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2011-11-14 09:02 pm

some things make a post

1. Sometimes I cook all fancy! I'm home visiting my folks, and my dad wanted to grill because he's been watching this grilling cooking show. But I basically don't eat meat except for fish, so we settled on tuna, because it doesn't stick to the grill. So this was yesterday's dinner:

grilled marinated tuna and mango salsa taco-ish things for the noms )

2. Speaking of California, I often find staying with my parents somewhat frustrating (and helping my mom out with her work can be exceptionally frustrating).

But! Here are some of the things that California has in addition to fruit: It's-Its. Blue Bottle Coffee (<3<3<3). Tacos. Breakfast pastries at the Ferry Building. Boogaloo's amazing grilled plantain cakes. Persimmons from the tree in the backyard. Some friends I haven't seen in a while. Fan peoples. Thrift stores. An ocean.

3. There is going to be another Avatar: The Last Airbender (and Avatar: Legend of Korra) fanwork exchange over at [community profile] white_lotus! I plan to ask for Korra/Chief Bei Fong, among other things, so it is basically guaranteed to include great things.

Anyway, if you are interested, there's a draft signup post to poke at (to make sure all your favorite characters are on the list!) and tomorrow there will be a draft rules post that take people's suggests from last year into account. And signups will start later this week!

As part of making it work this year, we've also made an AO3 collection for the challenge, so that people who want to play in an anon-slow-reveal challenge but also want to be able to edit their fanworks can play that way. People will still be able to just send us their fanworks and have them posted straight to the comm, but the AO3 thing should make it easier for people who are already using the AO3. (Plus we belatedly made a collection for last year, so if you want to you can submit your fanworks to the collection.)

4. Remember that top one hundred specfic works thing? I haven't forgotten it, I promise, I just got cranky when I organized everything for Condorcet voting on a website that said it would do it ... and then couldn't deal with 250 things in a list, Grr. And then I tried a bunch of other places, and they all would only do ten items or allow 50 voters or blahblah. I might end up just doing it in comments and uploading the data flat to a Condorcet calculator. (The short version of condorcet: it's sometimes called ranked-choice or instant-runnoff voting [though a lot of different methods end up being called these things, since the terms are used confusingly in news stories], and it's usually done for single-winner issues. It can be done for a multiple-winner issue, though, and I thought it would be fun because it would let people rank as many things as they wanted. It's a kind of neat alternative since it lets you rank things you hate low, and not have to do careful vote manipulation to make your vote "count." But APPARENTLY the javascript version of the Condorcet page crashes liek whoah.)

5. some stuff about the OTW )
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2011-09-23 10:57 pm

om and also nom

We had a bunch of peaches left over from an eight-quart container that we bought a couple of weeks ago when it was suddenly the last week for peaches. (Me: No, I'm fine, we've got other fruit now. Farmer: This is probably our last week for yellow peaches. Me: What! No! It can't be! Okay, fine, I'll take eight quarts.) They've since gone into several pies (peach and peach-blackberry) plus some extras for eating out of hand or in yogurt or whatever. But they were clearly getting a bit old, and some of the apples were wrinkly, so: peach-apple crisp. The peach-apple part is very tasty, but the crisp part is great, so I wanted to write it down so I'd have it again next time.

peach-apple crisp recipe )

Let it cool at least twenty minutes so the liquid isn't boiling anymore, and then eat topped with vanilla ice cream while watching a charming gay detective film.

Which is to say, we just watched the fourth Donald Stratchey movie ("Ice Blue") and it was charming and the characters were adorable and I loved Tim and Donald together and there were a lot of hugs. (But also some fairly standard tv-styles violence and discussion of child pornography, fyi.)
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2011-09-04 12:15 am

some lists

things I accomplished today
1) walked the dog this morning (because t'wings was at work)

2) made two (2) pies - well, I made the fillings, and t'wings made the pastry:
a) Peach Blackberry! Made because we had bruised peaches and had just gone berry-picking yesterday. Largely handwavey on the measurements:

peach blackberry pie recipe )

b) Apple! The first apples of fall, for us; there've been a couple at the farmers' market for a few weeks, but they've mostly been early varieties I don't like. These are some that we got yesterday at a local orchard (the same one with the berry picking).

apple pie recipe )

I haven't tried the apple pie yet, but it looks and smells pretty tasty.

T'wings made a single recipe of her grandma's pastry dough which made both pie shells and lattice for the top. And she took pictures.

