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2011-06-06 11:09 pm

today on ask the internet

1. For a vid I am vaguely contemplating making, I am looking for a triumphant saving-the-world type song - the sort of song you might vid women kicking ass to, if that makes sense. (The Eurythmics "I Saved the World Today" is topically right, but way too regretful, sadly.)

2. I am currently applying both a mineral sunscreen (mostly suspended in oil) and an oil-based bug deterrent (citronella, lemongrass, etc, in an oil + beeswax base). So my question is, in which order should I apply these things? Should I wait for a bit between them? The internet is full of answers to this question that presume DEET, which, like, ha, as if, I have tried many brands of DEET at work in the past and they all make me cough and cough and cough. So then I stopped using them, but I still had a ridiculous asthma attack at a state fair last year when someone sprayed it over their shoulder directly into my face. THANKS, assholes.

FWIW, if you're looking for bug sprays, I've previously been able to use permethrin-based insect repellant - the kind you soak or spray onto clothes and let dry - without any skin reaction. It's one of those things I only do if there's a really serious bug problem, or I'm going to be outside all the time, because I have to wear gloves and a face mask to apply the spray, but once it's on and dried I launder it once and then it's fine for me.

3. Why is it that, when I rewatch Babylon 5, I always end up rewatching "Infection" even though I know it will hurt me? I mean, okay, I am that kind of completist about fandoms, but I've been happily skipping the A plot of "Believers" (except for Kosh's scene) and "TKO" for years now. I don't know why I'm sitting here right now watching Ilya Kuryakin as a space archaeologist. I could be rewatching River Song right now! Who wins in a space-archaeologist-off by approximately all the points ever.
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2009-04-02 01:15 pm
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Scary childhood experiences

[ profile] thingswithwings and I were talking about early R&B songs about unhealthy relationships -- there are kind of a lot. And it reminded me of this Sesame Street routine, which freaked me the fuck out when I was, whatever, five. Which I will now share with you and you should totally watch:


And they even rewrote the song so that he doesn't seem to like it at all -- in the original, at least he's conflicted? But here he's like "aaah I am being chased by a giant muppet letter U."

I checked out some of the youtube comments, and discovered that other kids about my age found it completely horrifying: there are comments from people who say "I used to hide when this clip showed on Sesame Street" and "this gave me the creeps" and "I always thought the U was trying to choke him!"

In conclusion, this is at least as freaky now as it was when I was five. Who could possibly have thought this was a good idea?
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2009-01-13 05:18 pm

Cafe playlist

So, this morning I was sitting in a cafe, doing some reading and sipping an iced soy latte. (Because it is apocalyptic weather here in the Bay Area, where we are worried about drought and about fires already in January.)

And Johnny Cash's Mercy Seat started playing. "Hee," I thought, because it always reminds me of [ profile] lim's amazing John Sheppard vid I Am/Lamb.

So I'm listening to Johnny Cash tell me about a crime of which he's totally innocent, you know, and doing my crossword puzzle.

And then ... wtf? The next song on the playlist is Iron and Wine's Evening on the Ground. Or, as I think of it, [ profile] hollywoodgrrl's Evening on the Ground. ALSO a John Sheppard vid, also awesome.

When the next song to play was Iggy Pop's "I Wanna Be Your Dog," I nearly choked on my latte. John Sheppard again? This time in [ profile] thingswithwings's a lieutenant colonel is being beaten?

Seriously, guys, if I was not listening to some barrista's vid songs playlist, that she used to enjoy fannishness while at work, I don't know what was going on -- that's one heck of a coincidence: three genres, three eras, connected only as Awesome John Sheppard vids.

I should totally have asked the barrista on duty whose mix CD it was. I could've made a new fannish friend!
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2007-10-22 08:40 pm

Catching up Forget that: random stuff instead!

So, you know, I've been crap at updating LJ. And the thing about not updating for weeks is that then you go "omg! but there is so much to say!" And that sounds like a) work and b) a really long, boring post, so you don't say any of it. ON THAT NOTE: forget the last couple weeks! Probably they were mostly boring, except for Doppelporner. (Dopornganger? Pornelganger? [ profile] graycastle and I can't decide which is correct.) And my family was here this weekend. That was cool.

So! Onward, we find ... look, guys, it's Tom Lehrer in his youthful misanthropy! Before his full-blown misanthropy!

Aaand? The guy who uploaded that to youtube? Also uploaded a bunch of other songs from the live performance! Awesomeness!

