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1. Things I hate: power outages. Especially power outages that were the result of a huge storm with big threatening clouds that made it dark inside even at six pm yesterday. Especially since I could find candles, but not matches, which required me to use one of [personal profile] thingswithwings lighters. And lighters are hard! They involve far too much thumb strength and all the bits are too small -- and as usual it took like ten tries to every one that made a flame, and then several attempts to manage to hold candle + lighter in the right positions. As a consequence, I dripped hot candle wax on my fingers, which reminds me a) that context is important for erotic/not erotic pain, b) that owww, drops from an inch are too close even for white paraffin, and c) that I somehow always manage to blister the knuckles I need to tape in order to type of COURSE. And I ran my hand under water and everything, geez.

2. So last night's Mythbusters (possibly 8x11? they need to have episode numbers on this show) is called "Top 25 Mythbusters Moments," and so I went "ugh, clip show" and nearly didn't watch it. Then I did anyway, because I didn't have anything else to watch tonight, and as it turned out I was glad that I had! Because some spoilery things happened )

3. [personal profile] chagrined and I were talking about [community profile] death_bingo, and agreeing that it has a great premise, and then zie mentioned the possibility of deathfic postage stamps. And proposed one. So I chat-spitballed it, and have included it below the cut because zie asked me to. warning for character death, clowns, elephant dung, and zombies )
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In which [ profile] thingswithwings and I finally realize the TRUTH about the scifi channel's monster movies. The horrifying, Philip-K-Dickian truth.

frightening details behind the cut )
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[ profile] thingswithwings: I sort of want to make a ____ or die challenge, where ____ has to rhyme with fuck
[ profile] thingswithwings: so there could be duck or die
[ profile] thingswithwings: luck or die

/ excerpt

In which eruthros and thingswithwings have an important conversation about ____-or-die )

Your turn! Pintuck or die, the story where Rodney and John must participate in strange Pegasus versions of Project Runway? You know there are a bazillion more out there!
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So when [ profile] thingswithwings and I get together, we do cracktastic combined fannishness. (Some of you are probably familiar with the particular kind of cracktastic that happens on this sofa. Especially when it's Stargate-related.)

Yesterday, we had a spot of trouble opening a jar of honey and began to tell each other the kinds of jokes we imagined Atlanteans telling. And unlike our normal practice, we actually wrote them down and could remember them later! [ profile] thingswithwings has posted them here: A priest, a rabbi, and an ATA user walk into a bar....

So! That is where you should go if you want to know what happens when SGA-1 walks into a bar. Or what happens when an anthropologist, a botanist, and Rodney McKay are offworld together.
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This is a brilliant story of Major Evan Lorne's tragic painterly life! Because he grew up painting only male nudes in his mom's studio, and now he is in the military! Woe.

Today, we went crazy )
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What I should have done today: reading.

What I did do today: watched Doctor Who. Shared vids. Ate out-of-season strawberries. And, with [ profile] graycastle, developed a plot for an imaginary, never-to-be-written 400k story that would totally explain John Sheppard and also? Would give him two sisters ten years younger than he is, and a dad who's an itinerant tuba player in San Francisco, and a rent-controlled apartment in the Castro, and gay next-door neighbors named George and Davinia. Who John was always baking cookies with and things, and then he'd stayed up late to give them to his dad, but his dad didn't get home until four am, because: itinerant tuba player. And he would do his sister's hair in pigtails, and walk them to school, and tie his youngest sister's punky brewster shoes, and he totally didn't have friends his own age: just the leopard-print wearing Davinia next door, and his little sisters. And Davinia would come over and spike his hair up for him and be like a mom, and he called her Aunt Davinia, and now he's totally blind to Teh Gay unless it's Teh Totally Obvious Gay Wearing Leopard Print and Assless Chaps. ALSO, it was set in the mid 80s, AND fit all of the great fannish cliches in one story: we did time-travel! we did Rodney-as-John's teacher! we did John-thinks-Rodney's-stalking-him! we did narrow escapes! we did Ronon-in-the-leather-goods store! we considered amnesia!

Then, just as a coup de grace, we decided that Rodney's parents were both THERAPISTS, and that this totally explains Rodney. And they fought all the time, because dad was a Lacanian, and mom was a Jungian goddess-worshipper, and Rodney's verbal diarrhea is because they would sit him down and ask him to explain his feelings for hours, and his only defense was to talk about petty stuff. And they'd argue about his piano lessons, and what they were supposed to accomplish for his personal growth, and Rodney was all "I just like piano, dad!" Also, this is probably funny to, like, three people in the whole wide world.

In any case: this means that I still have to do all my reading by four pm tomorrow. WHATever. Davinia and the itinerant tuba player are way more fun.
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[ profile] m_shell told me my insistence on conclusions was fascist, and that in future we would liberate ourselves from totalitarian grammar systems by communicating entirely in interpretive dance and grunts.

So, of course, since she has an exam tomorrow, I said that this would make shelf exams interesting, and proceeded to demonstrate the interpretive-dance-with-grunts that would serve for exam questions in the new regime. Complete with fluttering hands. And swooning. I would have danced the multiple-choice answer options, too, but [ profile] m_shell was laughing too hard.

