kink, no sex. Characters are their canonical third-season ages.
Summary: "Me. You could practice on me. If I'm telling you that you can do it, it can't be wrong to practice - just in case - "

I wrote the first 4000 words of this for the exchange last year, and then didn't finish or post it because the timing was totally awful and I didn't think [personal profile] thingswithwings would appreciate giftfic at the time. I kept meaning to finish it after that, but never did, because writing is hard and I need deadlines. I did a bit more throughout the year, but didn't actually write the last five hundred words until the last weekend of the exchange. [personal profile] livrelibre and [personal profile] chagrined looked at this and were very reassuring when it had 4000 words and then looked at it again when I'd finished it, because they are awesome, even if I resisted every time [personal profile] livrelibre tried to convince me to take out some semicolons.

Also, I didn't title it until seriously the last minute, when I was despairing of ever coming up with a title and looking at quotes and song lyrics and I hated everything. And then I found this Santayana quote that made me giggle - "To knock a thing down, especially if it is cocked at an arrogant angle, is a deep delight to the blood" - so it ended up being the title even though probably it's about war or something, idk.
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1. Sometimes I cook all fancy! I'm home visiting my folks, and my dad wanted to grill because he's been watching this grilling cooking show. But I basically don't eat meat except for fish, so we settled on tuna, because it doesn't stick to the grill. So this was yesterday's dinner:

grilled marinated tuna and mango salsa taco-ish things for the noms )

2. Speaking of California, I often find staying with my parents somewhat frustrating (and helping my mom out with her work can be exceptionally frustrating).

But! Here are some of the things that California has in addition to fruit: It's-Its. Blue Bottle Coffee (<3<3<3). Tacos. Breakfast pastries at the Ferry Building. Boogaloo's amazing grilled plantain cakes. Persimmons from the tree in the backyard. Some friends I haven't seen in a while. Fan peoples. Thrift stores. An ocean.

3. There is going to be another Avatar: The Last Airbender (and Avatar: Legend of Korra) fanwork exchange over at [community profile] white_lotus! I plan to ask for Korra/Chief Bei Fong, among other things, so it is basically guaranteed to include great things.

Anyway, if you are interested, there's a draft signup post to poke at (to make sure all your favorite characters are on the list!) and tomorrow there will be a draft rules post that take people's suggests from last year into account. And signups will start later this week!

As part of making it work this year, we've also made an AO3 collection for the challenge, so that people who want to play in an anon-slow-reveal challenge but also want to be able to edit their fanworks can play that way. People will still be able to just send us their fanworks and have them posted straight to the comm, but the AO3 thing should make it easier for people who are already using the AO3. (Plus we belatedly made a collection for last year, so if you want to you can submit your fanworks to the collection.)

4. Remember that top one hundred specfic works thing? I haven't forgotten it, I promise, I just got cranky when I organized everything for Condorcet voting on a website that said it would do it ... and then couldn't deal with 250 things in a list, Grr. And then I tried a bunch of other places, and they all would only do ten items or allow 50 voters or blahblah. I might end up just doing it in comments and uploading the data flat to a Condorcet calculator. (The short version of condorcet: it's sometimes called ranked-choice or instant-runnoff voting [though a lot of different methods end up being called these things, since the terms are used confusingly in news stories], and it's usually done for single-winner issues. It can be done for a multiple-winner issue, though, and I thought it would be fun because it would let people rank as many things as they wanted. It's a kind of neat alternative since it lets you rank things you hate low, and not have to do careful vote manipulation to make your vote "count." But APPARENTLY the javascript version of the Condorcet page crashes liek whoah.)

5. some stuff about the OTW )
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For my birthday this past weekend, I got the flu. Now I am achey and tired and cranky and fever-and-chills-y and hard-to-focus-y and I can't read fic and I screwed up the decreases in my knitting like twelve times yesterday because I couldn't count.

So I thought it was time to post a guessing-fannish-stuff meme!