AND and... apparently Tom Lehrer is on myspace. I have hope that it's entirely an impersonation. Remember: he liked that people thought he was dead! So it had better be an impersonator.

Otherwise, [ profile] fiatlouis and I have no excuse for not being on myspace.


Other news: I now have a purple, white, and gold striped flag with purple and gold stars hanging in my office. It commemorates the nineteenth amendment in the US (women's right to vote) and comes from the Seneca Falls museum, which I visited on Friday with the family. I am quite happy with the placement above my desk, because it makes me slightly less cranky about articles like the one [ profile] apple_pi talks about here.

I'm also cranky, speaking of cranky, about the whole Dumbledore thing. Once again, other folks have said it way better than me: [ profile] toft_froggy, here, and [ profile] marythefan, here. Suffice it to say that "Celluloid closeting" appeared as a verb when I sputtered at [ profile] m_shell about this. I mean. GOD. Hey guys! I've decided that Dumbledore is gay, had a big tragic gay affair that blinded him to Grindelwald's faults, and never loved again, and then died! That's novel and innovative and freeing and will lead to the acceptance of gay people, especially the part where I didn't put it in the book!

In short, I am wearing my crankypants.


My family was here this last weekend; we went out to dinner rather too many times, really. And we ran around a lot. And looked at fall color, and went to ABC, and went to the farmer's market, and walked at Taughannock Falls and Buttermilk Falls, and went to Seneca Falls and the Erie Canal and I took [ profile] redphotoframe out to the awesome espresso that is Gimme! Coffee. (She was like "okay, so, how can we get their coffee again tomorrow?") Also, my dad and sister took many photos of campus and of downtown and of fall color and waterfalls and things, which I hope they will post so I can continue lazy.

We also discovered, in the process of driving the two extra miles north of Seneca Falls that you need to drive to see the Erie Canal? That there is an amazing wildlife preserve up there! It's called the Montezuma Wildlife Refuge (no, really). It's this amazing, huge wetlands restoration and protection project, through which the NY Thruway and the Erie Canal run (weird!). We saw a ridiculous number of birds, including a pair of extremely well-fed hawks. (They looked kinda kestrely, but it was a long way off.) And apparently in the spring they have ospreys, and bobolinks, and tons of other cool things like muskrats. And they have islands! And canals! I am charmed by marshes, if not by mosquitoes.
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2007-04-29 10:18 am

Bay Area

So I was giving a bunch of Bay Area sports blogs a quick once-over this morning, and checking out various links. (Links, for example, where fans discuss Baron Davis' sartorial choices. I guess because it's sorta trying to keep within the NBA dress code while still expressing individuality.)

And I ended up at youtube, checking out a vid that's sorta Oakland-against-the-world, paralleling the criticisms of J-Rich and the Warriors and New Bay hip-hop. I basically just embed this video for [ profile] fiatlouis. *g*

As one is wont to do, I clicked on some of the related links, most of which were crap. But one of them was set to Zion I's "The Bay." And one of the related links to that was ... holy shit, I said, is that really a music video for "The Bay?" Or is it somebody's mix? And no, no, that's Zion I's "The Bay." I didn't even know it had a music video, so I have to share it with everybody in the known world.

... and while I was typing this, I checked sfgate, and holy shit. That is an oil tanker that blew up and MELTED the upper deck of a freeway overpass. WTF.

Awesome, but random: Wikipedia has a page called WP: BALEET that redirects to the wikipedia deletion policy page. Ha!

ETA: Speaking of embedding, apparently we expect "LOCALLY HEAVY RAINFALL...AND EMBEDDED THUNDERSTORMS" here tomorrow. Per the National Weather Service. Embedded thunderstorms? Embedded in what?
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2007-03-03 11:43 am


[ profile] m_shell, talking to me about "Get Together": "Well, there was a version by Darth Brooks..."

Me: instantly attempts to do the heee-cooo breathing and hollow-voiced version of Get Together.

It was practically one of those "gay marriage is just like yours. Only gayer" commercials, except our version would go "Fannish marriage is just like yours. Only... more fannish."
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2007-03-01 10:08 pm
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The not-so-much-a-lyrics mem

So I was thinking about the lyrics meme, where you post interesting first lines of songs and people try to guess them.

And I was thinking about how fast I identify songs on my mp3 player: sometimes in two seconds, before any lyrics, just from the rhythm or chords or baseline. And about an oldies radio station where I grew up, which sometimes asked callers to ID songs from three chords.

