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2013-05-27 09:43 pm

on tumblr and blocking and spam

[personal profile] chagrined just posted an interesting poll about how people navigate tumblr, which reminded me that I wrote this post up like a month ago and never posted it. So!

A while ago, I wanted to un-ignore someone on tumblr that I'd added to the block (now ignore) list months and months ago. Because the block page wasn't paginated at the time, and only showed the last 100 people I'd blocked, the only way to do that was to un-block everyone until I finally made it back far enough. Since tumblr also has a bug where you can't un-block banned or deleted accounts, I knew eventually I'd hit a point where I couldn't go any further back - I'd be stuck with a page of 100 banned accounts - but I hoped I could make it back a couple months before that happened. (As it turned out, I couldn't even make it that far back, because of a separate tumblr bug which reduced the length of my block page to just 10 accounts at a time; that wasn't fixed until they finally decided to paginate. Oh, tumblr, why are you so broken.)

I wanted to re-block at least some of the accounts when I was done, so I started making a spreadsheet of which accounts I'd blocked and whether or not I wanted to continue to block them. I thought I might have to do this again in the future, if I ever needed to work backwards, and tumblr doesn't have a notes function, so since I already had that spreadsheet I started adding all the new people I blocked to it. As it turned out, this ended up being a kind of interesting spreadsheet full of Statistics About Tumblr, so I thought I would reproduce some of the numbers here! Obviously this is very idiosyncratic - it's, like, portrait of a person who is trigger-happy with the block button and sometimes regrets it later - plus it's very specific to the tags I track. But nonetheless, here are the numbers from the last 1000 accounts I blocked (some of whom I unblocked later).

An accidental and non-scientific study of tumblr accounts )

Also, I uploaded this spreadsheet with all the usernames blocked out except those of the spammers, in case anyone is curious about the numbers. Since I started writing this post I've added, like, another 150 accounts or so. Because the ignore button is awesome.

Oh, and I am [ profile] eruthrosish on tumblr, but I don't post/reblog anything using that account, I just follow people, because I'm not really interested in having conversations on tumblr. I do reblog to a secondary tumblr, [ profile] thingsfortwwings, which is for things [personal profile] thingswithwings might like and feeds an rss account on dw; mostly marvel, mostly fanart, some comics pages or movie stills, rarely gifs or videos. I try to tag for tumblr savior; thingsfortwwings tag list here.
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2013-03-30 11:58 am

Pepper Potts and [spoiler]

So, okay, this post is about the ways in which people are having a conversation about Pepper Potts in Iron Man 3, and how she is going to [spoiler]. I'm also going to talk about some comics in which she does [spoiler], and also the comics in which she does a similar but different [spoiler], but I can't list which ones here because they'd reveal [spoiler]. This post is full of conflicted feels; if you're looking for a squeeful post, this isn't it.

in which Pepper Potts [spoiler] )
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2011-03-09 01:03 pm

that one story

Recently I've been rewatching Star Trek: Voyager, and reading a lot in the Vorkosigan-verse, and the combination of those two things means that I've seen a lot of recs for two particular stories. And it made me think about the stories that get widely recced or read outside of the fandoms for those sources - the stories that many, many people have read with minimal canon knowledge, or without having read any other stories in the fandom, or without caring about the characters, or whatever.

To explain what I mean more clearly, here are some of mine:

1) Vorkosigan-verse, A Deeper Season by [personal profile] lightgetsin and [personal profile] sahiya

When I first read A Deeper Season, I'd read the Vorkosigan books but had absolutely no fandom knowledge - I didn't know where communities or archives or stories were - but basically the instant I told people I'd been reading the books, I got this rec. And I'm pretty sure that many of the people reccing it had only read this one story in the fandom, too, because I would usually get people who said "I don't read in the fandom, but ..." and "I don't even know the canon, but ..."

