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One of the neat things about the Chrysanthemum Festival at Longwood Gardens is the variety of chrysanthemum flowers. They're not just trained into curtains and funny shapes; they also have all different kinds of flowers, and they label them. That way you can call it educational. *g*

So this post contains: anemone, incurve, spider, spoon, and star (complex) chrysanthemums. Plus just a basic chrysanthemum.

This is a spider chrysanthemum. Yup, that's my hand, and yup, that's how big the flower is. A spider chrysanthemum has tubular petals that curve at the end.

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A week ago, [ profile] m_shell and I checked out Longwood Gardens, a giant landscaped garden built by Pierre Du Pont. He may have been the father of modern corporations, but he was a conservationist about trees. They have deciduous conifers, and a female ginkgo*, and 150 foot male ginkgos, and a carillon tower, and a fifty foot waterfall, and Italian Water Gardens, and a topiary garden, and fountains choreographed to Souza, and all sorts of neat stuff. This time of year is their Chrysanthemum Festival, which features 20,000 chrysanthemums in a greenhouse, trained into spirals, and balls, and lamps, and curtains, and bonsai, and borders, and all sorts of stuff. One of the curtains is 150 sq ft of chrysanthemums. It's incredible. We're thinking of getting frequent visitor passes.

*Note for non-gardeners: female ginkgos produce fruit which most people think smells foul, like something rotting. Or some people say it smells like rancid parmesan. Thus, it is very rare to find female ginkgos. Anywhere.

Entryway into the Chrysanthemum Festival. The hanging globes are chrysanthemum lamps, the yellow flowers around the pillars are trained into stars, and the red against the far wall is chrysanthemum curtains. You can see some of the reflecting pool below the lamps.

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