And then, of course, there's the fact that some people don't "hear" lyrics (hi, [ profile] fiatlouis). There are people who know songs better'n I do but are surprised when I tell them "oh, I don't like the third verse."

Now, we're a text-based medium, but that's no reason to privilege the lyrics, right?

SO! In the spirit of inquiry, I have embedded a no-lyrics meme. This is a fifty-two second mp3 file, containing the introductory chords for ten songs. The songs are separated by two seconds of silence... which means that the average length of clip is around 3.5 seconds. (It would be shorter, but I objected to only two chords for one memorable song, because it sounded so incomplete without the whole line. I am silly and inconsistent.) These are really distinctive intros, the sorts of songs that my radio station used to ask you to guess with a single chord.

And hey: there's a song in here that is represented by a single chord. But I betcha you can do it.

It's embedded from imeem, and you'll have to click on the little icon to make it start. You may want to make liberal use of the pause button -- I'd've done them in separate files, but ten different embedded files of 3 seconds each? Blargh. Comment below and I'll ETA up here when people guess songs.

To follow, if this works out at all: not-so-distinctive songs (five, maybe eight seconds apiece!) and, of course, the fannish version, featuring people who should not sing and half-second clips of soundtracks.
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2007-02-24 04:04 pm

Are there songs about dorks?

So [ profile] m_shell and I are talking about the new x-ray airport scanner thing, and how it's creepy for more reasons than that it can see through your clothes. After all, we can only take the word of the company about how it works, we agree.

I draw an analogy to computer voting machines: it's a big, sleek box with a bunch of stuff inside, a who-knows-what-it-does machine. Creepy opaqueness.

[ profile] m_shell says, oh, yes, exactly! I don't trust things that won't show me where their brains are. Like Tom Riddle's diary.

I say, right, exactly, that's precisely what I mean.

Oh my god, we are such dorks.


In other dorkish news, I have discovered QI and want to know why none of y'all told me about this years ago. It's like Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, except on television and featuring people like John Sessions (whose facial structure has changed incredibly in the last ten years) and Hugh Laurie and whoever all else. Talking about whether you would want a hug from a giant anteater, and what Caravaggio's real name was, and all that, and hosted by Stephen Fry who does voices and makes silly faces. AWESOME.


Oh! And. I collect songs that reference famous philosophers and academics, because why not?

My favorite recent addiction is the Prince Myshkin's Doctor Laura Polka, which references about everybody. There's a Freud and Jung and Lacan verse, for example. But the real reason I care is that they mention Walter Benjamin. And the "aura." As in:
Libertines and disco queens were mean to Doctor Laura
So she called up Walter Benjamin, who said to her: "Senora,
When they put you on that TV screen you signed away your aura,
You won't bore us anymore because you're going off the air."
And of course there's Mike Ladd's hip-hop/new jazz Field Work (The Ethnographer's Daughter) which is very non-linear, but also probably the only song to reference Malinowski and Michel Leiris. Also available free on the 'net, somewhere.

And, of course, continuing the academic daughter mode, Regina Spektor's Pavlov's Daughter. You know:
Pavlov's daughter woke up in the morning
Heard the bell ring
And something deep inside of her made her want to salivate
So she lay there drooling on her pillow
Other songs include:
The Weakerthan's "Our Retired Explorer (Dines With Michel Foucault In Paris, 1961)" which mentions Derrida but not Foucault (because we're talking to Foucault)
Misery Index's "My Untold Apocalypse" (Foucault is laughing / this tragedy that you created so young / yet rotting)
Googol Bordello's "Start Wearing Purple (So yeah, I know it all / from Diogenes to Foucault / from Lozgechkin to Paspartu)
Belle and Sebastian's "Marx and Engels" (If it couldn't see / that the girl just wants to be / left alone with Marx and Engels for a while)
John Lennon's ridiculous "Serve Yourself" (Well, you may believe in Jesus, and you may believe in Marx / And you may believe in Marks and Spencer's and you may believe in bloody Woolworths)
Neil Diamond's ridiculous "Done Too Soon," which is basically a list of famous people. Karl Marx! Poe! Rousseau! Buster Keaton! etc.

Anyway, if any of y'all can think of some fabulous songs referencing Lukacs or Judith Butler or obscure literary theorists or whatever, I would happily take their names, because I want a huge playlist. And because I am a dork.