It is, in fact, an awesome story, and I love it to pieces. But the point here is not really about the story per se, it's about that kind of shared fannish experience without even being in the fandom. I suspect that it's still (one of) the stories people read despite not being in the fandom, because I occasionally see people on my rlist who say "I just read some Vorkosigan, where's the fic?" and there, in the first couple of comments, is "I don't read in the fandom, but A Deeper Season!" (Unless the post is about Ivan, in which case the recs are from a different fandom than the one I usually read in.)

2) Star Trek: Voyager, Talking Stick/Circle series by Macedon and Peg.

I watched the early seasons of Voyager sort of casually, and without much interest in fic, so IIRC I hadn't read much of anything before this story. Like most of the other things on this list, it was recced by someone; in this case, when I was complaining about the way that the Maquis-Starfleet tensions rarely came up on the show, and the way some of the Chakotay episodes made me flinch, somebody ([personal profile] sineala?) said "you know, someone has fixed that," and recced this series. And then I read it, and it was indeed great, and influential, in the sense that I often forget that Macedon's Chakotay backstory is not canon Chakotay's backstory, and then I started doing the same thing: people would say "I've never read any Voyager fic" and I would rec this story and nothing else because I hadn't read much else.

Much later, I read a bunch of other Voyager stories (Janeway/Seven! strange crossovers! Harry/Tom!), but Talking Stick/Circle remained the only thing I'd read in Voyager for two years or so. And now that I'm rewatching Voyager, I still see a ton of recs for it.

3) Harry Potter, A Most Disquieting Tea series by telanu.

This is kind of funny, now, since I've read a ton of Harry Potter fanfiction since, and since HP fandoms are so giant and sprawling and whatever. But back before I knew anything about Harry Potter fandoms, I had just read the books and maybe a couple of Harry/Ron and Harry/Draco stories by authors I'd followed in other fandoms. And then at least two people on my flist recced "A Most Disquieting Tea," and I went and read it, and I went "oh, all right." I think when I was linked to it there were only three or maybe four stories in the series, and I haven't actually read all of the sequels since, but at the time I could talk about it with many, many people who had read no other Harry Potter fanfic. (A couple of years later I went through Walking the Plank with serious dedication, and "A Most Disquieting Tea" is far from the best Harry/Snape story I read then, but it was still a big deal in my circles of not-in-the-fandoms earlier.)

I suspect that for other people, Cassandra Claire's Draco Trilogy was That Story from (a different part of) HP fandom, but I never managed to read more than a couple chapters of it. It was widely recced around me, but I never really got it in the same way.

So the interesting thing about this is, it's basically impossible to think about it for fandoms I was in when I was reading the fic. Like, Stargate Atlantis - I read a million stories, and I followed a bunch of recs, and I watched all the vids, so I have no idea what story or stories were widely read outside of the fandom. Was it one of the early ones, like maybe [personal profile] astolat's A Beautiful Lifetime Event? Was it [personal profile] helenish's Take Clothes Off As Directed? Or maybe [personal profile] cesperanza's epic Written By the Victors? But on the other hand, maybe Written By the Victors requires too much canon knowledge, and Take Clothes Off As Directed is, after all, a bdsm au, which is perhaps not as likely to be widely recced, and who knows which of the season one or two stories would be most popular. Or maybe it's something I didn't even really notice at the time, or something different from the stuff that was widely recced on my rlists. I have no idea.

Anyway! I'd be interested to hear about any of your experiences with that one (or two or three) stories that were widely read and recced by people not in the fandom.
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2010-06-14 06:18 pm

dreamwidth question / metatext / jury duty

1. Lately I have been having a weird dreamwidth commenting problem, and I'm not sure if it's my ISP or something I should ask about. I'll comment using the quick-comment form, and instead of posting inline it'll take me to a blank talkpost page. Then when I go back to the original page, the comment will have either a) posted twice, once with the icon I chose and once without it or b) posted once, without the icon I chose. But pages load okay, and so do other people's comments, and I don't have a problem posting. So, weird. And annoying.