Some months ago, [personal profile] aria posted a bunch of post secret-style secrets from the POV of various characters, and asked people to guess who wrote which secret. At the time I thought it was a great idea, and wanted to turn it into a meme (again), but then it took me a long time to make any secrets, and also to come up with secrets, and anyway I'm bad at getting around to posting things, so I just stuck them over in posts-to-maybe-make-someday. But today is clearly a good day for it!

Behind the cut: forty-some secrets by characters from twenty-some fandoms; includes text descriptions )

One NSFW secret is here, under a separate cut )

I'd love to play in your versions, too! )

ETA: There are two secrets left unguessed (counting the ones where someone made an awesome guess, but nobody guessed what I'd originally intended): #7 and 41. So I thought I'd narrow down the fandoms somewhat; the remaining ones come from: Stargate SG-1 and Nintendo video games.
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1. More Festivids recs!

Attention Please, Paprika. PRETTY. I don't know what's going on at all, but I think that's part of the point. And the editing is really great, and uses the music really beautifully, and the whole vid has this cool hallucinatory quality.

Illumination, Joseon X-Files. Wow, this is completely gorgeous and atmospheric and ...oddly creepy, maybe? I love the way the vidder used movement of light and shadow, and the music is a great choice. I have never seen this show but clearly I must!

Space Oddity, Community. This is a really sweet Abed/Troy vid about their shared geekery, awwww. Their love of spaceships brings them closer together!

They Want More, Jurassic Park. I can't believe I forgot to rec this the other day, because it made me laugh and laugh. Dinosaur pov ftw.

Truth Is in the Dirt, V (2009). Oh, Erika Evans, ILU! This vid draws some interesting parallels between Erika and Anna, and uses the song and the atmospheric footage to great effect.

2. In knitting-related news, if you're going to drop a stitch, should you do it a) while doing some nice 2x2 ribbing, b) while setting up your short rows, or c) immediately after knitting your two stacked short row stitches? Yeah, I picked option c, who the hell even knows where these loops go. *rips back like twenty rows*

3. I was really sick of accidentally clicking on links that people had written to include hxxp (which some people do to anonymize links) so I installed a greasemonkey script to change hxxp to http. Then I realized that I was not respecting people's desire for anonymity and not incidentally was breaking the rules of some communities and forums, so I edited the script to change the hxxps to working links instead. If you'd like to do the same thing, instructions for making an redirect )

And now I am clicking on those links with ease. *is so lazy*

4. I am excited to see the permanent style=mine and style=site options (described in the latest news post), but reading people's comments about both options always reminds me that neither option is perfect for me. I often turn custom comment pages on not because I like the style or worked hard on it or anything, but because I want the sidebar or header (tags and links and etc) to be available on entry pages; I usually prefer to read in the site style. And especially in communities, if the entry page is in the site style, there's no obvious place to click for the rules or tags, which often leads to a lot of questions that are a pain in the ass ("where can I find ..." "but do you ..." "if I want to sign up ..."), or posts that don't follow the posting templates or rules or whatever. So I am still torn about site style versus custom comment pages.

5. Aren't these pantone-chip cookies pretty much the coolest thing ever? I love that she just mixed up colored icing and then matched it to a pantone color after it cooled.

6. And speaking of food, [personal profile] glass_icarus recently posted Potluck #1, a blog carnival dedicated to multicultural/intersectional posts about food.

7. And only loosely related to food, Happy New Year to everyone who celebrates! At the moment I am all eeee [community profile] white_lotus Lunar New Year Exchange eeee. The fanworks are SO GREAT GUYS, I am so glad to be posting them now where other people can see them. I have been so caught up in the excitement that I have even tried to make some treats, but I keep being interrupted by spreadsheets.
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That really ought to be like twice as big and sparkly and flashy. I just love her okay.