Oh, and, just for fun, wordorigins on the word "dork." This may be a folk etymology, but it's still great.
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2006-12-05 04:14 pm

Everyone needs a theme song

So! I am taking a break from this godsbedamned paper to post my choice for Captain Jack Harkness's theme song. No, I'm not telling you what it is; click on the link and take a look at the title there.

Back? Oh, whatever, like you weren't thinking it too.
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2006-10-20 02:40 pm


Is it totally wrong of me to imagine a Buffyverse and HP constructed reality vid to Echo's Children's "Least of My Kind?"

We've got Oz and Veruca and "Phases" and "Wild at Heart." And Nina and the werewolf who bites her being killed by a silver pen. And Remus Lupin and, well, not yet in a movie, Fenrir, and Sirius-as-a-dog thumping Remus-as-a-wolf. And, and "werewolves don't usually walk alone / think on the battle-cost; this time the wolf has lost / beaten and broken and blind / better beware, my lord; better prepare, my lord / I was the least of my kind." Especially because film werewolves usually are packless. And Oz's huh would be hilarious used to illustrate beaten and broken and blind. And, and, Buffy and Angel and Sirius and Harry as "my lord" killing them. And, and Willow locking Oz in his cage. And wouldn't it be great?

Or, well, not.
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2006-10-16 11:59 pm

Random post

Best thing about Battlestar Galactica (1978) that I'd forgotten: dude, Patrick MacNee does the intro voiceover! I get little moments of cognitive "wait, umbrella sword?" dissonance. Apparently he also plays Count Iblis, the Satan-ish guy in "War of the Gods," which I look forward to tremendously. I recalled the ridiculous deus ex machina of that episode, and the bit with Apollo being resurrected, and all of that, which will be tremendously fun, but: I get Patrick MacNee, too?

Also, this show has the kitschiest dialogue EVER. It can't be transcribed accurately, because I would need several exclamation points per word, and a way to indicate "long pause intended to be dramatic that instead highlights the total ridiculosity of the dialogue."


Horrible Fox News "Reporting," part forty-three: Fox says that Mark Foley, R-FL, is, in fact, a Democrat. Now, sure, this happened a while ago, but still. Fair and balanced my ass.


Also, I share this link, instructions for finding mp3 indexes using google, with you. Not, of course, because I would ever condone downloading illegal mp3s, but because it's a totally neat search phrase. Right?
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2006-05-23 07:32 pm
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(no subject)

Also, in the mid-nineties, I knew of the following three bands:

1. Third Eye Blind
2. Three Dog Night
3. Old Blind Dogs

Altogether too many threes, dogs, and blinds in there. I was perpetually confused. I always wanted to call Old Blind Dogs Three Blind Dogs, or Three Dog Blind, or some other mix-and-match of the first two names. Blargh.

Given that the lyrics of Old Blind Dogs tend more toward the "there were fifty thousan Heilend men marchin to Harlaw," and often include bagpipes as well as sax or guitar, this remains rather embarassing.
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2006-05-23 06:05 pm
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Meta songs

On the drive home, [ profile] m_shell and I spent some time trying to come up with a list of meta songs. Because we were talking about weird themes for playlists -- things like "songs about kittens!" And then we'd try to come up with songs for the themes. (Meta songs: easier said than done. Even taking meta to mean self-referential, genre-referential, music industry-referential, and then including context-dependent stuff as well.)

And we came up with the following, but would appreciate input on more of same. Especially on the genre-referential songs. I have all of these as mp3s, so if you're interested in anything let me know in the comments.

Self-referential songs (as far as I'm concerned, the most boring category, and there are tons of songs we didn't think of, since it's a fairly common wink-at-the-audience deal):
  • The Beatles - Only a Northern Song ("if you're listening to this song / you may think the chords are going wrong / but they're not / I just wrote it like that")

  • Weird Al Yankovic - (This Song Is Just) Six Words Long ("I gotta fill time / three minutes worth of time / oh, how will I fill so much time / I'll throw in a solo, a solo, a solo / a solo, a solo here")

  • Built to Spill - Joyride ("this part of the song is called the second verse / sounds just like the first verse but with different words / it only has three chords and they are A, E, and D / they are A and E and D / then it goes to D minor, D, A, E, D")

  • Leonard Cohen, originally, and then every vocal artist EVER - Hallelujah ("well it goes like this, the fourth, the fifth / the minor fall and the major lift")

  • Leon Russell - A Song For You ("But we're alone now and I'm singing this song for you.")