(I've previously had a problem with dreamwidth not loading or timing out, and when I tracert it's always these cogentco domains between my ISP and dw bouncing me around for ages. *fist shake at problems that can't be solved by my isp or dw*)

2. I don't read a lot on ff.n, but when I do, I'm often startled by the different kinds of metatext that come with ff.n stories. In the part of fandom that I mostly read in, stories are posted all in a go, and even if they're in several parts because they won't fit in individual posts, the metatext is meant to apply to the whole story: if there's an author's note or comment, it's for the story as a whole. I occasionally see stories posted in parts for pacing reasons -- a chapter a day or whatever -- but usually with the same header text on all of the chapters.

What I don't see a lot of on the communities/journals I follow is the kind of chapter-by-chapter metatext that goes "this is set in the same forest as the scene two chapters ago" or "this is slightly out of chronological order, but it made more sense here" or "I'm introducing an OC, but she's not a Mary Sue" or "okay, so this chapter isn't about the main OTP, but it's a necessary interlude and I swear I'll get back to them in the next chapter." (The other space in which I see that kind of metatext is kink memes.) And because those notes are unfamiliar to me I find them interesting as writing shortcuts -- especially because they're often not set off from the text visually, so I have to read them to find the start of a chapter.

I don't really have anything here in terms of conclusions, I'm just always intrigued by how that kind of note allows skipping around in a story, or clarifying the connections of settings or characters, or giving the reader two different choose-your-own-adventure versions of a chapter, or including things that (in my fannish spaces) might have been cut from a story and then posted as deleted scenes later, or whatever.

3. Soooo here is a question for you. My jury service was scheduled for tomorrow. The only place that I can check to see if I've been called is the city's website, because their phone tree just goes "to see if you're called for jury service, plz see internet."

The website says: "Jury reporting message: JURORS SUMMONED FOR TUESDAY, JUNE 8, 2010 ARE NOT TO REPORT; YOUR SERVICE IS COMPLETE."

Only... tomorrow is Tuesday, June 15th. So my question is, basically: huh? The offices are closed and won't be open until the time I'm supposed to show. Should I go in tomorrow just in case? Or should I assume this means I'm okay and they just are VERY CONFUSED?
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2008-04-19 07:45 pm

Doctor Who!

So, [ profile] thingswithwings and I get together and watch episodes of Doctor Who together. And then we sit around on the couch bullshitting, which is how we end up with ep reviews like this one, which describes what we thought were going to be the themes of the series based on episode one. So! Now! Some more things we have noticed in random, random, random order.

Doctor Who speculation, spoilers only for aired eps )
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2008-01-30 08:25 pm

Cross-fandom pollination: Seaquest and SGA

In which we discuss:
1) how Peter DeLuise learned his scifi politics playing a genetically-engineered janitor on Seaquest. (Peter DeLuise directed, produced, and wrote various bits of Stargate SG-1 and SGA between 1999 and the end of season ten of SG-1.)
2) why some situations call for a B-Movie version of Lee Edelman.
3) the disconcerting correlations between characters who don't use contractions.

This is cleaned-up IM-discussion, meaning that it's full of playing with these topics rather than really fleshing them out.

Dagwood! Stargate Atlantis! Genetic engineering! And other topics as well. )
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2007-10-30 11:20 pm

Two things about SGA 4x05, Travelers

One short and silly thing, the other long and full of a queer reading of the ep.

tons of spoilers, assume for all aired eps )

*deep breath* whoof. I have no idea if that makes sense to someone who wasn't involved in the conversation -- let me know if not, and I'll try to figure out where I've gone wrong.
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2007-04-01 05:38 pm

Obi-wan flist

So! I read this essay like ten years ago, which postulated that there were "green" and "blue" fandoms. So, like, in the X-Files, the "magic" is all coded green (alien blood, hybrids, blahblah, etc). But Farscape is a blue fandom (Maya, Zhaan, Pilot). And so is Stargate (the Stargate, the Asgard, magic gun things, whatever). And that, even if the plots are compatible, green and blue code different ideas about the magic/weird, so that it's actually harder to do an X-Files/Farscape crossover than the plot would indicate and easier to do a Farscape/Stargate crossover than the plot would indicate.