... and now onto "Zuko Alone."
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1. There is an alarm several blocks away that's been going off every twenty minutes for two days. It's right on the edge of my auditory range; if I'm watching tv or playing video games or listening to music I can't hear it. But as soon as I'm trying to concentrate on something, or going to sleep, there it is again, a faint distant eeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeee ARGH. I've tried to use my bedside fan (still not put away from the summer) as a white noise generator, but it doesn't really work because the range is so different. AAAAAAHHH.

And of course I don't know where it is -- it's only thirty seconds every twenty minutes and my directional hearing is shitty -- so I can't, like, track it down and go "oh my GOD turn that shit OFF" at the car or building owner.

2. [personal profile] such_heights and I are running an Avatar: The Last Airbender Lunar New Year gift exchange over at [community profile] white_lotus! (The whole thing was [personal profile] inkstone's idea.) Signups close tomorrow night! I don't know if I'll sign up; I might be busy modding/pinch hitting, plus also I fear deadlines. I'm waiting until just before signups close to decide.

But! What I really wanted to do here is signal boost the treats for anyone post. We changed the rules after the first draft, so I wanted to make sure that y'all knew that anyone can leave requests there, regardless of whether or not you're planning to sign up. You might not get anything, but then again you might! And people like me who will probably end up doing treats instead of signing up (see above re: deadlines) would probably enjoy having a large variety of prompts to peruse.

Also, let me just go EEEEEE at the thought of new Avatar fic/art/icons/vids/crafts/etc.

3. I recently finished watching the Sarah Jane Adventures and omg it was so good you guys. spoilers! )
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1. misdirected email:
Good Afternoon [name], Thank you for registering for Friday’s Anonymous Sexual Addictions workshop.
Hey, facilitator dude, how about checking the email addresses before you send them? OR here's a thought: don't put anyone's name in your email! Then if it gets misdirected, nobody will know who was supposed to get it! And nobody will have been inadvertently outed! Just a thought.

Anyway, I can't decide if that was the worst (in the sense of most embarrassing or potentially harmful) misdirected email I've ever received, so I have made a poll:

Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 30

Worst misdirected email story:

View Answers

The thirty emails in a day from Wells Fargo about someone's account overdrafting
5 (16.7%)

The email from a pastor with a ton of details of a couple's marriage counseling
23 (76.7%)

The email from google informing me that my email address had just been set as the account-recovery address for someone's professional hotel reservations account
5 (16.7%)

The, like, 200 messages from eHarmony users about someone's online dating profile
3 (10.0%)

The abovementioned email about the anonymous sexual addiction workshop
16 (53.3%)

Listen, my story is much worse than that! Let me tell you all about it in the comments.
2 (6.7%)

2. joy: someone linked to this photo on tumblr, and it made me go all happy and awww. Because it is adorable!

Criminal Minds' Shemar Moore and Matthew Gray Gubler grinning with their arms around each other. Also, Shemar Moore is wearing a really kick-ass hat.

That's Criminal Minds' Matthew Gray Gubler (Spencer Reid) on the left, and Shemar Moore (Derek Morgan) on the right. I have no idea where or when it was taken -- because, you know, tumblr -- so I sadly can't go and look for other pictures that might also include Kirsten Vangsness grinning. Criminal Minds turned into a different (worse) show in its last few seasons, but listen, Morgan still has my HEART. Okay, he and Garcia are sharing it. Anyway: just look at those grins, awwwwww.

3. photo-spread misogyny: Apparently Vogue did a fashion editorial spread on a Spider-Man theme. It is like, here are the films (and a lot of the comics) in a nutshell: Mary Jane is menaced by various villains with phallic bits to their costumes while wearing designer dresses and looking beautiful and unconscious/threatened/withdrawn. It's all right, guys, Peter Parker will save her!