Naturally, I said, said dances would be displayed on video, not performed by the proctor, so that no students could receive privileged dance information.


In other news, the best addition to pancakes EVER (except possibly huckleberries, which one can't get in the store here) is the Mollie Katzen technique for making gingerbread-esque pancakes that I tried this morning. Start with your normal pancake recipe of choice; mine is 1 cup whole wheat pastry flour, 1/4 cup soy protein powder or flour, 1.5 ts baking powder, 1/8 ts baking soda, 1.5 cups yoghurt or buttermilk, 2 eggs, and vanilla extract. Before adding the liquid ingredients to the dry ingredients, add powdered cinnamon, ginger, and allspice, and, most importantly, minced crystallized ginger. (Cooking crystallized ginger reduces the bite and emphasizes the sweetness, if you're leery of crystallized ginger). I put in about a half cup of crystallized ginger and shook in the spices as I often do, so I don't have measurements for same. Only a pinch of allspice, and more cinnamon than powdered ginger, but really: do it to taste. FANTABULOUS. Seriously. I ate one hot of the grill with nothing on it. That's how good they are.


We have named a rule of student government and student organizations after M.E., a college friend of ours. Summed up: "do something or quit your whining." Or: "the person willing to do the work gets to run things."

This is because people would often approach M.E. and say "well, I don't like that, I'd rather do it this way." And M.E., who was usually in the middle of an insanely complicated planning processes and into the first of many twenty-hour days of preparation, frantically ordering minions hither and yon, would say "great! you can do it anytime this week! no? then it happens my way." You get some incredibly whiny people re: student events, but almost none of them are really willing to do the work involved.
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And, having made it through lord alone knows how many Sentinel-bonding stories, I feel entitled to be random and post Funny IM Conversations. Because I know you all care what [ profile] waywardwords and I think would happen if the actors in Top Gun were played by ducks, or what [ profile] darthrami and I theorized about the NID's curtains. Or maybe just because I don't want to lose said randomness later.

Apparently swans and ducks are inherently funny, just like squid:

[ profile] waywardwords: BEWARE THE SWAN!
[ profile] eruthros: It is an EVIL swan.
[ profile] waywardwords: Swans can be.
[ profile] eruthros: It will eat all the ... whatever swans eat... so that others may starve.
[ profile] waywardwords: Ravenous swans!
[ profile] eruthros: Ravenous rampaging swans VS Godzilla!
[ profile] waywardwords: lol.
[ profile] eruthros: They destroy Tokyo!
[ profile] eruthros: Again!
[ profile] waywardwords: Next up: Mothra vs. the Angry Ducks!
[ profile] eruthros: Mothra is so going down.
Top Gun and Angry Ducks )

And when [ profile] darthrami was over, we briefly talked about the fandoms that could actually support curtainfic. Later, on lj:

[ profile] eruthros: Also? Maybourne totally has a crush on Jack O'Neill.
[ profile] darthrami: :-)
[ profile] eruthros: Seriously! I mean, he's always calling from the Cayman Islands and wanting to know how Jack's doing...
[ profile] darthrami: ...
[ profile] darthrami: does he ask about curtains?
[ profile] eruthros: No.
[ profile] eruthros: Usually he asks about the NID and if they're all managing to stay disentangled from the Shadow Government sorta thing.
[ profile] darthrami: ahhhh
[ profile] darthrami: does he ask about the shadow government's curtains?
NID Curtainfic )
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We netflix'd Phantom of the Opera for amusement value, and watched it last night. Swooping cloaks! Melodrama! Candles lighting as they come out of the lake! More melodrama! Too much exposition! As you can imagine, it was ... pretty ridiculous.

Anyway, this means a) that I'm rereading Maskerade and b) that I've had ALW songs stuck in my head all day. Yeuch. Especially "Stranger Than You Dreamt It." But I've connected it mentally with one of the Tom Lehrer educational kids songs, so that in my head the dramatic revelation goes something like this:

Tenor, slow:
Stranger than you dreamt it,
can you even dare to look or bear to think of me?
This loathsome gargoyle, who
burns in hell, but secretly yearns for heaven,
secretly... secretly...
Tom Lehrer, uptempo with more fiddle and WAY more fun:
secret- L! Y!
You enter a very dark room
and sitting there in the gloom
is Dracula! Now how do you say goodbye?
Immediately... immediately ... immediate- L! Y!
You should sing along! It's great fun. Imagine poor Christine's reaction as you do. There she is, sitting by the underground lake with the Phantom's mask in her hand, and off he goes on the subject of ... adverbs.

Also, I was proud of myself, because I kept thinking that wosshername, the prima donna, La Carlotta, looked familiar, and finally I turned to [ profile] m_shell and said "doesn't she look like Minnie Driver?" And then it turned out she was Minnie Driver, with ridiculous wigs and someone else doing the singing, so go me. ([ profile] m_shell said "I was thinking she looked like a drag queen...")
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There should be a post-war radio drama based on the double-crossing adventures of Severus Snape titled "Only the Shadow Nose." Featuring, of course, Severus Snape as the Shadow Nose, always poking into dark business where he didn't belong.

If there were posters, they'd be of a looming dark figure in a cloak under a streetlight casting a long shadow with a giant nose.

That is all.


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