And I told [ profile] graycastle about it, and she wants to read it. Only it's totally ungoogleable -- I can't remember what fandoms were discussed, so I can't even do that. And searching for things like "green blue x-files crossover" turn up bazillions of results.

So! Obi-wan flist! Who wrote this? Where was it? Can you remember a context or a mailing list or an additional keyword or something?
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2007-01-14 09:27 am

Over-thinking things

Two fannish take-offs on tossed aside lines...

One silly response to a line from Doctor Who series 2/28. About as spoilery as the title of the episode in question. (2x05) Behind the cut! )

And the second, from a tossed-aside line in the latest episode of Stargate: SG-1. It spoils... the theme of the last two seasons. Shocker, no? Behind the cut )
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2006-08-05 10:52 pm

I know I should just handwave, but...

Okay, this is really starting to bug me: what kind of economic structure did the Ancients on Atlantis have?

If they were capitalists, why haven't we seen delivery systems into the apartments, or replicators, or shops? Where are the Ancient implants or ATMs or biometric readers or other scientific thingamabobs that would let the Ancients buy things? The Ancients clearly didn't strip Atlantis entirely, so we should be able to recognize stores from shape and design and, presumably, a little bit of stock left. And Rodney would be on any kind of replicator or instant-delivery system in seconds, and making Star Trek jokes the whole time. The place is the size of Manhattan; where did the Ancients buy white robes or hair product or neat kicky boots or tea or personalized puddle-jumpers with fuzzy dice in the windows?

And since we don't see any of that, I have to ask: were the Ancient socialists? But if they were, where were their food production centers? Was there central planning that determined which roots to really focus on growing this year? Were there Ancient farms? How did they decide who got which quarters? Did they have a commons system? Did they have population pressures on said system?

Did they barter with other Pegasus galaxy dudes? If so, what did they barter? Because they don't seem to have a labor force that's producing anything. Where are the Ancient factories? (Or replicators. I'd take replicators. Though then I'd be wondering where there were replicators big enough to build the Stargates.)

(Ooooh! They should have a gift economy! With aggrandizing individuals giving away more than they get and being regarded as leaders! There could be huge feasts, and gift exchange, and ties of obligation and reciprocity. But that still doesn't solve the problem of where they're getting the things they are giving away.)

Who supported the Ancients when they were attempting to attain Ascension via endless meditation?

(This bugs me in the Ori galaxy too, though not as much: the followers of the Ori spend how much of the day in prayer? Six hours a day? So, what, do they have the most fertile land ever? Or are the Priors wandering around and doing the weeding and milking for them?)

I know, I know. Suck it up and handwave.
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2006-03-08 04:26 pm

(no subject)

Why having some actors play characters who are older than they are and simultaneously having other actors play characters who are younger than they are is a bad idea. I'm going to use Stargate SG-1, home to Michael Shanks as Daniel Jackson, one of few actors to play someone older than he is -- if Daniel were Michael Shank's age, he would have had three Ph.D.s and be on his way out of the profession at twenty-three, which seems rather excessive. (Sadly, Sam Carter's age has never been given on the show, so we're going to have to leave her out of this discussion.)

So. Michael Shanks (1970) playing Daniel Jackson (1965), Ben Browder (1962) playing Cam Mitchell (1971ish; he was ten in 1981), and Richard Dean Anderson (1950) playing Jack O'Neill (1952 or 1957). This means that, while Michael Shanks is the youngest of these actors by eight years, his character is in fact supposed to be sixish years older than Ben Browder's character. And no wonder everyone's having trouble working out Mitchell's past and his interactions -- he's the youngest of the four current members of SG-1, but Ben Browder is the oldest member of the group of actors. Whoops?
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2006-01-20 01:57 pm

Stargate: Atlantis

Okay, I know that pondering about the physics (or any science, or the canon, or the aliens, or the religions, or ... well, anything) of Stargate usually leads to migraines and having to go lie down for a few hours, but I just have to ask and deal with the consequences.