3) Wine tasting with [profile] livre_libre and [personal profile] thingswithwings! This is one of those great living in a wine region benefits, where you can just go "hey, want to check out what they have at the in town tasting place tomorrow?" We tried many wines; t'wings had some good rieslings, and [profile] livre_libre tried a great sparkling wine, but I mostly tried things that were supposed to be refreshing and summery but instead were one-note (that note was mostly citrus).

4) Big Grocery Store Errands. Blah blah pharmacy blah.

5) Short walk out to the coffee shop with the puppy, who needed an afternoon snuffle. And I needed a coffee.

6) Watched Doctor Who.

7) Ate extremely tasty tomato salad that t'wings made. (Also while she was picking the tomatoes I watered the plants.)

8) Watched K-20: Legend of the Mask, which made us all laugh and laugh. Hijinks! Acrobatics! Mistaken identities! Disguises! Sudden undercover heist! Kaneshiro Takeshi! Helicopter rescue! Alternate history! Yoko is seriously awesome! Other exclamation marks! I recommend it to anyone who likes heists and stealing from the rich and acrobatics and AUs and ladies being awesome.

9) Seven chapters of [project]. Yay for doing things on that project that I'd been ignoring!

Things I did not accomplish today:
1) Any dishes. Well, that's a lie, I washed the worst of the baking bowls. But it's basically true. (Too much baking! Too hot in the kitchen! Preheat to what in summery humid weather? But still, too many dishes.)

2) The other ten chapters of [project].

3) The fanwork stuff I meant to do today.

Things I plan to not do tomorrow if at all possible:
1) Walk and/or stand. My knees were already kind of cranky after going to the orchard and picking fruit yesterday, and now they have rebelled. Unfortunately, tomorrow is the farmers' market, which I want to go to. And also the dishes are sitting there taunting me. And if I don't do them the fruit flies will attack.
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2011-05-26 01:30 pm
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some recs

1. If you like silly flash games, I recommend Elephant Quest, in which you are a small blue elephant whose hat has been stolen by a wooly mammoth. Pros: charmingly ludicrous premise; similarly great leveling (find helium balloons and tie them to yourself to jump further); flash-styles platformer in which you can't die for reals; nice artwork. Cons: sometimes you have to do a bit of level-grinding; a couple of moments in the dialogue include really wince-worthy ableism. Basically I really enjoyed it except for the OCD elephant.

2. I just found a new awesome ginger beer! We just did a Reed's versus Maine Root brand taste-off, and omg the Maine Root ginger brew is kind of amazing. It's like the full flavor profile of ginger: it starts smooth and round, it ends up sharp, the flavor lasts a long time. A++ am drinking again right now.

3. Mineral sunscreen! I sunburn really easily, but I often react badly to the chemicals in most sunscreen (they burn my face off, which sort of ... renders the sunscreen part moot) and also there's been a lot of talk in the last few years about how the chemicals are bad for you, so I have been trying to transition to mineral sunscreen for maybe two-three years now. This is a mixed bag, mostly, but putting some on just now reminded me that I'd finally found a great one at the end of last summer. Here is my roundup of mineral sunscreens )

4. Someday I am going to start doing a diverse-bodies diverse-kinks kink tumblr. I can see it coming every time I scroll through a kink tumblr and see nothing but (apparently) young skinny cis white TAB women in bondage. Many of those pictures are very nice and all, but they just build up on each other to oh my god there are other kinds of people in the world.

But that day is not today, because I've got shit to do, so here are some recs instead: Ireen's Gaze is lovely - it's one of the "I post what I like best" tumblrs, so it's sort of like "diverse bodies doing diverse kinks! cool pictures of cool people! commentary about sex and gender and race and class! Jensen Ackles!" So if you're looking for a unified thing, this is not it, but I like it anyway. Pretty Kinky Things does okay, sometimes. Orlando of 333 images does diverse kinks, but not a lot of diverse bodies; he's sometimes interesting when he talks about kink and what images mean to him, but he's also sometimes a bit *facepalm* about cultural variations in kink. Also there are some tumblrs that do sex generally and have a bit of kink in there.

And if you know good tumblrs I'm not following let me know! I'm not really interested in sex, just in kink (though the kink can have sex in it).
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2011-04-06 12:51 am

noms, knitting

1. Soup!

We made some excellent soup based on this ribollita recipe, and it turned out really nom! And also successful at its main purpose, which was getting rid of the ridiculous pounds of vegetables in the fridge - [personal profile] thingswithwings has renamed it "I live in the Northeast and I have a winter CSA soup." We didn't make the exact recipe - I doubled the beans-and-stock ingredients, and then T'wings chopped up, like, eight pounds of potatoes, and she put in the whole cabbage because seriously the point of this exercise was getting rid of vegetables, like we were going to put in a quarter of a cabbage and call it done. And we didn't reboil it all at once with the bread in it, because we expect it to last all week and then be frozen, so we're doing that bowl by bowl.

