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I came up with this game a while ago, and [ profile] antigone921, [ profile] sineala, [ profile] lysimache, and, of course, [ profile] m_shell have been playing it with me off and on.

Six Degrees of Your Fandoms. It's played like six degrees of Kevin Bacon: name an actor who was involved in both fandoms, and try to connect all of your fandoms together. Bonus points for connecting multiple fandoms with one actor.

For me, core fandoms are easy, since they're all Canadian tv shows. DS, TS, HL, XF, and SV. Watch:

DS to HL (twice) and XF (twice) (and Nikita, not my core fandom). Callum Keith Rennie: Ray K, Tyler King and Neal, a totally random groundskeeper and Tommy, and Gary Wellman.

HL to XF (and OaT and Sliders, of course, tho they're not my core fandoms). Nicholas Lea: Cory Raines, Alex Krycek, Vic Mansfield, Ryan Simms.

SV to XF. Sarah-Jane Redmond: Nell Potter and Karin Mathews.

SV to TS. Cameron Dye: Sam Phelan and Dan Freeman. Also, SV to TS, XF and HL (and Sliders). Hiro Kanagawa: Principal Kwan, Furukawa, Peter Tanaka, Akira Toshida, and Henry. Hiro Kanagawa is a very handy fellow.

And then the fandoms I sometimes read in, or participate in geekily but not in a slash-fannish manner (like B5). I'll just connect these to one of those Canadian tv shows, since we know they all connect really easily. Basically, the trick is to come back to Peter Wingfield, Callum Keith Rennie, Nicholas Lea, or Jason Carter.

B5 to HL. Tracy Scoggins: Captain Lochley and Cassandra. That seriously weirded me when I first saw her in the B5 context. Also, you can connect Lois and Clark (if you want), since she played Cat Grant. You can also B5 to TS: Jason Carter, Marcus and a MotW name McCarthy. And he also guest starred on Lois and Clark. Also, B5 to TS via Marjorie Monaghan. Number One and Elaine Walters. You can pull in QL (guest starred in 3rd season), Pretender (first season), and Law & Order (first season).

QaF to TS? No problem. Jason Carter again. Guest stared as Rollins.

Buffy and Angel to XF. Seth Green, Oz and Emil.

Any ST to any core fandom in three easy steps! Tracy Scoggins guest starred on an ep of Deep Space Nine. Marjorie Monaghan guest started on Voyager. I'll get to TOS and TNG later.

HP to DS. Much harder. Oddly, a movie filmed in Britain is hard to connect to Canadian TV. But watch the magic: Richard Harris (Dumbledore) starred in The Count of Monte Cristo as Abbe Faria with Guy Pearce as Fernand. Guy Pearce, as we all know, rocked in Memento as Leonard. And who had a bit part in Memento? Our Savior for this game, Callum Keith Rennie.

Velvet Goldmine or Star Wars to HL. Encompasses X-Men as well. [ profile] antigone921 figured the hard part of this one out. Well, hard to me. She came up with a key name: Christopher Lee. Now, why didn't I think of that? He's been in more movies than anyone. In the world. So. Ewan McGregor played Curt Wild on VG and Obi-Wan in SW. Christopher Lee was also in SW as Count Dooku and in LotR as Saruman (and The Last Unicorn as King Haggard and Discworld! as Death). Great resume, no? And Saruman interrogated Gandalf, Ian McKellen, who was also in X-Men and X2 as Magneto. And who else was in X2? Peter Wingfield. (Or, Ewan McGregor guest starred on ER, and so did George Murdock, was was on SV. But that skips the fun fandoms in the middle.)

Now, pre-fandoms. Pre-fandoms get hard. Mine were all 80s TV shows: Knight Rider, Probe, Battlestar Galactica, Remington Steele, Seaquest DSV. I'm fully aware that I should be ashamed of most of these.

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Can you get from one to another faster and easier? Let me know! Play the game!


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