  • Natasha Bedingfield - These Words ("these words are my own / threw some chords together / the combination D-E-F")

  • James Taylor - Song For You ("this is a song for you / far away from me")

  • Sloan - G Turns to D ("these songs are all about you / and I'm telling everyone I'm doing fine without you ... G will turn to D / you will turn to me / and you'll say / you have done me wrong / I wrote these songs about it")

  • Herman's Hermits - Henry The Eighth I Am ("second verse, same as the first")

Genre-referential songs:
  • Da Vinci's Notebook - Title of the Song ("Vain hope that my sins are forgivable / appeal for one more opportunity / drop to my knees to elicit crowd response / prayers to my chosen deity / modulation and I hold a high note / title of the song")

  • The Vestibules - The Grunge Song ("This is the part of the song / that's really quiet / we play very soft / it sounds like a ballad / and this is the part / where we play real hard / it's much louder than at the beginning")

  • Tom Lehrer - Folk Song Army ("and it don't matter if you get a couple extra syllables into a line / it sounds more ethnic if it ain't good English / and it don't even hafta rhyme")

  • Sondheim - Agony and Agony, Reprise (only as a set, but it's clearly a commentary on melodramatic love songs - "Agony, that can cut like a knife / ah well, back to my wife")

  • Sondheim - Little Things You Do Together ("It's the little things you share together / Swear together / Wear together / That make perfect relationships. / The concerts you enjoy together / Neighbors you annoy together / Children you destroy together / That keep marriage intact ... It's things like using force together / Shouting till you're hoarse together / Getting a divorce together / That make perfect relationships.")

  • Beautiful South - Song For Whoever (I don't know what the intent of the song is, but lines like "Oh Shirley, oh Deborah, oh Julie, oh Jane / I wrote so many songs about you / I forget your name" read to me as a commentary on love songs)

  • ETA from [ profile] m_shell: Three Dog Night - An Old Fashioned Love Song (You'll swear you've heard it before /As it slowly rambles on and on./No need in bringing 'em back/'Cause they've never really gone./ Just an old fashioned love song/One I'm sure they wrote for you and me/Just an old fashioned love song/Coming down in three part harmony.)

Meta songs that require context:
  • Sondheim - Unworthy of Your Love (this could be a sorta standard love song if you didn't know that John Hinkley and Squeaky Fromme were the voices in the duet)

  • Tom Lehrer - The Old Dope Peddler (dependent on knowing that there's a genre of sentimental songs about quaint figures. Like all the Tom Lehrer songs in this category, if you happen to have the live version, he makes the meta explicit in the intros.)

  • Tom Lehrer - I Wanna Go Back to Dixie (dependent on awareness of the Let's Go Back South genre and of the 60s in the South)

  • Tom Lehrer - The Irish Ballad (um, Irish ballads)

  • Tom Lehrer - In My Hometown (hometown songs a la "Penny Lane")

Undertones - More Songs About Chocolate and Girls (this might be meta, but it makes almost no sense, so it's hard to say. I mean: "here's more songs about chocolate and girls / it's not so easy but it will be heard / a lot less time but a lot more care / so here's more songs about chocolate and girls.")

We also recall at least two b-sides in which the song basically says "no one will ever play this song because it is a b-side." Also a Three Dog Night (?) song about love song tropes, but I can't remember what it's called.
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2006-02-23 09:20 pm

(no subject)

Query: what happens when a babelfish eats an ear worm?

I had "Something's Coming" (from West Side Story, which I haven't seen since I was about twelve, so this is totally unfair) stuck in my head, and when [ profile] m_shell and I started joking about babelfish and ear worms, I promptly started attempting it in Spanish, though I can't really decide what to use for "cannonballing."


Today I was nearly run over in a crosswalk by a left-turner in a 1970s black muscle car, who a) didn't have the right of way b) was making an illegal left turn anyway and c) speeded up instead of slowing down. In process of hustling out of his way to avoid getting hit by a fast-moving vehicle, I tripped on the curb and fell. At which point the left-turning bastard paused (then he paused) and started honking his horn, pointing, and laughing. As did his passengers. So. Bitter. Wah. Now my thumb and shoulder hurt from being jammed, and of course I thumped my knee but good.