In the end, we had enough soup to fill our eleven-quart pot to about a quarter inch from the top. It is a lot of soup, like, I can't lift the pot and a lot of it will likely end up in the freezer. It's good that it turned out to be a great soup.

2. Pie!

T'wings made me strawberry-rhubarb pie for my birthday! Back when I lived in Northern California, my birthday was sometimes, in warm years, right at the beginning of spring produce - the tiniest of rhubarb spears and strawberries - and so I often used to have rhubarb pie for my birthday. And even though we were supposed to have five inches of snow a couple days after my birthday, I had strawberry-rhubarb pie, because last spring I chopped up a bunch of rhubarb and froze it. How awesome is that? It's like a burst of summer in the middle of winter.

Anyway the pie recipe we've been using is this lattice-topped strawberry-rhubarb pie; we double the dry ingredients in the filling and put in about 1.5 times as much fruit, depending on how the quantities of rhubarb work out. But we don't use that crust recipe - T'wings always makes the pastry dough, using her grandma's recipe, which I think she's posted somewhere but I can't find right now.

Anyway, the point is, it was super tasty. But now we're out of rhubarb! I have to wait for rhubarb to actually, like, be in season to have another slice of this pie. SADNESS.

3. Knitting, which today does not get an exclamation mark.

So I looked for a beret pattern to knit for my mom, and decided on the Lupo Beret, and I read the pattern and did a gauge swatch and etc, and everything looked good, and I have been knitting away in seed stitch.

Only I just got to the decreases, and ... wait ... it suddenly stops being seed stitch. The directions keep acting like it's seed stitch, but listen, you can't do a two-stitch decrease and a one-stitch increase without fucking up your seed stitch. And this pattern has a two-stitch decrease alternating with a one-stitch decrease every other row - so the seed stitch will stack every other row. Now I'm staring at pictures of the pattern and trying to decide if this is on purpose, or if I should be modifying the pattern a lot.

This is what I get for reading over the pattern without thinking about it.
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2011-03-08 10:55 am

recipe: carrot cake

Well, it's technically carrot cake, but T'wings and I call it carrot lembas - because, like lembas, it's immensely sustaining and will keep you full for a ridiculously long time. It's modified from this recipe to include more protein and complex carbs, and it already had a diverse set of sugars and fats, so a slice of it really is like a meal. It's not really a good dessert in the after-dinner sense, because it's got too much protein, but it's a great snack or breakfast.

I make it in quantities sufficient to use up most of my CSA carrots and to last a good long time - the recipe below will make two 9x13 cakes (or a tall 9x13 cake and 8x8 cake). If you just want to try it out, you may want to halve the recipe.

carrot cake tools and/or spoons required )

carrot cake recipe )
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2011-02-03 04:10 pm

vids, links, tech, food, miscellany

1. More Festivids recs!

Attention Please, Paprika. PRETTY. I don't know what's going on at all, but I think that's part of the point. And the editing is really great, and uses the music really beautifully, and the whole vid has this cool hallucinatory quality.

Illumination, Joseon X-Files. Wow, this is completely gorgeous and atmospheric and ...oddly creepy, maybe? I love the way the vidder used movement of light and shadow, and the music is a great choice. I have never seen this show but clearly I must!

Space Oddity, Community. This is a really sweet Abed/Troy vid about their shared geekery, awwww. Their love of spaceships brings them closer together!

They Want More, Jurassic Park. I can't believe I forgot to rec this the other day, because it made me laugh and laugh. Dinosaur pov ftw.

Truth Is in the Dirt, V (2009). Oh, Erika Evans, ILU! This vid draws some interesting parallels between Erika and Anna, and uses the song and the atmospheric footage to great effect.