1. Atlantis has an iris over the stargate.

2. Therefore should not the Atlanteans have their own GDO/IDC-broadcasting things?

And yet we haven't seen them. At least, I don't think we've seen them -- what we've seen is gate folks interpreting IDC codes using a Dell laptop. (The prevalence of the Inspiron in the Pegasus galaxy still makes me giggle. I mean, I know they brought them along, and I'm sure Dell gives a great military-bulk discount, but I associate the blue-topped Inspiron very strongly with poor students, so.)

3. I want to see Atlantean IDC-ish things. Because they would be cooler. I mean, at some point Stargate Command said "hey, it would be really handy if an IDC code could come with an attached preselected message," so now SG-1 can just send a little message that says "hi, it's us, we're under fire." Or whatever. But the Atlanteans should have something better than that, because they can turn on their technology just by thinking at it. So they could just have little GDOs under their skin, where they couldn't be taken away, and where no amount of torture would reveal the codes because it would all be brain-wave based, and then Sheppard could think "Atlantis, it's us, we're coming home, four coming through" and the iris would automatically close right behind them. Or, you know, the Genii want to walk through with Sheppard, and he'd just think "keep the door locked for the first few guys, but make sure it's open for me." And it would, because all he'd have to do is think "I'm stepping through now" just as he hit the event horizon. And sure, maybe a Genii would get through if they were in lockstep, but whatever. It would still be cool.

We all know Atlantis is like a big puppy around Sheppard; it's mean of them to not let it run to the door when he comes home. Metaphorically speaking.

Actually, on the GDO subject, I've always wondered about the iris. I mean, the idea is that it keeps stuff from rematerializing (which should really mean that the stuff doesn't go thump, because it isn't there to go thump), but we know that the Ancients built the gates, and that they can write code for the gates which prevents certain things from going through an event horizon. It's unclear whether atmosphere goes through, but we know that water doesn't -- Sam says something stupid about density, I think, in the episode Watergate. So couldn't the Ancients have written code that doesn't allow Wraith DNA through? That would be cool; they could send their darts through all the wanted, but the pilots wouldn't come out on the other side. I mean, an iris is a useful backup and protects against the things they haven't specifically excluded yet, but surely we can do better just by messing with the gate. Wraith walks in, gets put together all wrong on the other side. It would be fun!

(The stargate baffles me. It needs to be connected to a power source to receive wormholes, except when we go to Hadante. It won't close if there's a radio signal being sent through, except when it closes right behind Our Heroes. It won't close on matter, except when it does. It doesn't open if there's material inside the ring itself, unless the material is not that dense (water, sure, but I predict that burying it in sand would not be that effective), but clear that out and it'll whoosh open and destroy everything in its path.)

Clearly, I need to stop thinking about this. Because trying to logic it out will only break my brain.
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2003-08-25 04:52 pm

Merlin, spear, and cauldron

Dude. Now I have a sudden desire to write a Potterverse story based around the quest for wand and cauldron -- we've got Merlin already, yah? And we have the grail/cauldron/chalice, symbol of the womb. The cauldron heals the wounded, brings back the dead, and satisfies every need. And we have the wand/spear. We can do the Arthurian quest for the grail as quest for cauldron/chalice/grail, quest for the other half of the masculine magic -- without the cauldron, the wand is weak.

Later, the wand and the cauldron together make Hogwarts... I'm so rambling.