Tomorrow I am making these cupcakes for a party. Except only the lemon curd -- much as I would love to do the lime and grapefruit, Whole Foods lacked organic lime and was charging a ridiculous $3 per grapefruit. Oy.
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2006-02-06 02:21 pm

Random post!

I did make some fabulous blueberry muffins, though, which I called a celebration even though I was planning on baking them anyway -- last weekend I was Iron Chef [ profile] eruthros. [ profile] m_shell realized, at about nine in the morning, that she had to take food to the choir rehearsal. And that she couldn't stop on the way and get anything, 'cause the car was kablooey, and she was going to be taking the bus. So I did the fastest paging-through-a-cookbook-looking-for-fast-recipes-I-had-all-the-ingredients-for EVER, and we decided on blueberry muffins (frozen blueberries, natch). I should've cut the lemon zest to speed them up, but I still got the muffins made and cooked in about half an hour, and then [ profile] m_shell grabbed them and ran off to church, and then her choir ate them all and I didn't get to taste any. So I made some yesterday. Nummy! From Mollie Katzen's Sunlight Cafe, like practically all muffins we cook now. They turned out very well, even though I was an idiot at Trader Joe's and somehow managed to buy lime yoghurt (look, it said "cream lime plain lowfat," and I saw the word "plain," and anyway the container is identical to the one I usually get, and excuses, excuses). Last week's, similarly, were apparently good even though I could swear that I left out the baking soda (never cook a recipe with both baking powder and baking soda at top speed; you'll forget one of the two). Which ... I dunno, maybe it's just a recipe with a lot of flexibility.


Query: if you were looking for screencaps of SG-1 (original team or with Jonas or with Cam) striding off together to save the world, what episodes would you think of? Other than "Serpent's Grasp?" Sadly, they tend to save the world in little isolate pockets these days. I mean, in Reckoning, Daniel's off being ... brain-whammied by Replicators, and Sam's with Jacob and trying to fix the Ancient Weapon to kill replicators, and Jack's at SGC, and. Hardly the bold stride of the credits, where they all walk though the stargate in unison.

Query (2): has anyone ever studied the internet phenomenon that results in every parody song being attributed to Weird Al? Even, like, songs sung by women? (Anyone who thinks Weird Al sang "What If God Smoked Cannabis?" is clearly smoking the good stuff.)

Also, I am tempted by that song meme -- where you pick a number, or a couple of numbers, and I upload the song corresponding to that number on a complete playlist of mp3s. Problem: this computer is barely five weeks old; I don't really have interesting and weird stuff on it yet. Except the Hindi version of Dancing Queen. And the entirety of the extant Camp Records songs. And most of what I do have is old; it's practically all ripped off CD, and since I haven't purchased those weird round silver things in years, well. If you promise not to mock me for the weird combination of the sixties and the mid-nineties, leave a number (or two or three) between 1 and ... *pokes music folder* ... 1632 in the comments, and I'll upload those songs for everyone's listening pleasure.

Also, new icon. I had one with a much better border, but then photoshop crashed, and I couldn't seem to get the exact same shade of red again. Curses! I have a similar one with strawberries, if anyone wants it.
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2005-11-07 08:15 pm

(no subject)

As if I needed another reason to hate DRM:

Mark Russinovich notices that a Sony CD installs a rootkit and doesn't include an uninstall.

Lawsuits in both directions. Fun!

ETA: This is a much more user-friendly article (on cnet, natch) about the Sony problem and DRMs in general.

I refuse to spend money for a music product that is not universally playable -- if I buy a CD-like thing (the Sony music in question is not technically on a CD for reasons of not meeting Phillips redbook standards), I should be able to play it on my computer, my CD player, my (theoretical) mp3 player, my pda, my car stereo. Buying a CD and finding I couldn't put the songs on an iPod? Lame. Buying music from iTunes and finding I couldn't put it on a Rio Karma? Lame. Lame, lame, lame. Plus, of course, I might accidentally break my DRM. (Various DRM systems currently work so poorly that updating your system or adding new hardware may -- surprise! -- mean you can't play those thousands of dollars of music anymore. There's a solution in theory, but in practice... well, this is how that Microsoft Support page puts it: The license issuer, such as the online store where you bought the protected file, determines whether you are permitted to back up a specific license. Therefore, you may not be able to back up all your licenses. If you cannot back up the license for a particular file, you cannot restore that license after you change your hardware component. If you cannot restore a license, you cannot play the protected file.)