2. In knitting-related news, if you're going to drop a stitch, should you do it a) while doing some nice 2x2 ribbing, b) while setting up your short rows, or c) immediately after knitting your two stacked short row stitches? Yeah, I picked option c, who the hell even knows where these loops go. *rips back like twenty rows*

3. I was really sick of accidentally clicking on links that people had written to include hxxp (which some people do to anonymize links) so I installed a greasemonkey script to change hxxp to http. Then I realized that I was not respecting people's desire for anonymity and not incidentally was breaking the rules of some communities and forums, so I edited the script to change the hxxps to working links instead. If you'd like to do the same thing, instructions for making an redirect )

And now I am clicking on those links with ease. *is so lazy*

4. I am excited to see the permanent style=mine and style=site options (described in the latest news post), but reading people's comments about both options always reminds me that neither option is perfect for me. I often turn custom comment pages on not because I like the style or worked hard on it or anything, but because I want the sidebar or header (tags and links and etc) to be available on entry pages; I usually prefer to read in the site style. And especially in communities, if the entry page is in the site style, there's no obvious place to click for the rules or tags, which often leads to a lot of questions that are a pain in the ass ("where can I find ..." "but do you ..." "if I want to sign up ..."), or posts that don't follow the posting templates or rules or whatever. So I am still torn about site style versus custom comment pages.

5. Aren't these pantone-chip cookies pretty much the coolest thing ever? I love that she just mixed up colored icing and then matched it to a pantone color after it cooled.

6. And speaking of food, [personal profile] glass_icarus recently posted Potluck #1, a blog carnival dedicated to multicultural/intersectional posts about food.

7. And only loosely related to food, Happy New Year to everyone who celebrates! At the moment I am all eeee [community profile] white_lotus Lunar New Year Exchange eeee. The fanworks are SO GREAT GUYS, I am so glad to be posting them now where other people can see them. I have been so caught up in the excitement that I have even tried to make some treats, but I keep being interrupted by spreadsheets.
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2011-01-10 11:33 pm


This post is brought to you by the fact that it is too late to make pudding tonight, thus giving me lots of time to ponder ideal recipes for tomorrow. And there are too many! I like the milk-custard style tapioca/rice pudding, but I also like the coconut milk style, and basically there are too many options. Well, except pandan leaves. You can't get pandan here anywhere, and it makes me sad, because it's so great in black rice pudding.

Poll #5593 Pudding is serious business
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 14

The perfect rice pudding includes:

View Answers

white rice
10 (71.4%)

brown rice
2 (14.3%)

black/purple rice
6 (42.9%)

7 (50.0%)

soy/almond/hemp milk
4 (28.6%)

coconut milk
3 (21.4%)

coconut cream, geez
4 (28.6%)

6 (42.9%)

pandan leaves
4 (28.6%)

white sugar
5 (35.7%)

palm sugar
4 (28.6%)

brown sugar
7 (50.0%)

other sugary thing
1 (7.1%)

8 (57.1%)

fruit other than mango
4 (28.6%)

3 (21.4%)

9 (64.3%)

6 (42.9%)

something else I can't believe you forgot!
1 (7.1%)

The perfect tapioca pudding includes:

View Answers

flake tapioca
1 (10.0%)

small pearl tapioca
9 (90.0%)

large pearl tapioca
4 (40.0%)

6 (60.0%)

soy/almond/hemp milk
4 (40.0%)

coconut milk
3 (30.0%)

coconut cream, geez
1 (10.0%)

white sugar
5 (50.0%)

palm sugar
3 (30.0%)

brown sugar
3 (30.0%)

other sugary thing
1 (10.0%)

3 (30.0%)

fruit other than mango
3 (30.0%)

4 (40.0%)

7 (70.0%)

3 (30.0%)

something else I can't believe you forgot
0 (0.0%)

... no, seriously, now I'm thinking about black rice pudding. Maybe with mango and coconut cream. Just for fun, here is a recipe that I cannot make unless I replace the pandan with vanilla: black rice pudding recipe )
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2011-01-09 05:19 pm

I missed you, internets

I am back at home -- I got back last night and then had [profile] liverelibre over for chats and eggnog. And then I woke up today in my own space, put on my pajamas, and read all most some of the internets. (I still have like 200 things left in my google reader, of which about 195 are things that will make me angry or sad, and I haven't attempted tumblr at all, and also I skimmed a lot of dw.)

But! I am left with a dilemna. This is my dilemna:

I used up some most all of the spoons running hobble-speed-walking in the airport yesterday, when my first (delayed) flight deboarded about twenty-five minutes before my second flight was scheduled to depart. So I hustled through the airport with my bags and jogged up and down many escalators and did complicated cane-and-bag swaps for the stairs and made it to the other terminal and collapsed by the door of my second flight twelve minutes before it was scheduled to depart and probably too late for them to still have the door open ... just as they switched the sign to "delayed." Fuckers. I had a whole hour and a half, as it turns out, and had they mentioned the maintenance delay on the departure info screen I might not have, you know, run through the airport.