Or... good heavens. I actually, suddenly, and without intending to actually came up with a good reason to do a "Harry and Snape must get married to destroy Voldemort." The Great Marriage of Wand and Cauldron. The balance of masculine and feminine that could take down the Dark Lord. And the wand that will not turn on its owner is born of the cauldron. Even MPREG, because of the association of the spear thrust into the cauldron and fertility. Dear god.
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2003-08-25 03:55 pm

The Cauldron and the Snake

I have a sudden desire to investigate the cauldron and the snake as symbols for Slytherin house. Because, well, come on. It's probably not intentional, but the cauldron is such a symbol of the feminine.

So you have the wand and the cauldron (like the spear and the cauldron). And it's more of a Christianized version of the cauldron story, because those who have skill with brewing and using the cauldron aren't steady, like the wand-wavers; they're mean, capricious, devious, hysterical, powerful but evil -- they've got all the bad qualities the Christian story gave witches to make powerful women seem creepy. Other houses are good at charms or transfiguration, but only Slytherins like potions.

Snape, in particular, loves potions and hates "foolish wand-waving" -- the macho, the phallic. And he's the most hysterical of the characters, really. Not that I don't like him. But he is.

One could even argue that there's this desire to see the cauldron penetrated -- the cauldron calls out for a spear or, in this case, a wand. Hmmmm. Snape and bottoming.

Pushing it further (really, too far, but it's fun), you've got Slytherin, represented by both the snake AND the cauldron, by the demon and the feminine. Slytherin is the demon-snake (Voldemort) AND Witch-Eve (the children); they're the fallen wizards and those who are tempted by the fallen wizards, and fall themselves. They're Eve-il. Demonic. Voldemort's even got the glowing eyes and the snake. I mean.

You could even lead from here to Snape's (sorta) redemption (he fell, but now he works for the side of light) -- but his redemption necessarily involves suppression; he's constrained to the feminine work, to the dungeons. He can't teach DADA. He's not allowed; he's controlled by a twinkly-eyed wand-waver. An implicit assumption of the narrative is that he must be controlled, or his capriciousness will hurt the students.

And, okay, I'm pushing things way too far. And it doesn't parse well with the whole Slytherin-as-a-male-dominated society thing, although the men are total hysterical drama queens. But it's so much fun!
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2003-05-22 12:11 am

Vaguely offended

Comment on a bit of a article about Buffy (not the anti-Spike one, but Bye-bye, Buffy! It's an interesting article in many ways.

No real spoilers )
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2003-05-13 01:01 pm

The end of Buffy

Not tremendously spoilery, but contains discussion of season 7 in general. A discussion of the end of Buffy, not of the Buffy plot.

Read more... )
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2002-11-18 12:08 am


I had forgotten how much the end of Season 3 and Season 4 of B5 are television on overdrive. My god. I mean, that's certainly why they're the ideal eps to use to addict people. Case in point, my recently addicted housemate, who went to bed just now saying "only three more eps left in fourth season! I can watch them all tomorrow. I wish I didn't have to go to bed."

But. Jesus. No ep in season 3 is totally without plot-arc; even "Exogenesis" (307) and "A Late Delivery from Avalon" (312), which from plot descriptions look like they should be MotWs, are anything but.

Even if you count "Late Delivery" as a MotW, that means that episodes 314-422 are plot arc. They ramp it up, and it gets more and more intense and the pace gets faster and faster and it just keeps going and there's no break and it lasts a year and a half in original broadcast time. Shadows, Shadows, Z'ha'dum, death, Vorlons, Shadows, more death, Delenn, civil war, Minbar, Earth Alliance, captures, interrogations, turning against your own, space battle, death, death, more death, and then finally "Deconstruction of Falling Stars" (422) and everyone took a great big breath over the summer. Oy. I remember watching that in real-time: edge of your seat all the way.
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2002-11-18 12:00 am

Harry Potter. 'Nsync. And "The Simpsons."

Thoughts on Harry Potter. And 'Nsync. Oh, yah, watch eruthros make the weird connections.

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