4. tv: Lately I have been watching The Sarah Jane Adventures? I started at the beginning after I watched the one with casting spoilers! ), which was awesome and made me go \o/. And mostly it is a great mood-improver and full of happiness. They save the world with hugs and talking about their feelings and hand-holding! Rani and Maria and Luke and Clyde are adorable! Sarah Jane is awesome and has issues and backstory! They are a FAMILY. That saves the world and talks about aliens and emotions and love. If only most of the villains weren't evil lady-types, and if only the good guys didn't do that awful Smallville-esque targeted amnesia shit, I would have basically my ideal show.

5. Avatar: The Last Airbender: You might've seen this already, but just in case, did you guys see [personal profile] such_heights's post in [community profile] white_lotus about an Avatar: The Last Airbender gift exchange? [personal profile] inkstone suggested the exchange + the lunar new year posting dates, and a bunch of people said they were interested, so it looks like it will happen! Fanfic, fanart, fanvids, etc all accepted. So if you have preferences for style/rules/etc, plz comment at that post; we're going to try to get rules up in a couple of days so that we can do signups before the end of November. \o/ ATLA exchange!


Aug. 18th, 2010 05:56 pm
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1. I have just rewatched "Interludes and Examinations," from B5 season 3. And I have only one thing to say about it: spoilery for which characters are alive in season three )

2. I followed a link to an Avatar story that I haven't started to read, because right at the top of the page I found this:
    Thoughts/Intro/Song Lyrics
    Words on a screen/Handwritten on a page
    Stressed/Emphasized Word(s)
And I was just like, I can't even deal. *stares at list again*

3. The thing about Dr. Laura's recent assholery -- short version: she said really racist things and is now threatening to leave radio to preserve her first amendment rights (both links are to critiques) -- is that I already have a song about Dr. Laura going off the air. Only that song dates to about 2001. And was about her departure from television.
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So I've been trying to find Avatar fanfiction, and finding the process ... kind of hilarious, in an awful sort of way. Like, here are some things I've learned from reading the first several paragraphs of a whole bunch of Avatar fanfiction: cut for descriptions of several spoilery and/or *ist story tropes )

Fannish things I have done recently:

1. Read a bunch of Avatar fic, as indicated above. And tagged some! I shall have to make a recs post for [community profile] white_lotus's post-series challenge.

2. Oh, also, started an Avatar com called [community profile] white_lotus (with [personal profile] such_heights) for discussion/flashwork challenges/noticeboard -- it bears a certain resemblance to [community profile] myth_confirmed in its "we can do this all in one place!" ness. So if you are interested in ATLA, I'd love to see you there! Also if you have recently or not-so-recently posted meta or squee or episode reviews or fic or vids or whatever, you could also announce them there, because we're encouraging reposts of older stuff as well.

3. Made a whole bunch of banners for Festibility. This was a kind of hilarious project that involved going through the comments to the Festibility announcement post, trying to find folks that I could find pictures of (and be confident I knew who they were) for banners, because I don't actually know a lot of those fandoms. So it involved a lot of googling, and sometimes confusing moments of not being sure which character folks meant. Like, I found the picture of Frank Pembleton without captions on a blog, and I had to turn the computer to T'wings to confirm that it was actually Pembleton -- I, uh, have only seen two episodes of H:LotS? And one of them was the movie because someone told me it was a great way to start watching the show and it wasn't spoilery. SUCH A LIE. Also, I found pictures of Cassandra Cain, and read about her on wikipedia, and she sounds awesome, but I still have no idea what kind of disability she has. (ETA: spoilers for Cassandra Cain's arc in the comments, now.)

4. Also I left some prompts over in the Festibility prompts post; the challenge doesn't require people to write to prompts, but encourages prompts for people who like that kind of thing.

5. Also I have banners I need to make for a different community-promotion project.

6. Also I keep wistfully thinking about this Avatar fic that I wish existed, so maybe I will give in and write it. It could happen.

7. Oh yeah, and I've been answering questions over at [community profile] kink_bingo and the [community profile] kink_wiki, except for the questions that I've forgotten to answer.

What I'm saying overall is, maybe I need to borrow t'wing's "why am I modding things now?" tag.


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