Anyway, as a consequence I am doing "lying on sofa with hot pad" and not my planned "going grocery shopping." But it is nearing dinnertime, and I'm hungry, but I don't really want any of the delivery options, and there's no way I'm walking to the grocery store.

So! Internets, what would you make for dinner if you had: lots of cans of beans of various sorts, coconut milk, canned crushed/diced/sauced tomatoes, ww pasta, dry lentils, brown and black rice, various baking things including coconut and chocolate chips and butter and canola oil, dried fruit, oatmeal, frozen corn, four eggs that miraculously survived, and a square of cheddar cheese? All I can think of is black beans and eggs (which I had for lunch), black beans and rice (which is rather similar to what I had for lunch), and pasta + tomato sauce + cheese, which is not hugely nutritious but will be fine if I can't think of anything else.

PS: If your answer is "brownies," please be prepared to share a favorite recipe.

PPS: I might not get out tomorrow, and anyway this is often the contents of my cupboards when low on food, so additional suggestions are always welcome!
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2010-10-07 05:35 pm

some things I have done recently

1. Watched Mythbusters! New episodes just started airing last night. All I have to say about it is spoiler cut )

2. Made cheesecake brownies! Just sort of spontaneously. [personal profile] happydork linked to this recipe for cheesecake brownies, and I looked at it and went, wait, I can do all of those steps! So I went out and bought cream cheese and then made a recipe.

3. Installed some non-VLC media players, because VLC started being so slow and buggy and building-font-library-y. I've tried KMPlayer and SMPlayer; of the two, I like the KMPlayer better, although I hate its icons. I'm still shopping around, though, if you have other suggestions.

4. Rewashed all of my fall and winter clothes. No, really, all of them. allergies are no fun )

5. Gotten excited about knitting again! I used to mostly knit projects on small needles -- fingering or lace weight socks and lace scarves and things -- and now holding those needles hurts too much and it made me cranky that I had all this stash yarn for socks that I wouldn't be using (or, at least, not for socks). So I haven't knit in a year or so, but when [personal profile] anatsuno was here we were talking about knitting, and I remembered I had a worsted-weight sweater to knit, so now I'm in the middle of that. (I <3 alpaca.) And I'm doing a worsted lace scarf, too. And I realized I had some super bulky local yarn that I bought when one of the sheeps-milk people decided to stop making yarn and sold it all off super cheap, and my old slippers are falling apart, so perhaps I will felt up some slippers. I'm all: knitting in front of the tv! This is a thing I used to do! Right! Only now I have to get new needles for basically every project, because I have a ton of 0-3s, but like one pair of size 9 needles.

6. Speaking of TV, I also watched the first few Criminal Minds episodes from this season. spoiler cut )
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2010-06-27 11:45 pm

\o/ weekend

The good:
I spent Friday night decompressing from fail in what turns out to be a really great way: [personal profile] livrelibre came over, we had alcohol and dinner and talked vehemently about intersectionality and anti-oppression work and all the recent fails, and then we stopped talking about them and played Lego Star Wars. Here is the thing about Lego Star Wars: it doesn't matter if you get killed, because you just reconstitute out of legos, and the basic goal of nearly every level is to smash, lightsaber, shoot, or slap basically all of the set decoration. We spent two hours going "oh, man, I'm going to get those fences! take THAT, fences! and the planter over there! and then I'm going to punch down this wall." It was very soothing in a simulated-destruction kind of way. I destroyed many decorative sconces.

And then Saturday I suddenly decided that I wanted a bison burger (idek), so [personal profile] livrelibre and I went out and talked about anti-oppression and meta and porn and tv and computers in public spaces, instead. (The conversation about computers was partly prompted by hearing other people arguing heatedly about macs versus pcs and going, huh, we could try having an intense conversation about other kinds of fandoms for a change. We didn't manage to be very vehement, though.)

And I decided to try going to the Sunday farmer's market instead of the Saturday one -- the Saturday one is (almost) year-round and is bigger, so some farmers can't get stalls there. And it was awesome, I want to go to the Sunday market every week. I think that the Sunday market shopping population is maybe 10% of the Saturday one, which meant that I didn't have to tuck my cane away because people walked into it, and I didn't have to push to get to the front of stalls, and I could buy prepared food without standing in hideous lines. And I discovered several new farmers, including people who do locally produced raw soft cheese. I saw a new cheese stall and went over to check it out, and then was so startled that before I even said hello I said "... it's soft!" I think the cheesemaker thought it was a complaint, because she explained that it was only semi-soft in other weather. And it was tasty, and I brought it home, and I am so excited about it because I'd thought we only had cheddar-like and gouda-like and blue cheese here. Plus I bought sugar snap peas (and then ate all of them with lunch) and black cap wild raspberries and many cherries for [personal profile] thingswithwings to turn into tarts when she gets back to the US, and warm-from-the-oven sourdough multigrain bread, and sprouted lentils and chickpeas, and shelling peas. There are noms in my future.

