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Merlin, spear, and cauldron

Dude. Now I have a sudden desire to write a Potterverse story based around the quest for wand and cauldron -- we've got Merlin already, yah? And we have the grail/cauldron/chalice, symbol of the womb. The cauldron heals the wounded, brings back the dead, and satisfies every need. And we have the wand/spear. We can do the Arthurian quest for the grail as quest for cauldron/chalice/grail, quest for the other half of the masculine magic -- without the cauldron, the wand is weak.

Later, the wand and the cauldron together make Hogwarts... I'm so rambling.

Or... good heavens. I actually, suddenly, and without intending to actually came up with a good reason to do a "Harry and Snape must get married to destroy Voldemort." The Great Marriage of Wand and Cauldron. The balance of masculine and feminine that could take down the Dark Lord. And the wand that will not turn on its owner is born of the cauldron. Even MPREG, because of the association of the spear thrust into the cauldron and fertility. Dear god.
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::sticks fingers in ears:: la la la. i'm not listening.

first dom!dumbledore, then mythologically-based snape/harry mpreg. are you trying to make me want to flee HP slashdom?

bad [ profile] eruthros! bad!

::goes to search out non-squicky slash wash out brain::

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without the cauldron, the wand is weak.

...Unless you get two wands together.

Then you can decorate your house.


Or indeed it works with two cauldrons, for that matter...