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As many of you probably know, there are ANSWER peace demonstrations and marches in San Francisco and Washington, D.C. this Saturday. There are supposed to be similar protests in 23 countries. Here, it's timed for MLK Jr. weekend, reminding people about the history of nonviolent protest. Where I am now, in SC, there are fliers with bright red "No War in Iraq" slogans posted all over detailing the marches; when I went to the bookstore today, the gentleman at the counter handed me a flier. I mean, these are going to be big events.

So last week my mother phoned me. I couldn't talk long, and usually in that case she wants to know how I am, but this time she said "I only called to make sure you were going to do something January 18th." And I said yes, and that I might go home to go to SF. The upshot of this is that I will be going to the protest in SF with my folks and my sister, and possibly some of her friends.

Then, a few days ago, I was talking to a friend of mine. He has friends and relatives from Ohio crashing at his place so that they can make the protest. [ profile] m_shell is going with her family. And today I was talking to another friend of mine, who asked if I was going. I said yes, with my family. He said his father and brother were going with him. We expressed amusement at the family-ness of it all, and he said "We're thinking of making it a family day out, you know, go to Reds and the labor monuments."

Anti-war protest is now a family outing. I think that says something about the kind of support the anti-war movement is getting; I mean, young people (men especially) have an enlightened self-interest thing going on, certainly, and some people my parents' age have been involved in protests since Vietnam. But to see them not only participating in the same protests and listening to the same speakers and poetry jammers but actually going together is astonishing to me. And wonderful.

Forget Disneyland; this year, take your kids to nonviolent protest! It's endorsed by GLBT groups, the AFL-CIO, Janeane Garofalo, the Communist Party of the USA, and the National Lawyers Guild! Or, for a longer vacation, check out the Presidents' Day peace week.


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