Less good:
I didn't get to some graphics stuff that I meant to do this weekend.

Let me just say, cab drivers, I am sometimes willing to spend $5 to get a lift home from the farmer's market when my feet hurt and it's hot out and I'm concerned about the cheese. But I am not willing to spend $5 and have to endure a conversation with you about why I'm wearing a brace, what the brace is for, how long I have to wear it, does it have anything to do with the cane, gosh pity pity, tell me more details. No. Just: no. I tried terse and uninformative, then I tried I-don't-want-to-talk-about-it, and the cab driver was still like "oh, but come on, it's got to be a great story." Fuck off, dude.

For reasons I don't understand, I watched Babylon 5 today instead of the Doctor Who season finale. *shrugs*
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2010-06-02 01:24 am

more misc

*looks at time* *looks at remaining [community profile] kink_bingo card queue* *looks in general direction of [personal profile] thingswithwings who has been stuck in airports* *looks at hands* Yeah, so that's not happening tonight.

In unrelated content I wrote up earlier, I have remembered that I can put hard cooked eggs in salad when I don't want all my protein to be cheese and nuts. I have to rediscover salads every summer, and I've so far gone "oh, marinades!" and "oh, eggs! right!" By August I have usually figured out a routine, and then there aren't enough months of summer left. Eventually I will remember foods like "smoothies" and "cereal" and other warm-weather stuff.

And in other other news, I watched Going Postal and quite enjoyed it. spoilers for the book and movie, probably )
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2010-05-31 06:04 pm

nothing ties post together except for the list format

1. So the other day I was all, hey, I've always wanted to try goat's milk ice cream! I hear that it is tasty! And Twings was like, I've been craving strawberry ice cream lately, why don't we get some? So we did. And we brought it home. And then there was this suspicious brown layer in it that smelled vinegary, and, yes, as it turns out we accidentally bought "Strawberry Darling: Swirls of Balsamico with Strawberries in Sweet Cream." And I'm pretty open to foodieness, but, just, no. Balsamic vinegar is not supposed be mixed with guar gum and turned into a sticky caramel-like swirl in strawberry ice cream. I tasted it because I wasn't going to be like, no never! And, yes, it tasted like strawberries and balsamic vinegar, but in entirely the wrong proportions -- way too much vinegar, ugh, not at all like the way people sometimes serve strawberries to intensify the strawberry flavor. In short, LaLoo's strawberry goat's milk ice cream? Not recommended.

2. I have uploaded cards for [community profile] kink_bingo, we finished and posted the [community profile] kink_wiki yesterday and I've got to let it go, I've just got a few tags left to rename or merge or split, we're not posting anything today, and I am taking the day off. I am going to read some fic and eat bonbons. I have been like 1000 words into [personal profile] leupagus's Only Good For Legends Star Trek AOS AU for two weeks now, and I'm darn well going to finish it. And I'm going to read some remixes, too. And maybe order brownies for delivery or something. Anyway, there is fic in my future, and I plan to enjoy it.

Also there is Avatar: the Last Airbender, which I am kind of mainlining.

3. Yesterday there was briefly a [personal profile] toft! Which was nice! But she was just passing through. We did watch two episodes of Mythbusters, though.

4. And nonetheless she handily helped me replace my laptop keyboard hurrah. It took two tries to get the keyboard in right, but now ... whoah! It's all new and shiny! And it has a page up key! Also I was very happy to have [personal profile] toft and [personal profile] thingswithwings help, because the tiny tiny screws and the tiny tiny screwdriver and the tiny tiny connections are so not within my skills.

5. I am cranky at having to pace my life around my joints. Like, today I went out to buy groceries to make dinner, and because I walked too much yesterday that is the limit of my up for today, so I can't make said dinner. Even though I got stuff to make vegetarian pasta sauce and now I really want some.