Of course, the current rate of DRM spread means that in five years, I'm going to be listening only to my old CDs, anything I ripped from vinyl, and anything I pirate. And I might have to go linux -- Windows is bending over backward for the MPAA and RIAA. And I will be a cranky young coot. Unless they come up with an open standard -- ha! But at least I'll be able to, you know, watch my movies and listen to my music.

Cranky, cranky, cranky.
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2005-06-13 10:29 am


I can't help but want to vid Girlyman's new "On the Air." It's narrative, it's got a gorgeous intro, it's about change, and I can listen to it over and over. Plus, how often do you hear a song that would work best for Willow season 6, but also has potential for Fraser's move to Chicago? Or even Jack's transition to general in season 8? ("I walked out when we were live / Cause I knew I was made for bigger screens than just / That small time comedy, just a half hour parody / It was cinema marquees for me or bust...)
'Cause there was a time you know
When I had my own live show
It was improvised for the camera's eye
It was made up in the ring
Back when Bob Hope was king
Back when every choice felt right
Back when life was black and white

Now there's one thing I regret
How I wish I didn't care
How I wish I could forget
That I was someone then when we were on the air...
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2005-05-25 01:09 pm


Tonight we have to go pick up the CSA and see Girlyman at the World Cafe. In a perfect world, these two things would fit together perfectly; from where I'm sitting, though, it looks like they're going to be two separate trips.

On the other hand, the CSA will have rhubarb this week, and we have organic concentrated orange juice, which means I can make the rhubarb pie I love. Basically no added sugar, just the juice, and it comes out thick and pink and so tart you practically have to eat it with ice cream, unless you're having it for breakfast. Mmmmmm.

We still haven't eaten all the greens from last week, either. We have a whole bag of bitter greens left, despite best efforts AND the baking of a quiche. (As we get more interesting food, my lj gets foodier.)

Also, we have here my contribution to the Glorious 25th of May iconage. I can read the text on [ profile] m_shell's laptop, but it may not be as readable on macs -- let me know so I can fiddle. (If you want it, you can take it, but please credit.)

The icon is currently reminding me that by the first weekend of June I'll be reading Thud. Wheeeeee!
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2005-05-21 08:21 pm

(no subject)

We netflix'd Phantom of the Opera for amusement value, and watched it last night. Swooping cloaks! Melodrama! Candles lighting as they come out of the lake! More melodrama! Too much exposition! As you can imagine, it was ... pretty ridiculous.

Anyway, this means a) that I'm rereading Maskerade and b) that I've had ALW songs stuck in my head all day. Yeuch. Especially "Stranger Than You Dreamt It." But I've connected it mentally with one of the Tom Lehrer educational kids songs, so that in my head the dramatic revelation goes something like this:

Tenor, slow:
Stranger than you dreamt it,
can you even dare to look or bear to think of me?
This loathsome gargoyle, who
burns in hell, but secretly yearns for heaven,
secretly... secretly...
Tom Lehrer, uptempo with more fiddle and WAY more fun:
secret- L! Y!
You enter a very dark room
and sitting there in the gloom
is Dracula! Now how do you say goodbye?
Immediately... immediately ... immediate- L! Y!
You should sing along! It's great fun. Imagine poor Christine's reaction as you do. There she is, sitting by the underground lake with the Phantom's mask in her hand, and off he goes on the subject of ... adverbs.

Also, I was proud of myself, because I kept thinking that wosshername, the prima donna, La Carlotta, looked familiar, and finally I turned to [ profile] m_shell and said "doesn't she look like Minnie Driver?" And then it turned out she was Minnie Driver, with ridiculous wigs and someone else doing the singing, so go me. ([ profile] m_shell said "I was thinking she looked like a drag queen...")
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2005-04-24 09:45 am

(no subject)

I watched X2 again last night, so now I have "I Am What I Am" (Gloria Gaynor) stuck in my head.

Sung by Mystique, natch. In a big stage number. Possibly while wearing feathers. "Life's not worth a damn till you can shout out 'I am what I am.'"

I wonder if the X-Men movie metaphors are cumulative? First movie, Jewish. Second movie, Jewish and gay. Third movie, Jewish and gay and ... ?

I am what I am
And what I am needs no excuses
I deal my own deck
Sometimes the aces
Sometimes the deuces
It's one life and there's no return and no deposit
One life so it's time to open up your closet
Life's not worth a damn
Till you can shout out
I am what I am