6. Also I am sick of negative-pressure doors (the kind intended to keep the air conditioning in) when they don't have buttons to open them. I had to struggle out of the coffee shop today with a "pass the cane to the other hand, dangle it from wrist strap because also carrying groceries and coffee, hip-check the bar to open the latch, shoulder-bump the door to break the negative pressure, catch the closing door on the shoulder and lean full weight into it" maneuver. Which is too much maneuver for me. *cranky*

7. Also some jerk was like "hurry the fuck up, bitch" at me when I was crossing the street. OH MAN SORRY TO BE IN YOUR CAR'S WAY, DUDE! I mean, god forbid you wait ten more seconds to make a right hand turn! I know waiting for a lady with a cane is like the worst thing that has ever happened to you! Hey, wait a minute, do I maybe have the right of way here? OH YES I DO.
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2010-04-26 01:21 pm

Some memes! Some posts other places!

1. I posted that high-protein cookie recipe that I mentioned a while ago over at [community profile] omnomnom! Also, I might've had some of those cookies for breakfast.

2. An interview meme from [personal profile] chagrined! Questions and answers are under this cut )

3. I actually kind of feel like I'm posting all the time right now, because I'm writing up [community profile] kink_bingo related stuff: resources, posting template, accessability, kink wiki stuff about kinks X and Y and Z. But then I don't post it! Because it has to wait until round two is closed! So I keep being a little confused about what I've posted and where. *facepalm*

4. I'm sort of doing three weeks for dreamwidth all the time, since I'm not crossposting, but I thought this related meme was interesting: What kind of topics/entries would you like to see me posting about? Any particular questions you've always wanted to ask me but have resisted because the answer would be a huge essay? Ever want to wind me up and watch me go on a particular topic? Anything you've heard me say "I should write that entry about _________ I've been meaning to write" and have been patiently waiting for? (from [personal profile] telesilla)
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2010-04-14 06:38 pm

cookies! dreamwidth! boring admin! it's another list post.

1. I have been doing experiments with a cookie recipe that I quite like, trying to get as near as possible to a power bar without giving up what I like about the taste of cookies. I'm nearly there! So far I'm at 3.8 g of protein per cookie, which is pretty awesome. I have recently discovered that applesauce covers the taste of soy protein powder better than butter -- who knew! Anyway, \o/ for moderate successes with baking! And for eating cookies for snacks without going all sugar-rushy! When I make them successfully again, I'll post the recipe here.

2. I turned off javascript on lj a while back -- not just sharethis, which I've never had enabled, but -- and was pleased by the faster loading times. It meant no more quick reply comment boxes, but I could live with that!

Then today I learned that the update page doesn't show the icon or the preview buttons without javascript. So I'll have to turn it back on if I post to communities. *is cross*

3. Speaking of, did you know there's a limit on the number of PMs you can send from an lj account? I didn't. And now I know that there is one, but not what it is, or how often it rolls over, because I can't find anything about it in the FAQ. *continues cross*

4. I hit the pm limit because I'm sending out little heads-up [community profile] kink_bingo deadline reminders to folks who haven't posted yet according to my spreadsheet. I'm doing it kinda automatically, so if I pmed you even though I should have known you knew the deadline, uh, sorry. I just go click-paste click-paste.

5. Today is my dw-versary! I'm still in a space of squishy hugs for dreamwidth, gotta say. Here are some things I like about being here:
- the community!
- the standing-by-their-principles stuff
- hierarchical tags (♥)
- split access/subscribe list
- the little stuff! I love that /calendar now redirects to /archive, because I used to type the url wrong every time, and I love being able to leave a reason for editing a comment, and I love that I can rename icon keywords and fix my typos.
- did I say the community already? Because y'all are awesome.

ETA 6. We just had a sudden cat! We left the back door open today because it's finally nice here. I was just sitting here on the sofa puttering around on the internet, and then I looked up and there was a cat sitting in the living room doorway giving me the Disdainful Cat look. I went "aah!" at the sudden cat, and the cat went bounding away, and I think I startled [personal profile] thingswithwings rather a lot. But seriously, I can't be expected to not startle at sudden disdainful cat.
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2009-12-14 09:56 pm

Misc stuff I have been meaning to post

If I don't post things, then they just build up and build up in semagic until it seems insurmountable. Today I have decided to say "fuck that" to that problem, so here are ... a bunch of misc and unrelated things, some of which have been in semagic for months.

1. We made lots of awesome food for American Thanksgiving which was like three weeks ago now, but this text has been sitting here for most of those weeks so I'm posting it anyway. I might forget how to make these tasty brussels sprouts by next fall! More details about the recipes under the cut to spare you guys )

2. I'm currently going to PT threeish days a week for hand and wrist and knee and ankle and etc joint pain, and I still have partly immobilized hands. It makes me cranky and anxious, especially because nobody seems to know what's wrong, and why this problem is worse than the previous ones. Blather about doctors )

3. Some things I forgot about when I was doing yuletide nominations, so now I'm putting them here for next year )

3a. It is a sad state of affairs when your yuletide story notes are long enough to be posted to the archive. *pokes at file* Now, if only I had a story...

4. Some random things I have learned from kink_bingo )

4a. This isn't a random thing that I learned from [community profile] kink_bingo, it's a true story from planning last year that I've always meant to post so I won't someday forget it )

5. I want a firefox extension, and I can't find it! Here's what bugs me )

THERE. Now I have a completely blank update field. And I'll add some stuff from today to make sure it stays that way:

6. This Penny Arcade strip pretty much explains the way I feel when people say things like "you're just watching it to hate it."

7. Oh my god, lj, seriously? You're seriously going to make gender a mandatory field and make male and female the only options within that field? Seriously? I just. Fuck that shit. I can't put words to my RAGE.
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2009-10-13 11:59 pm

here are some things I wrote down

On December 26th last year, I wrote down what I wanted for yuletide this year. And that was:
"Nominate yuletide challenge itself! database/dynamically generated yuletide treat request page enemies!fic!"
... yes. Seriously. I was maaaaaybe a little yuletide!obsessed at the time.

Also I said that I wanted Eddie Izzard fic. "Eddie Izzard/Steve, on the moon." Per this email to myself, I contemplated Eddie Izzard/The President of Burundi. I am now thinking about asking for some sort of Eddie Izzard fic. I nominated it, anyway. And I wasn't even thinking about it three days ago! This is how I am with yuletide nominations -- I change my mind constantly.

All of which is to say, hurrah for yuletide nominations! I nominated fandoms a couple hours ago, but I totally just went back and changed them -- I realized that nobody had nominated Super Mario Galaxy. I hope someone asks for creepy Freudian Cosmic!Mario fic, or intriguingly kinky Star Bunny fic, or adorable Toad Brigade orgy fic.


[personal profile] thingswithwings and I baked a pumpkin pie a couple days ago. (Substitution: all whipping cream instead of half milk, 3/4 cup of honey for a single recipe). Last week, I made muffins! This means two things: first, that it's fall, and I'm happy to have the oven on; and second, that this is really our apartment now. Pie is the official inauguration of an apartment!

Also, it's really tasty pie. We made a recipe and a half, because that was the size of the pumpkin, so now we have pumpkin tartlets too. I totally had a slice of pumpkin pie for first breakfast yesterday. YUM.

(Between the pumpkin pie and the hum of the radiators, you can tell it's fall here. We just gave in and turned the heat on, but to be fair to us it was 58* inside before we caved. And it was COLD.)


Also I would like to rec [personal profile] isagel's new Touching Evil vid, Wither and Die. I know next to nothing about the series, but I the vid is gorgeous and interesting and sort of heart-clenchy even without the context.
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2009-08-31 04:44 pm

a couple updates

1. The fanfiction survey has been taken down, at least temporarily (fandom: we bite back). The text on the survey site now reads:
We're revamping some of our survey questions based upon the first round of feedback we received! Please check back again soon to take our survey!
There are a number of interesting comments on their post announcing the removal of the survey.

2. I am kind of tickled by the fact that I have been alternating between tagging [community profile] kink_bingo posts today, as we ramp up to the end of the for-points part of the round, and commenting to people about the heterosexist parts of the survey. (Which I will probably remain behind on for a while, sorry.)

3. I am starting to be -- nostalgic is maybe not quite the right word, but I guess it'll do -- about the process of making the yuletide vid last year. Somebody please stop me before any other huge projects seem like a good idea.

4. I had homemade waffles for lunch. \o/
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2009-03-17 04:50 pm

A story about fannish brains

So, [ profile] thingswithwings and I were getting groceries this morning when we walked past an Irish pub doing its St. Patrick's Day celebration. We got about five paces past the sandwich board advertising their menu and suddenly stopped, turned and looked at each other, and said "did you just see that?"

So I went back and took a picture. Which I reproduce here with commentary )
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2009-03-02 11:31 pm

Awesome waffle recipe

For my own reference, or yours if you have a waffle maker, a great waffle recipe that is nutritious AND tasty:

mmm waffle )

I had them with yogurt and raspberry sauce, made with frozen raspberries. Which I have leftovers of, clearly requiring me to purchase vanilla ice cream.

raspberry sauce )